What is the big freaking deal with the HD2010?

But this doesn’t take into account the ergonomic issues. The longies just aren’t pocketable and the HD2010, because of its weight, is still pushing limits. But as it is, it is a great light because it combines power and throw in a way not seen among so many big contenders.

About hotspot:
My HD2010 had a pretty small spot but IMO, the corona was wider than for example, the ZY-T13.

Good form, 1 x 26650.

then I don’t get either an HD2010 or a ZY-T13. These aren’t pocket-torches in the sense we typically talk about, right?

Now one may be somewhat more ‘pocketable’ than the other but at least from my perspective that wasn’t a criteria I weighed when I bought them. :cowboy_hat_face:

Now there is also different strokes for different folks in different places. For instance, the ZY-T13 is 1” scope ring mountable. It even has an integrated structural raised ring that acts like a scope-stop at the rear with an easy-made adapter or at the front with no adapter necessary. Flexibility IOW. The HD2010 isn’t mountable that way. So if I were a hunter that might sway my opinion of which is the ‘better’ light for me.

Btw, regarding 2 x 18650’s or whatever in series, I only use PCB protected cells to minimize risk. In fact that’s all I buy regardless of anything else. Hell, if I were limited to only 1 x 18650 platforms I’d have to throw out maybe half my torches and prolly limit myself to about 40% of all new torches that come out in the future. :open_mouth:

And away we go………… :smiley:

Ps. One thing I do really like about the HD2010 is how the tail cap feels as it’s screwed in. Very nice. Reminds me of the X8.

I don’t think I got a bad HD2010. It seems about right from what I have read. I just don’t think it is a particually good thrower. It pumps out plenty of light but the beam is not tight and focused like I expected.

I have not maxed out distance to really see what it can and can’t do. I will compare it to my best thrower which is the MPP-1 head on a Solarforce body.

I don’t yet have an hd2010, I want one and will hopefully at some point get one, I do have a zy-t08 though, and that jacket pockets easily in all but my dress jackets, and given their use, an edc and a uf-v3 covers all potential needs - I only need a thrower in a jacket that is out in woodland/moorland. In a jacket worn from house to car to social event, I don’t need an ultimate thrower.

What’s the point? Well, a two cell series light or bigger would possibly fit most jacket pockets (thinking about it, my trustfire t1/spiderfire x-550 both fit in a breast pocket) but be much less convenient, that’s where I think the hd2010 wins out, and as said it doesn’t so much throw a laser beam as a wall, I’d see that as more useful as a light. The zy-t08 though is so similar, and will probably be so much closer once drive current is closer to 4a than 2a that it might make the hd2010 a redundant purchase for any other reason than “i want one”. :bigsmile:


Seriously and honestly, the beam on my XinTD appears noticeably more tight and focused, albeit with a touch more spill past the beam itself.

You know what light really shocked me with a super tight beam? This crappy thing. And it has a small plastic reflector.

Now hold on a sec before you go run out and buy that MXDL SA-16 I just referred to… It also isn’t as bright, and has a hollow pill, so you can’t run it very hard. But overall I was super shocked with the beam quality. (if you want a thrower)

Maybe these plastic reflectors aren’t all that bad? What about heat dissipation? Melting? I don’t know what to think.

I own 2 and would not call it a thrower, it is a Flood/Thrower because of the nice thick beam it projects. I t reminds me of the old Deer Spotter that we used to plug into the cigarette lighter in the car.

I like the ZY-T08 and will own one eventually, but with this light I did not have to modify it in order for it to pull healthy amps.

I don’t understand why it has to be one or the other, buy both and appreciate each for it’s own merits.

I agree that it is a powerful light, I just don’t understand why people keep referring to it as a dedicated thrower. The beam is nowhere near as focused and tight as what I would consider a “thrower”.

its a good mix between flood and throw, stop argueing about it over 30$ budget torch lol.

if u want to spend upwards of 100-150$ and didnt get your money’s worth i would expect big arguments there.

Regardless, it posts some of the highest lux readings you’ll find for an XM-L in it’s price range. And again, that’s the key factor here. Price. It’s not an overrated light because no-one is saying that it competes with more expensive lights that were primarily designed with maximum throw in mind.

Further, the HD2010 has more throw than I typically need. Consider that. Expectations concerning how tight a beam should be, and how little spill there should be, before any particular light is considered “throwy”, vary from person to person, and according to their particular needs and circumstances. To me, it’s quite throwy.

Consider also that most people who buy this light are happy with it. That says to me that your own expectations at some point became unreasonable for whatever reason, which explains your disappointment. I guess part of the budget light equation involves contextualizing discussion before following recommendations.

The good news is that you shouldn’t have too much trouble selling it :slight_smile:

I don't think anyone mentioned that you will get more light out of it with a 26650 battery than you do an 18650 battery. I like the light with my 18650's, but when I got a couple King Kong 26650 and installed one, that is when I noticed the real value of the HD2010.

I think mine pulls 1.5A more with a 26650 than it does with an 18650 battery.

BTW, I recently received a new XIN TD C8, v3 (I had the older version already).

I just went out in my yard and compared the two on High. The focus/hotspot of the HD2010 is SUBSTANTIALLY smaller, and brighter, than that of the XIN TD. I love my two XIN TD's, but the HD2010 with a tighter and brighter beam, is probably 40-50% brighter at 100 yards than the XIN.

If you have one and don't see that, check your batteries. If they are equally charged and you still don't see the difference, its time for a visit to the optometrist.

I heard the hype about the HD2010 and when I first turned it on, I was a bit ‘meh’ about it. I took it outside in a dark area with a bit of range and understood. It really does throw well. Great fun on a misty or foggy night, it is actually impossible to play with it without making light saber noises.

Price, single 26650, reflector size, amperage draw…. what else?

When has a Solarforce MP1 been available for just over $30? Also, it’s not 26650 powered (HD2010 also accepts 18650).

It’s not the TK70. Nobody is claiming that. But considering price and the design, it’s towards the top of its class. Make it a 3-mode and it goes to the Hall of Fame 8)

This isn’t fanboyism. There are simple facts!

Power it with an IMR King Kong. You might appreciate it more then.

Too many different versions-different factories-different sources.

It seems - like with the SRayK and a buncha others - it depends on who you bought from, when you bought it (production run), etc., etc., etc………

This seeems to be the way in the budget light category: I just try to pull the trigger on a GOOD, first run if I get the chance

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