What Do You Have In Your Go Bag?

I was just curious if a lot of you folks here on BLF have go bags that you carry with you or in your vehicle on a daily basis. I have 3 different ones that I carry depending on where I am going and how long I will be gone. I have a basic one. Med kit, lighting, blades, bino’s, multi tool, power bank/charger, charging cords, ammo, and a few other misc stuff. I throw it in the truck everyday for normal just in case type stuff that may be useful. I have another two for extended times away from home that have survival type things in them.

I was just going to see if I could get some ideas on other useful things to include that I may have overlooked. I inventory and maintain all the bags on a monthly basis. When I am looking around online or shopping locally sometimes I see something that I figure would make a good addition and grab it. It was actually fairly inexpensive to compile all these things. Well inexpensive compared to having nothing. Of course I didn’t put it all together in one day.

So if you have the time and would like to share what you have in your bag/bags I would love to hear it.


I keep most those things too, except ammo cause Australian laws :(, I also keep a small electric air pump and tire repair kit, a small 5v 2A solar panel, a car jump starter (when i go out bush), a usb battery charger (littokala) that doubles as a power bank, it can charge off the car or solar panel or charge anything usb, and of course more flashlights than most people own, apart from some people here, and multiple bottles of water.
I also keep snatch straps for if i need to pull somebody out of a bog, i have a Nissan Navara 4WD.

I am currently not carrying a go bag, my EDC stuff would be that kit.
Flashlight (S2+), wallet/cash/cards, ham radio/HT, cell phone, car keys. Inside my car there is a tool kit, emergency supplies (water/food), and a medical kit.

Was planning on reading up on this someplace else to create an actual go bag, therefore I appreciate the idea of this thread and I am looking forward to seeing all your ideas.

Todd, Nice idea post. I carry stuff inside my duffle bag with clothes. When I meet up with girls at hotel vacation for raunchy times. Condoms, flashlights, Wipes, cleaners, etc… and still not have enough. Ha Ha.

Seriously, I carry all types of emergency supplies ; First Aid Kit, Flashlight, Latern, Charger cables, cutting tools, extra blankets, water filtration pills, dried foods, pre charged power banks, water, extra clothes, socks, underwear, etc….

I’ve got a couple levels of gear that I have either on my body, in a small computer bag or in a larger backpack.

I always carry a small pocket knife, space pen, my phone, chapstick and my phone in my pockets.

In my computer bag I have a small pouch packed to the gills with useful stuff. Larger Swiss Army knife, AA flashlight, small Sharpie, Space Pen, Leatherman Micro (I use the scissors on that quite often), fresnel lens card, small tube with sewing needles and safety pins, lighter, Fox 40 whistle, rolled up duct tape and a few compact wipe tablets that spring into action with just a little water. That’s all in a pouch the size of my hand. I also have a Convoy S2+, another whistle, a cloth handkerchief, another AAA light, charging cables, XTAR ANT MC1 PLUS charger, paper, other writing supplies, post-it notes and usually a protein bar or two.

My backpack that stays in my car has some synthetic clothes, thin skullcap, gloves, a mylar emergency blankets, cheap ponchos, a small cooking pot, Nalgene water bottle, water purifier tablets, Pocket Rocket stove with fuel canister, lighter, fire starting gear (fatwood and petroleum jelly coated cotton balls), a length of paracord, plastic bags, umbrella, a couple dehydrated meals that rehydrate and cook in their own bag and a first aid kit. This bag does double duty in case I want to go for a dayhike. All of these things fit in a camping or SHTF situation and I basically forget about it until I need it. Never had to use it in a SHTF kind of way and being from the east coast of the US, I’m rarely far from some sort of civilization or potential help. If I was out west, it would be a different story.

Good idea for a thread.

Dont forget to add a pack of 550 cord and a roll of duct tape to your bags! I carry also carry a roll of neon flaggin ribbon. I have a Infared P60 module light that I keep since it creates a brighter “flare” of light to military/ search and rescue aircraft at night while staying discrete or not ruining your own night adjusted vision. A diamond knife sharpener with a small tooling file for if I really knick up a blade. Of course all of this along with the standard go bag gear.

I addition to many of the items mentioned above, I carry a small hank (20') of # 42 tarred bank line with me when I travel. It has good strength, holds knots well, and is more compact than 550 cord. I also carry a small can open like the P-38/P-51, or this Japanese compact model.


I carry a Thorfire TG06S in a belt pouch as my EDC light, but I also carry an UltraTac A1 in my travel kit. I normally carry a Kershaw folder or some kind of folding utility knife in a horizontal-carry belt pouch. On my key chain I keep a Sypderco Lady Bug and one of these.

When I’m working a K9 I carry 2 go bags. I seem to use the dogs more than my own. The super glue and small leather strips work well for cut foot pads. I’ve used the super glue on myself a few times, it a good temporary stitch.

What kind of dog is that in your icon picture? It's doesn't look like a German Shepard. How do you use the leather strips? Thanks.

That is a Field Spaniel in the photo, she just passed a few months ago. Her job was to find gun and ammo related objects. I’ve worked other breeds (I loved my bloodhounds) as well.

There are a few ways to use the leather strips. You can put a drop of superglue on each end and use it like a stitch or just glue the leather onto the pad of the foot like a Band-Aid/bandage. I like to use very thin pieces. Be careful not to overdue the superglue.

I got some great ideas. I had totally forgot about any kind of water filtration. So that and superglue are on my list so far.

As an arborist, and a rope / knot connoisseur in general my car is equipped with several lengths / types of rope (with MBS between 5800 and 14k lbs) and if I’m going into the woods I’ll usually carry 75’- 200’ of Samson Tenex on my bag which is the lightest technically legal for life support (but not prohibitively expensive*) option @ 4.7#/100’. Also a figure 8 descended and depending on the likely hood of me needing it an “alpine” style (super minimalist) harness. If it’s unlikely Id need to use it for anything but true emergencies where comfort doesn’t matter, well I know how to tie multiple different emergency harness configurations so I leave the harness but if I might end up using the rope for recreation I’ll carry the harness too.

*for example here’s a 5/16inch line
that weighs about half the above line, just 2.7#/100’ and FLOATS ON WATER with an absolutely incredible 13,700# MBS but it costs 3x as much. BTW according to OSHA life support is 23kN (5175#)

Don’t forget about a foldable map of your state roads or local area. That iPhone GPS ain’t gonna last forever.

Apart from the ammo, a no-no in Netherland, I schlep around in my backpack the same stuff you mention.
Since my wife is a registered nurse, also a small blanket, some insulation foil (the kind they use on marathon runners). A cold and hot gel pack and some heat pouches (look like breast implants, and emit heat when you break the little piece of metal inside it). A pair of spiked soles you can put under your boots. About every point, button and disk they make for my Leki walking pole. And a little mirror, to signal planes and choppers.

I’ve got some gear, but I’m more a hunker down than a bug out type. Barring major nuclear or chemical spill, I’m safer here than any other place logistically. Car gear for driving around; air pump, jumper cables, battery jumper box, tool bag, jack, para cord, light rope, tow strap, tire plug kit, couple extra magazines for the Glock 19, two flashlights, couple of knives. As a commissioned peace officer I’m good to go in all 50 states except California who ignores federal law LEOSA, LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER SAFETY ACT for now.

No, and I don’t plan on getting one anytime soon. At most I carry an emergency tyre inflation and repair kit and a few small wrenches for my bicycle. There’s never been a single situation for me or anywhere near me that demanded that, and it would be nothing more than dead weight.

Guess it depends on which bag you’d be referring to, whether everyday “be prepared” bag, emergency bag in a car, real SHTF / Zombie Apocalypse bag. So, that list of ingredients will vary for each.

For all the concern about what goes in (water filtration straws, MREs, etc.), don’t forget about what comes out, so a coupla rolls of toilet paper would be like gold in very short order. Non-essential? Ha! Try it sometime. Nasty. Naaaas-ty.

I have jumper cables just in case my battery backup fails and I'm lucky enough to find another helping hand. A heavy duty tire inflater that inflates really fast. Tire repair kit, some flashlights, a few tools, old thick winter coat, toasty gloves, sleeping bag, extra pants and socks, lighter and matches and a few other things I can't remember right now. Except for my jump starter, I have yet to use anything else in the bag as no emergencies to speak of so far.

Heading south tomorrow about 800 miles, all highway miles. Got my kit loaded. Including jumper battery/inflator unit. And most important my AAA update and cellphone.

I do have several types set up, but for lighting i will list only for now.
I have a BOB bag, a EDC pouch, and a Go back pouch. (i do need to make time to edit my test Bug out trip i did last summer to my Youtube channel eventually)
for on person EDC all the time, a alternate between a Manker E02 & a Astrolux A01 in my pants pocket, a modified Trustfire Stainless Mini-01 is on my main keychain, a Olight S1R resides in my jacket pocket at all times.

- In my belt pouch, i have the powerful BLF A6.

- In my GO pouch i grab on longer drives & outings i have a highly modified Klarus 26650 G20 MT-G2, a Manker E03H, a modified warm/white Fauxon, and a Olight S1A.

- My BOB Bag has a couple micro custom built single AA lanterns, a Mini-GT, a Nitecore HC60, and a Lumintop SD10 with a TF32650 cell.