What is the last light you lost .??

What was it and where do you think you lost it ??

I lost - " FOUND " my little AAA Stainless steel N-light recently and I have NO idea where it is ... At this point I'm hoping for misplaced .. it's either hiding or it's lost ..it's a little one too so that just makes it tougher .

What have you lost lately ....?????????

******( It was hiding )******

my mind lol

One trustfire XP-EF23. It just vanished off of my desk one day...but three days later it mysteriously shows back up. (I think a certain 5yr old had something to do with that one). The other one lost is an aa-s1...

A 2-mode-ed and r5'ed Trustfire F20. It was some months ago, I think at an ALDI car park. It still hurts now that I think of it. :/

I am keeping this http://www.dealextreme.com/p/3-leds-projection-flashlight-silver-1119 next to my bed. It is the least powerful flashlight I have and the only one that my daughters (3.5 and 1.5 years old) are allowed to play with. So it spends most of its time lost under a mountain of toys in children room. The good thing is that I find it easily when they left it on

LOL I'm still in the process of losing my mind.

I broke a light or 2 but I don't think I've ever lost one.

My wallet--yes, but not a flashlight.

I haven't lost a light yet! *crosses fingers*

Quark AA Tactical.

I probably had it coming. I knew the clip didn't have a lot of grip and the way it rode so high in the pocket was completely inappropriate for my use, but I bought it anyway because I find the Fenix-style forward switch w/bezel mode selection really convenient. It fell out numerous times, and for the final time in December.

Relatively speaking, I lose some immaterial thing

Clips can't be trusted.

I recently lost my Titanium Innovations IlluminaTi because I made the mistake of thinking it was secure in my jeans coin pocket...darned clip made me think it would be fine there. Grrr.....

In the spirit of Bill Maher's 'New Rules'...

New Rule: If a light is nice enough to buy and carry every day, it deserves a lanyard and a firm attachment to one's person. Otherwise, you get what you deserve.*

*Like I did!

I lost my AA-S1 but it was my father who took it, because I had too much and he had none. But then, I got one more, and tens of other :)

I've broken a few but I don't think I've lost any flashlights in the last couple of years. *knock on wood* Haven't lost any luggage either, despite being a frequent flyer. I guess I'm a lucky guy. And I'm not even Irish. ;)

it was nothing you lost it, to choose the right should be the point. lol

How does a Tinnovations fall out of a coin pocket? The clips on those are fairly sturdy, and they ride so deep, they're a PAIN in the crouch to get out!

The clip on that light was surprisingly sturdy...never had it bend even once. I'm guessing that I probably stuck it in my coin pocket only partially, without actually looking to make sure it was in the pocket all the way. Walking or bending over somewhere it probably worked the rest of the way out.

I just hope whoever found it can a) figure out it's a twisty; b) figure out that it's a multi-mode light and; c) appreciate what a great light they now own!

I hope whoever found my Quark ran down the 14500 in it and simply disposed of the battery. It wouldn't make for a happy day if they confused it for a AA and tried to either use it in another device or charge it on an inappropriate charger.

i hope you find your light frills ..Quark is too nice to lose ..

Brted- found his itp after a long cold winter I think is what he said

It wasn't just the loss , but the search that made it painful ..like the little old woman who loses a coin .. i looked and looked , and even cleaned while was looking .....So now we rejoice

Answer ..Behind the bed ..trying to read with it before sleeping .

whee !!

I never lost any light to date but lost the ability of SS-004 to emit light. :) Cute paperweight tho.