What is your favorite folding/pocket knife?

Mine is the Kershaw Payout 2075.

It usually costs a little over $50, though I got mine for right at $50.

It has the best assisted opening action of my many A/O knives, and I love the size.

What is your favorite pocket knife, how much does it cost, and why do you like it?

(If you want to list your top 3, 5, or 10 knives, that's cool as well.)

My old douk douk!!

F95 from Aliexpress

SAK SwissChamp in a Zermatt leather holster with small sharpening steel, for 7 years.

I never leave home without it.


Bench made Mini Barrage

It’s hard to pick a favorite but my Civivi Baklash is the newest and I really like the simplicity of the design and the blade geometry.

Workday edc knife: Slysz Mouse 3

replaced my heavily modded Malyshev Gnome, both Aliexpress clones in good D2

The Mouse 3 is what I wanted to get from the Gnome, thin edge plus flipper and two-hand opening.
Never modded the Mouse 3 though, for that I’d need a second one, maybe one day.

Home edc knive, Sanrenmu 7306. Intended as a gift for a friend it’s now perfect for myself. Thin, light, perfect for kitchen tasks.
Blade is thin enough to hold a good edge on the 8Cr13MoV, much better than the SRM 710 and any other 8Cr I’ve tried before.

The Boker Urban Trapper got me hooked when I tried the CF version in a shop in Berne, 190 Swiss Francs was a bit steep though.
Got the one above with a broken off clip for €40, mailed Boker, received a new one plus a set of screws, for free!

My last modded knife so far, made with vaccuum epoxy laminated Scottish Tartan plaid. I like the result but don’t really carry the knife.
It feels too flimsy, for stability the liners would be better made of steel or with milled liners and recessed scales.

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I’ve always liked the look, feel, and size of the Mouse 3. Did you buy it new, on discount, or used?

I take it the Gnome is heavier? Usually the clones are off on weight.

Good to hear about the Sanrenmu 9306. I’ve been looking for a good folding kitchen knife. How much did it set you back? Nice going with the Urban Trapper. I hope USA Boker customer service is as accommodating.

Hands down, my favorite folding pocket knife is an Asher Nomad. This is an earlier release with washers (the newer one has a cage with ceramic ball bearings). Frankly, the washers work so tremendously well. It gives just the right amount of friction for my taste. I want some resistance but once deployment starts it swings open so smoothly, confidently. The appearance is modest, minimalist, and understated, yet exudes quality. Fit and finish on everything is terrific. Clip has good tension and low profile. Opposite scale socket for alternate clip mount is covered with a metal flange, screwed in. I wanted S35VN steel without breaking the bank or going with some trendy design. An early BMW M3 of knives. I know, some will see this and say “Looks like a Sanrenmu Land knife.” Somewhat, but there are differences. This is really nicely done. Original cost: $75 (I did get a solid discount, as I leveraged a purchase with a 2nd item—got a sheathed fixed knife with it). And customer service is excellent.

The rear spacer is white G10. The original was steel, but when I got my replacement knife, they gave me white instead upon request. My first Nomad has a little bit of blade play and I couldn’t solve it by tightening the pivot. Jason at Asher gladly sent me a replacement, told me to keep the original! So, I have spare parts now. Jason runs a small outfit, but stands by his products. So, this Nomad is my favorite folding knife. My 2nd one is a Spyderco Vrango, which is a gorgeous little knife with unique character.

Civivi Odium

just about anything made by Spyderco,
including their cheap Byrd knives.

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An old Wenger. I have a few; from the 70’s. Todays pocket revealed this one, with scissors, tweezers and even the old original toothpick among other assorted things.

The ones I can reach right now.

  1. letter/package opener 2) fruit/steak knife 3) coupon cutter/pattern tracer

QSP Leopard.

Toss up between 3. Boker strike, buck 110 auto, or US made oldtimer 510T.

The boker ya can normally find for around $50 or under. The Buck is normally $120 range on sale. The OT has been out of production for a number of years. I think there might be a new made in china run out there.

I like autos for my “working knives”. It’s not uncommon for me to need my knife and have the other hand full. Just lean towards autos over assisted because I can. The OT belonged to my grandpa.

Either the boker or buck are in my pocket depending on my mood for the day. The OT lives on my hip and is only used for food use.

I also carry the Buck / Boker combo . I use the XXL for the more abusive type stuff and the Buck for more refined cuts .

What’s my favorite pocket knife? The one I have with me. :smiley:

Currently this Civivi Elementum, it has been loose (with keys and some other goodies) in my front pocket for months now (I wished it had a lefthanded clip, I removed the clip), it feels and works very well for all those everyday things and is tough enough for most camping/outdoor use. But for being loose in my pocket I wished a tiny bit smaller knife even, I have a micarta Yorkie on order that I expect to become my new favorite (will have to remove the clip again, lefties are heavily discriminated by knife manufacturers :weary: ) .

I have just ordered an Asher Nomad , like Xevious has . I noticed every knife could be ordered left or right hand user .

:+1: for Asher! Normally as soon as knives become remotely elegant the lefthanded are immediately dumped as customer. Asher knives are elegant and do lefthanded versions which is rare. For me personally, their designs are not attractive enough unfortunately.