What one light for Mom?

I have always hated for someone to ask a question, and someone else answer that they do not want what they ask for. SO, I hate to say this, but I don’t believe people who are not into flashight should have 18650 lights. The potential problems with Li-on batteries would make them unacceptable.
I also don’t think they need 1,000 lumens.
Good quality AA lights would, I believe, do everything Mom needs or wants.

Sorry for the negative, and I’ll take the hit.

Think you are right on that part. That Nitecore does throw pretty well.

Really? My mom has an iPhone and iPad with Liion batteries and built-in chargers. Should I take those away from her?

Hi Jerry!
I will not try to make a point here, and in part I understand and agree with what you say, namely safety reasons related to the use of 18650s. :+1:

My parents never used those batteries and actually, that are not using it ! Why? Because the flashlight I gave them has a protected cell inside, because I know what they will use the light for, and because charging on that light is safe (well, we all know issues may occur, but I guess we, flashaholics, are somehow more exposed to those risks that people that may use “safer” options).

Again, about the lumens or the amount of light needed, I guess noone here is in condition to say what other people may need or not.
Specially when the amount of light can bring you some more “safety”.

To give you an example, if the “mom” in question needs a light to walk in a pitch black road or backyard or in other place where the amount of light is capable to let you see in a good distance and wide range, why not want or need to have 1000 lumens or so?

In the city we don’t need that much power if good outdoor illumination is provided, but in a small village without good street illumination, that makes the difference. And there, if we ponder the “safetyness” of using a 18650 (or other Li-Ion battery) VS the safetyness of being able to spot an assailant or animal…I’d prefer to see those coming than bothering with a battery or charging issue.

Things must be seen under different perspectives! :wink:

These are the type of roads I have around in the village and difference it makes when you have a 3500 lumens flashlight to walk around. 1000 lumens would be good, but not enough so…we all need different things :wink: And the lights being mentioned here are not “hotrods” :beer:

Could possibly look at the Olight offerings with the magnetic charger

Her most appreciated and used is a Fenix HL50, AA. Previous to that, she had an S2 and a good quality P60 type with protected Sanyos.

That was a few years ago. Today, I'd still go with a 1*AA headlamp but the high output handheld would be a Nitefox UT20.

Unno, I got 4-5 F1s, EDCed one for quite a while, got 2 UT20s and am still EDCing one. No problems at all.

Especially since skeeter season started, I’ve been using the ’20 full-tilt quite a bit.

I don’t trust Amazon reviews much anyway. Clearly, when looking at SK98s (18650) and you see reviews describing SK68s (AA/14500), or v/v, it’s apparent they mix’n’match reviews.

Any 5×5050 194-type “bulbs”, you’ll see described white, amber, red, CW, WW, different mfrs, you name it. Like, whut’s the point?

Not too long ago, I went through all my F1 boxes (unlabeled CW vs WW except for the barcode thingy on the bottom) to make sure what was what, and physically tried all of them again. No issues.

I was gonna gift a few, ’til I heard all the oohing and aahing for Tac-Lights. :person_facepalming:

Forget it…

Coupla more suggestions, just to throw out there…

Convoy S9 is kinda throttled down, so it won’t turn into a curling-iron if left on high. I think it has a charger, not sure.

The Folomovs except for the Camp D4 (guess which one I got…) have built-in charging and ostensibly can be used as a power-bank in a pinch.

The plain white Xiauomi (oh, Hell, somebody fix the spelling…) doodad is also throttled down like the S9, but has a rotary selector-head to “switch gears”.

Hi, MascaratumB,

I appreciate the information, and I agree that unless one knows the details he cannot know the need. Having lived in small towns and dark dirt roads I can appreciate the need for 1,000 lumens.
Regards, Jerry

For close-in, a nice cheap Boruit RJ02 with swapped 60° TIR lens would be perfect.

Then just worry about a thrower…

This was my choice since we are talking about only one light and usb rechargable .
a headlamp probably makes more sense than any other single light except maybe a keychain light.
i’d forget about swapping an optic and just add a decent strength magnet and sell it as a right angle flashlight with a headband option.only other thing i’d do is make sure it had a brand new INRor LMR cell in it .
The problem with the question is …Who’s mom are we talking about . I’m old so my mom is way more un-tech savvy then your average 20 year olds mom who is 38 , wearing hot pants and a tube-top,smoking a lucky strike while taking selfies on her phone .

Is she a single mom? :stuck_out_tongue:
Just kidding, happily married
Was also thinking, maybe something like a Utorch UT02 would be ideal for a mom. Most people are used to D cell Maglites, and may prefer that.
Really need to know what the use is. Purse use, shelf use, midnight bathroom use, scan a very large yard…

Really need to know what the use is. Purse use, shelf use, midnight bathroom use, scan a very large yard…
I agree… and need a dollar amount since all problems are easier to solve if you throw cash at them . if money is no issue than high end headlamps start to spring to mind like the more expensive Nitecores

I don’t feel 18650 lights are for non flasaholics.
gave my Mom the Nitecore EA45– she loves it!
Slender grip, and powerful enough; even with the readily available AA barteries.

But, yeah— for 18650– I think the UT20 is a good choice.
Maybe a good LiFePo cell and charger with it, to avoid any charging issues?

you can buy 18650 Protected Cells with built in chargers. By buying a pair, if the light goes dim, she can swap and charge.

that way the flashlight is not disabled for several hours, while acting as a charger

as to why you think mom needs 1000 lumens of 18650… well, I dont know your mom

I would be more likely to give her a Manker Lad, or Olight S1 Mini High CRI… but those are not the droids you think you are looking for

now, tell us
which lights are YOU considering giving your mom… before we all go nuts suggesting an endless stream of lights

and about Throw, thats for flashaholics and outdoors… imo irrelevant to Moms indoors

I agree with lightbringer on the UT20. I'm reviewing it and I found it to be a great light to use.

Nice easy UI.

USB charging

Some memory mode, so its good for occasional use.

Has an extra grip option, comes with case and clip.

Its cool white and has moonlight. Older people tend to like cool white more for some reason. The tint isn't bad at all for cool white.

Flowers in a flashlight box.

If the battery stays in the light and charges in the light, what’s the problem? It’s just like any other LiIon powered device which I’m sure she has plenty of (laptop / cell phone / etc.).

If getting a UT20, ditch the come-with clip and get the deep-carry clip from FT for <2bux each. Fits perfectly, same semigloss ano, looks like it was made for the light.

All lights seem to come with the saaaaame crappy cookie-cutter silver clip. Yecch. The lights ride way too high, stick out of your pocket like an antenna, stand a better chance of being squished out of your pocket when you sit down, etc. Only reason I’m EDCing it nowadays is because of the deep-carry clip.

Get a few of those clips for pretty much any 18650 light. You’ll thank me later.

I think that you are probably vamiliar with the explosion of Li-on batteries. Maybe not?