What do you guys think of this colorful multi-light?

Well, I just ordered it. Found it by luck I guess because I haven’t been able to find it anywhere else other than here.

Useful, ridiculous, or just plain, “Is he nuts? WTH is Lumatic thinking? The thing’s a joke! What’s he gonna do light up a
X-mas tree?”


Naw, I’m not that crazy. Maybe 15 is enough for now. :Sp

Just kiddin’. Unless it turns out to be one heckuva an unbelievable light. Then who knows. All I know is I coulda used one of these back in High School photography class in the darkroom. Wait a sec. This could make one faboo Halloween light. Booooooooooooooo!.

I’ve concluded……………“Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnot much!!!” :bigsmile:

Wait till I do a thorough academic review on it. It’s gonna be the most underwatched no-sticky ever. H)

seen some kind of dropin at DX i think that does that same thing

And really the only reason why I’m intrigued is that for hunting purposes if this thing throws really well then the green led could definitely come in handy. Prolly too bulky though to weapon mount. Now the ability to red-led for saving night vision I would think would come in useful for patrol security work. Or for that matter, the green-led too.

What kinda triggered me to buy it for curious poopies & giggles is the touted attributes of this thing which had a thread….


Btw, I looked around DX and couldn’t find the drop-in. I’m wondering how this thing works period - driver wise per mode per specific led color? I believe ya though. Prolly in there somewhere unless it was discontinued due to a tremendous quantity of no-sales. :smiley:

If this was a single 18650 light I’d probably buy it :wink:

Pictures on that site make me think that this is a TR-3T6 with the LEDs swapped and made into a round-robin circuit for modes.

It’s odd, that’s for sure. I don’t know how it works.

It is 500 lumens on high and 250 lumens on low…might as well be a one mode light.

It’s not clear whether the color change is done with filters or with 3 emitters and how they are positioned or even switched to for that matter.

Preserving night vision with red at 250 lumens is probably not going to happen either.

it appears it could run on one 18650. But that’s prolly not the case (?). What’s kinda weird though is that I cut n’ pasted the description from where I bought it, which when googled gave me Dino’s version but it’s only in white led. Maybe some kinda obscure rare variant here? The reflector looks pretty deep hence hot thrower potential. Whatever the case apparently the Dino version puts out some lumes.


maybe i was wrong but thought i saw it at DX but it has been a while

But here it is a GoodLuckBuy

Could be great if it had red, green and blue LEDs. Light individually or all 3 to make white light. I have some colored wands I got for the kids in those colors. I took all three (r,g,b) and held them together and got an incredibly high CRI light from them that lit up the bag or Doritos I stuck them in with vivid color.


I think I made a sound flashoholic impulsive decision. 8)

If you get tired of the colors WF-500 drop-ins should work. This one is a little expensive at $28 but it is a good thrower. It works on one 18650 with a 32 mm spacer when you remove the extension but it’s not very bright. http://dx.com/p/5-cree-r2-5-mode-1200-lumen-white-light-drop-in-led-module-52-7mm-42mm-8-4v-max-35242 Or you could get the bare host at M/F for $13.

It would need a diffuser however and therefore wouldn’t be a thrower. The colors focus at different points and require diffusion.

The drop in I remember had a Q5 or similar for white and an an old style LED bulb for color.

pics and the reviews, I’m hoping they’re all Q3’s. But who knows. This is gonna be an interesting gamble. What I get is ultimately up to the whims of the Chinese Flashlight CrackerJack Prize Gods. :davie:

Oh well, I can always adapt it to something else. I’m feeling sorta lucky.

Update: Scrolling down the page, I just found what looks like a close-up of the three emitters assuming I’d be getting the same lite from Alldaymall. The reflector below is OP. If the Alldaymall unit is a thrower then I’d would kinda expect an SMO.

Does anyone know what these red & green emitters are? The white looks Q3. The other two, I’m not sure.


I think this light is pretty cool. I was looking for something like this at one point. Tempting at $22 just for the novelty….


I was going to use it…. well I don’t know what for… It was when those quarks with the rgb mc-e were around