What the Nitecore Tube really needs is...

A dedomed XM-L2

Full album: Wound copper wire for a heat sink - Album on Imgur

  • Yes, it works
  • Yes, I’m insane
  • No, these exposed wires aren’t a very good idea
  • R1 is also bridged for increased current
  • Measured current was 610mA, which should be 250+ lumens
  • Yes, I’ve actually left it on for an extended period of time - the battery was at 3.4V after 15 minutes runtime and about 1 minute to rebound before I checked it
  • No, this battery probably isn’t designed for a 10C discharge rate. No signs of puffing yet though.
  • No, you probably shouldn’t attempt this - at least, don’t tell your lawyer I said you should

I think you may have compromised the waterproofing?

Blue light...

The blue light is the original emitter with a current boost. The XM-L2 is the usual yellowish neutral you get from dedoming a cool white emitter.

You, sir, have way too much time on your hands. :slight_smile: :smiley: :bigsmile: :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Just wait for what’s coming next. I’m thinking square copper rod with cutouts to clear the contacts, Nichia 219C and a 5mm fresnel lens. Though maybe 5mm round would work better - I might be able to retain the water resistance.

Pst… Water proof key chain light, forget about it :slight_smile: 250 plus lumens is the keys to happiness on a key chain. :bigsmile:

As the ancient saying goes, “I like it!”

Great stuff….Go check what Vinh charges for the current mod boost. Maybe you can get some $_$ :smiley:

I know Vinh sells those for $26 and I know it’s a 5 minute job if you’re practiced at it. I think the mod is worth doing, but not worth paying that for.

I’m seriously considering offering a more refined version of this for sale for $40ish. I’m definitely not as skilled and experienced at this stuff as Vinh, nor do I have a reputation that would let me charge a bunch for a trivial mod. Of course, a high-power LED, copper bar and a lens would make it a very non-trivial mod.

Yes, you are insane :bigsmile:

Thanks for sharing!

Edit: added link https://www.reddit.com/r/flashlight/comments/3m13l8/how_to_hotrod_a_nitecore_tube/?

Thanks for sharing. Great read!

Love it. Thanks for sharing.

Maybe some silicone or hot glue to protect the wires and make it water proof?

Nice job there. Maybe try with a smaller led….xpl?
I’d buy one haha