What is your favorite large and small Chinese budget knife?

I prefer the 605 to the 763 - I love the blade design and the sturdiness of the 605.

763 felt a bit flimsy to me, but it’s light and a good buy too, of course.

Well, i think that my best large chinese budget knife (best = favorite? each person can have an idea) is the enlan el08, i don’t know if its my favorite but i think it is the best.

For small knives, i haven’t too much small knives, i like big ones. The srm 710 and the srm 733 are very good, and the handle of srm 733 is near perfect.

I was thinking maybe I should have put small, medium and large. There are several knives that kind of overlap categories like the SRM 710. Is that a small or a medium? I would consider it medium but I didnt think to add that as a choice.

The SRM 763 is a small knife for sure. The Ganzo 710 is a large knife but most fall somewhere in the continuum of sizes.

I just ordered another 5-6 knives from Exduct. I really can’t get enough of these little gems. It’s the same thrill as getting a good budget light for a fraction of what a Surefire would cost. it’s like getting away with something.

Some of these knives are so good and the cost is so low that I have to refrain from just buying dozens of the same models. The SRM 710 for $6 is such a deal that I have to stop myself from buying more than I need.

Favorite large knife is Enlan EL-01D
Favorite medium is SRM F1-723
Favorite small is SRM 605 with the SRM 604 scales added

I also like the Bee L05-1.

For a good one, I think it is a fair budget but shipping of 36USD (!!!)
ruins it, that is too much :frowning:

Yeah for medium , the Bee L05-1 .

Full flat grind , and the most comfortable handle of any of my chinese knives .

Yep the Bee L05 is one of the most practical of all the knives I own. That thin flat ground blade and neutral shaped handle proves simple isnbetter.

Large: Enlan EL-01D………………Prettiest knife I own

Med: Sanrenmu Land 962……….By far my favorite budget knife

Small: Sanrenmu 710

Yikes, that is high. I missed the small print for out of the US shipping.

Large: ENLAN EL-01

Medium: NAVY K-507 —> my favorite knife from NAVY/Enlan/SRM

Small: SRM 710

I don't like large knives, so I stick to just small :

Perhaps we can refloating this interesting post due to the new models and the people have new chinese knives!

Love new knives. Who is eveyone usimg now since exduct seems to alot more expensive?

I have a few new knives from that post but…
I still think that my best large chinese knife is the enlan el08 and with a small size the srm 733 due to its incredible ergonomic handle.

My enlan el01,el03,el04, ganzo g710, g704 i think they have the same quality and features and all of them could be in second place for large knives.

I think exduct is not more expensive, they put the shipping cost in the knives price and put free shipping. Must be the same total price.

Is it okay to mention knives by Western brands like Kershaw and Spyderco, that were made in China? I like the Spyderco Bug as it’s cute and small, and I use my Kershaw Cryo all the time, whereas my Enlan EL-01 is just fun to flip. I think the heat treat is much better on the Cryo too.

I’m considering a Harnds Nyx (similar to the Kershaw Brawler but reverse tanto) as I’d prefer something a bit lighter and without the annoying little sharpening choil/notch that catches on things when cutting. The Nyx also has serrations which will make cardboard slicing a lot easier!

That looks like a Kershaw Brawler clone. There's no such thing as a Kershaw Rambler. ;)

Also, my favorite knife right now is the Brawler. 8)

Ah nice! Assisted knives are fun aren’t they? I was looking at Victorinox knives earlier which might explain the “Rambler”. >.< Anyway, enough rambling from me. :weary:

I got an Enlan EL-08 last week. It is fairly large!

My favourites are the Enlan EL-02 (large) and the Sanremu LB-763 or 710 (small) - I like them both.

Enlan EL-01 and Sanrenmu T11