What TV shows are you watching lately ?

Lately I have been moving away from network television and am exploring the original series on Hulu , Netflix , and Amazon .
Game of Thrones - Nearly everyone knows this one
Westworld - A smartly written series which is built on the original movie from the ’70s with Yul Brenner .
Mr. Robot - If you like shows about hacking or disassociative personality disorder
Godless - A gritty western with brutality and some absolutely stunning scenery
Chance - Hugh Laurie plays another doctor , this time a psychologist , with some personal issues . I loved House , and this is reminiscent but unique .

Some network shows I like are The Walking Dead , The Blacklist , and just about every show on The History Channel .

Have any favorite series ?

Two recommendations:

Rick and Morty - Brilliant sci-fi animated comedy. I've seen every episode. I have seen many animated comedies, and this one is the best!

Dexter - Gripping police drama/mystery with a serial killer protagonist. I'm on season 4 of 8.

Korean series like

The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop

House of Bluebirds

My Father is Strange.

Never thought I'd get into something like that, but my wife found them and they really are good watching.

all time favorite:
Breaking Bad
Better Call Saul

Shark Tank
This Is Us
The Big Bang Theory

No longer airing:

When I was younger:
The O.C.

+others I forgot

Rebecka Martinsson starring the lovely Ida Engvoll

Rick and Morty - awesome funny show
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D - It’s best season this one
The Flash
Street Outlaws
Young Sheldon
Chicago(PD,Med & fire)

The last 5 years or more I’ve given up on free to air tv. Anything I watch is for short periods (15mins or so for tv or occasionally a whole movie) and chosen by my kids. However I have taken to finding free net movies/tv series most if not all are Asian (Japanese/Korean/chinese) love/drama stories. Sappy, yes, but you asked, lol :laughing:

I can confirm that House was amazing. I saw every episode.

How does Chance compare?

Top Gear tonight on BBC2 at 20:00 (GMT) with Matt (how you doin?) Le Blanc, Chris Harris and Rory Reid!

House of Cards, Peaky Blinders, Bates Motel, Northern Exposure, Twin Peaks.

Is this the show from the 90s? Or is there a new show named like it?

Peakies is a good series, watched the 4 seasons now. Found it a little slow at 1st, but picks up later on.
Even opened up peaky blinder bars in a few cities!

Enjoyed Bates motel to.
Dexter and breaking bad(watching 2nd time round)
Part way through mind hunter
Stranger things is decent.

Many more, depends what i am in the mood for and whats on netflix :slight_smile:

We’ve already seen the OP’s list except for chance. I recommend all of them.

Godless is very well done. Even you don’t like westerns this one is worth watching. The attention to detail is something I’m not used to seeing on series television.

Nothing we are watching at the moment really stands out.

Best currently:

Mozart in the Jungle (Amazon Prime)
Shetland (BBC)

Looking forward to:

Jessica Jones Season 2 (March 8th. Netflix)
The Americans Season 6 (March 28th. FX in the US, UK???) Catch up on Amazon Prime or iTunes or wait and see what pops up.
Luther Series 5 (BBC) Plenty of time to catch up if you missed series 1 to 4.
Game of Thrones (…)
Man in the High Castle (Amazon Prime)

Slightly off topic: I firmly believe the BBC license fee is still good value for money. Amazon and Netflix don’t have news or anything close to Radio 1 to 6 or the World Service.

have just finished Black mirror ss4, man, all i can say this show is perfect( except ss4, i feel a little disappointed, like they run out of idea)
each Episode is a different story, so you dont have the urge to finish season in one night

From 90’s :slight_smile:

Forgot to add Westworld season 2 April on HBO in the US and NowTV or Sky in the UK.

And next Season of Bosch on Amazon prime.

Gold Rush and The Walking Dead. :smiley:

The Walking Dead our #1 show, Fear the Walking Dead we struggled to get through first season but the following year knocked it out of the ballpark. Most of DC and Marvel shows. FARGO ECT…