What is the problem my flashlight? Very strange.

I ordered 2 of the flashlight. (Palight x4)

I was very pleased. But it broke down after inserting the battery. He began to very poor light. No problem with the battery. When I insert the same battery, the other was working normally on it. (It looks in the picture)

Then he began to work at the other lighthouses. He does not give any light.

The only thing I do is to remove the batteries and to install. Did not blow was damaged. Both are currently not working. ((

What could be the problem?

How can I fix it?

(Dealer does not give back the money of the product. He wants cargo to China, but this is very costly.)

If you want to fix it yourself, read up on everything anyone has said about it previously:

See if anyone has taken them apart and replaced parts.

If you don’t want to fix it yourself, maybe someone else would want it.

No information on the repair?

The search I gave you above, when you look at the results, just reading the results page, you’ll see
a thread about a Solarstorm SC01 that includes this:

So try searching on that, adding to the search string any likely words:
here’s that adding mod replace parts:


First result for that search looks promising, see if it helps you.

Solarstorm SC01 disassembly

Or if you don’t want to search through, be patient and maybe someone else has looked at the light.

If you’re asking about how to pursue the seller or manufacturer — not likely that will be any use, with a cheap light, unless you can stop/reverse payment with PayPal or your credit card company on the basis that you got something that did not work as expected.

Could be a dead driver, a dead LED, a dead switch, really dirty threads…

It’s nearly impossible to say, where the failure will be.
Where did you buy this?


Thank you for your attention.

I bought from this seller. Very stubborn. I made 51 dollars for two flashlight. Corrupt flashlight could not send the china but says he can pay back $ 10. Fiasco.

> dirty threads

that’s a good point. Start with the things most of us here have experienced.
Clean the threads (both outside and inside, both the LED end and the tailcap end

Check whether the tail switch is tight — is it press fit or does it have a little ring with 2 holes (for that, use needle-nose pliers and try to tighten it)

Look at the driver — see if you can take a picture of it, if you suspect something (is there a spring and is it ok? is the driver held into the head with a ring or pressed in? Is there a gap between driver and whatever it’s supposed to be in contact with?

And there’s more to check.

Thank you very much for you to do. Very kind of you.

I’ll try what you say now.

What brand batteries did you buy for the light? What sort of charger do you use? Did you recharge the battery before putting it into the lighht?

Palight x4 standard package. Palight brand battery in there again(Palight 800mah battery 3.7v). Palight brand simple charger. I do not think the issue was sold as a package to fit. Li-ion …

I put in full charge of the case.

You said he offered $10 — per flashlight - as a refund?

Hm, it’s a light with a side switch — those are more complicated to modify than lights with a switch on the tailcap.

Did you follow the steps to argue about that refund offer? Because if you find out it’s worth modifying the light, you’ll learn a lot doing that.

from the buyer protection link page, if the above doesn’t work out:

2 Open Dispute to Make a Refund
If you were unable to resolve the problem with the seller, you can submit a refund request by clicking Open Dispute.
Here, you can formally discuss solutions with the seller.
3 Escalate Dispute to AliExpress
If you are not satisfied with the seller’s solutions, you can Escalate Dispute to us.
We will mediate between you and the seller to resolve the problem

Not sure that’s worth the trouble, but might be if you can stay calm and just go through the steps, for the exercise, because — well, that at least puts AliExpress on notice there’s a problem with something here, and perhaps other buyers also will be complaining, that adds up.

Is it a pressed fit driver? Possibly driver is not fully seated? Ive had the same thing happen on cheap lights with pressed fit drivers?

Does the light smell bad? (burnt electronics?) Do as suggested above and clean the threads of the tailcap and head if that comes off. If nothing works, give the light a little whack on the table or floor to see if the output changes at all. (If there is a loose connection, the light may brighten an instant.)

I applied for Conflict Management. AliExpress seller remains. The product in order to receive my money back fully from Turkey that I should return to China. Is there such a requirement. Return the flashlight china cost of $ 120. That is more expensive than a flashlight. If sent back I was told if I paid the $ 10 fee per flashlight. So I’m victims as clients. AliExpress seller does not want to lose.He wants to keep the middle of the road.

I’ll try to make repairs on your previous advice from someone who understands. Thank you again.

You can escalate the dispute like Paypal if I am not mistaken.

(that’s on the sale page for the flashlights)

So if he offered you $10 apiece as a refund — is that right?
Actually this is a supermarket, not a specific guy selling flashlights
That means they have no idea what they’re selling

So were you offered $10 apiece? If so, you can take that and you keep the lights

— that’s maybe tolerable
— as in “better than nothing”
IF either you can get them working by fiddling with them,

OR you can learn enough by tearing them apart and putting in new parts. to shrug off the expensive lesson, and you’ll do better next time.

People here will try to help — OR someone who’s tried to modify that particular light will tell you what can and can’t be done.
Do use those searches.

I suggest you edit the Subject line — you started it so you can edit it.
Put in the Subject line the flashlight name — something like

“Can I fix broken PALight X4 also called Solarstorm SC01 — help???”

to attract the attention of someone here. And try messages (left side of the page) to anyone who wrote somewhere about fixing/modifying one of these.
It will take reading a lot. But much of what you read here will help, IF you want to start modifying lights.

The adventure starts when you get a new LED, and a new driver board, and a new switch, and a soldering iron …