What kind of dog do you have ?

I have a theory that flashlights and dogs go together .. ...So what kind of hound do you have :quest: .... Two picture maximum


And a lot of them :)

I really want one but just can't right now. Frown

Didn't know you got snow anywhere in Australia.

Most of you will have seen plenty of pics of the assistant already but this one's my favourite.

And here she is hot on the trail of an interesting smell - probably rabbits.

Down here in Tasmania it's normal to get winter snow on higher ground. My place is at 600m so I usually get a bit. It usually only sits for a week or so though.

Visiting Scots tell me that 'Tassie' reminds them of home.

A cat. A lovely fluffy furry one that has a habit to mouthpick any used socks laying beside bed and carrying around the house like she catched a mouse. Making weird sounds in the process resembling wolf howling.

I knew there would be other beasts involved in this thread ...considering the immense love for pets .

Well fishinfool at least you have Norm...or maybe a fish. :p

I've got a Cardigan Welsh corgi named Charlie.

I used to have a German Shepherd named Garth, but my neighbor's pit bull mauled Garth to death.

It's a long and sad story told here:


I'm not a fan of dogs but all i saw here are really cute quadrupedes. The giant schanutzer along with the shar pei are some of my favorite dogs but not enough to get one. I love cat's character so much. Most people think cat's are stupid but the truth is they are not Albert Einstein but they are way smarter than you might immagine. They know it's owner way better than you can know your cat. It seems they always know which button to press for having their owner run for their errands. LOL!

The expression says: WTF are you doing with those annoying flashlights anyway? I want a slice of ham. Now! Ditch the horrible thing already!

My dogs are cats, too. :bigsmile:

One of the two you can see to the left seriously relaxing in front of the tv after a long and extensive afternoon's nap in order to get ready for dinner.

16 year old english springer. Truly sad, afraid he doesn't have much more time. Nearly blind, half deaf, his hips are going, and his personality has taken a turn for the worse. Vet told me "yup, he's just a very cranky old man".

hmmmm. Just like me.

I read your/Garth's story and feel very sorry for you and your family (including cats and dogs).

We did'nt pay for them and they have no peddigree. The dogs are all a mix up from two or three races. The first is border collie / german shepherd, the second is labrador / foxterrier. The third one is a real saudiarabian sled dog . At least that's what I use to tell, if somebody wants to know. She has a body like a grey hound, the head of a dalmatian, a short tail like a boxer (since the second accident), and she has a funny behaviour like Pluto, the dog of Mickey Mouse. However, it's sure some kind of stunt dog. She has got run over by a car already three times and allways survived thanks to our veterinarian. We payed several thousand dollars for al these surgeries. So far, it's the most expensive pet we ever had.

I have a couple of mixed breeds that look kind of like black labs. Here is Austin ignoring my flashlight collection.

Austin with flashlights

My brother has a cocker spaniel/pekinese

That's a great picture!

The assistant's boyfriend is a cocker spaniel called Sonny. He even has a blog...



I can't believe how difficult it is for you to get that dog restrained. Maybe give animal control a copy of the posts you've made on that forum?

Best wishes.

Unfortunately, animal control knows exactly what has happened and they don't care. I think the pit bull was a rescue from the pound and she seems to be friendly towards humans, so she is not considered a threat. As far as I can tell, my neighbor is friends with at least one person at animal control, and they have no intention of doing anything useful for my family unless the pit bull attacks a human. I have a surprise in store for that dangerous animal, but I have to wait until she gets in our yard again, and I don't see that happening. But at least I am prepared.