What one light for Mom?

If you had to buy one flashlight for someone that isn’t a light fanatic like most of us, what would you pick? Basically I need it to be easy to use and charge.

  • It needs to be an18650 light
  • About 1000 lumens
  • The light should be easy to charge, usb charge or come with a charger.

I’ve got some ideas on this subject, but I’d be interested in what you all have for recommendations?

Thank you

Convoy s9 with a protected cell?

Lumintop SD Mini, unless you don’t like your mom then a TacLight Zoomie TV thingy. LOL Just kidding of course. A Zanflare F1 or one I just picked up a Wuben L50 checks all those boxes as well. If you got the extra money a SD Mini really is a great light.

‘Moms’ don’t generally need 1000LM li-ion lights. They just need lights that they can click to see what’s in front of them, while in the dark.

AA lights are probably the easiest for ‘moms’, unless your mom is some ‘survival expert’.

If she needs some 1000LM USB light, then something from Fenix, NiteCore, or others would be the suggestion, given the budget.

Moms want reliability.


No question, the Nitefox UT20 (Amazon). Dual-switch setup, so you just have to worry about the tailswitch to turn it on/off, but it’s FC, so it’s got momentary-on, and a half-press gets you momentary light without having to full-click the thing. Recharging port has the typische rubber plug, easy to get on/off. Also has a lighted side-switch cap to show battery status and charging status.

Distant second would be a Zanflare F1 (Gearbest). Great light overall, and great idea, but the screw-ring covering the charging port is O-ring sealed, can be stiff to screw “on” and “off”, but you also don’t want to leave it open and jingling around. Rear switch has a great snap to it, but might also feel a bit stiff compared to the usual rubber-boot switches out there.

For a non-mom, I’d say the F1 should get some serious consideration, but in this case I’d definitely pick the UT20. Plus, Amazon would deliver it hella fast vs GB.

i gave my parents nitecore tip and tube. they ended up loving the tube - tiny / rechargeable / easy ui. even the tip (at 300 lumens) was an overkill for them.

You know what after hearing that I take back my F1 consideration. That ring is a pain in the butt. The UT20 might be a better option. Though like I said I just got this Wuben L50 is kind of a nice mom light. Easy to get to charging port and it comes with a half way decent battery for a bit over $20.

Look at the negative reviews of both of those lights on Amazon, not the good ones.

That’s what I want my mom to have when things go dark, lol.


MH12GT is my pick.
Maybe you should look into a regular AA or AAA flashlight for her though, that would be safer.

MG12GT, nice light. A bit pricey. None the less a nice light. The nitefox and the Wuben accomplish the same thing at a third of the price.

I don’t think either of those have as much throw as the MH12GT/P12GT.

“Moms” and “dads” sometimes need those 1000 lumens, specially when you live in a dark village and you have farm fields, and sometimes cars and animals pass by!!!

After giving my parents a 3xAAA Zoomie, I then passed to them my Nitefox UT20 and so far it has been well used and reliable enough for them to go outside and check the animals, the backyard and all that stuff.

In my opinion, and only comparing the UT20 and the Zanflare F1, for me the Nitefox takes the lead!

I also wanna recommend another light: Wuben TO4R. Has 2 side switches (1 of them is only for strobe modes), 5 regular modes with memory, it has “those” lumens, has USB charger and is super reliable.

It is sold in High CRI as well, if you contact member the :wink:

Don’t be distracted by the ‘Mom’ part. The overall question is an 18650 light that they don’t have to go out and buy a bunch of gear to keep it charged. Simple but effective.

Good suggestions, thank you.

Great looking light, although it doesn’t seem to be in stock anywhere.

Thank you for the recommendations. You are exactly correct, sometimes you need 1000 lumens to see out into the field. The Nitefox seems to be a popular option.

I actually did this last Christmas, and my technophobic mom really loves her Convoy BD01. I got a spare charging cable with it. I went with the 26650, but it would be fine with an 18650.

Personally, I like the BD0* charger better than micro-usb, but usbc might be better overall.

She can shine the light from the dining room table and see deer way up the mountain in the back yard. It completely blows away everything in her old incan collection in light output and build quality. And the switch is reminiscent of a MagLite, so familiar and easy.

EAGTAC PX30LC2-DR Nichia 219C


I think there are some threads with similar question recently:

Basically you’re looking for an EDC-sized flashlight with a micro-USB port for charging…

There are many of them. Some that I know of would be (all have micro-USB port and use a single 18650):

Zanflare F1 ~ 1240 lumens
Wuben L50 ~ 1200 lumens
Fitorch P20R ~ 1000+ lumens
Sofirn SP30A ~ 1000+ lumens
On The Road U18 ~ 900+ lumens
Eagle Eye X2R ~ 700+ lumens
Convoy S9 ~ 500+ lumens

(I think the shortest height of the above is the OTR U18; followed closely by the Convoy S9 & Eagle Eye X2R, the others are a bit longer, with the SP30A being quite long)

Remember, the higher lumens flashlights can get much hotter (and if Mom isn’t careful, could conceivably get burned by the heat; eg. turned on flashlight in Highest/Turbo mode, puts it down on the table or somewhere to do something first [flashlight still on], later picks up the flashlight again, and it’s burning hot due to the high lumens…)

When I worked through this, the best option I found were either the Convoy C9, or the Eagle Eye X2R.

I would have preferred more output, but I preferred a tube-light for compactness, and was concerned about the thermal issues at 10W.

For a light with better thermals (convoy BDXX, maybe Eagle Eye X6R or X7R), 10W would be no problem.