What was your first hobby flashlight and do you still have it?
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County Comm exclusive Inova X5T-HA

Sold it a long time ago for a song, wish I still had it.

Thats cool. Do you know what years they were manfactured?

Maglite Incan, what an icon. My first ever light.

2 D Rayovac roughneck, probably around 1990. I took that thing everywhere with me, and for a 7 year old it was a pretty damn fine piece of hardware. My parent’s attic fell in about 10 years ago, and I think the light finally disappeared during the cleanup.

Then I had a couple of mag-lites, and caught the flashlight bug as an adult with the early 2000s Innovas and Surefires. I had most of them, unfortunately I only have a couple of those left.

In 6th grade, circa 1987, my class went to SCICON for about a week.


It was basically camping, up in the mountains, and learning about science.

My mom bought me a large black plastic flashlight from Radio Shack that took a bunch of C or D batteries.

I didn't use the flashlight very much, but in the small group I was in, my flashlight was the best, so the adult in charge of our small group borrowed my flashlight.

I always hated camping, so I didn't really like the trip.

After SCICON, the flashlight belonged to my family, so it wasn't really mine anymore.

Some years later, when I was in Boy Scouts, my older brother got me a 2AA incandescent Mini Maglite for camping trips.

I had the Mini Mag for quite a while, but I don't have either of those flashlights anymore.

O Light M30, around 2009, still have it. Dang what is MC-E?

I’ve head multiple generic plastic flashlights for years. My first “real” light was the Maglite solitaire. Then got some WF 501 and WF 502 P60 hosts and later moved to the Convoy C8 (the v1 design - with the screwable head selve).

The rest is history :slight_smile:

I’ve had one or two generic 2D 1$ plastic flashlights. Never lasted long, mostly because my dad knew where to source as-good-as-new batteries. Those started leaking the moment they went into the light.
Bought this lady in 1978 in a tool store. A 4D National BF 757. Still have it. Still use it around the house. Excellent tail standing capability. The plastic housing is a bit faded, but she is still my first love.

I think for most of us it will be an eveready D type. At least if you were born in the 60s or 70s.

the first that was mine was given to me
by my Uncle in the Army and it sort of
looked like the picture above.

A whole bunch before, but I got these in bulk from Rat Shack…

2AA Minimag was my first “real” one.

My whole life, from childhood until age 54, I struggled with the usual sub-junk flashlights that were a constant source of irritation. When I reached the early 50's, I embarked on a journey to discover where decent flashlights live.

I had (and still have) a few "first" flashlights. 3 x D cell Maglight, Brinkmann 2 x AA led, Mini-Mag 2 x AA, True Value Rayz 1,000 lumen 9 x AA, Coleman C-Tac60 600 lumen XM-L2 18650, Snap-On BCF.950BL 5 x blue led 2 x CR123, etc.

Brinkmann 2 x AA led rear clicky is easily actuated with tongue tip in mouth hold. I bought it in 2001 and used it to do 15 minute beadchecks when on overnite shift when I was night staff supervisor at the local secure facility for extreme at risk teenage girls. Topics such as this topic bring back memories fairly regularly when such topics come up.

None of these lights satisfied my flashlight urges; they only stimulated them further. Finally, I discovered the existence of my first real flashlight:

1) Four-Sevens MMU-X3. Oct. 2014, 1,600 lumens, 26650, 3 x XM-L2. I purchased from Sears Marketplace/Overstock. Nice beam profile. There is no way that I could have picked a better item at that time.

Link to the rest: My lights: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/9150/287

Technically belonged to my dad, but that was the one that got me hooked on flashlights. Wish I still had it, but that was 45 years ago.

This was the first….

A few years later a AA MiniMag was second. :white_check_mark:

Like this one, that’s how old I am. Given to me by an uncle, who had already used and abused it for a couple of years. It was black, not olive drab and I remember the glass was severely scratched and cracked but still in place. It used a large, square and flat 4.5 volt battery that, of course, was always empty too quickly.
The tiny sliders to get a corresponding color plastic filter in front of the lens were also beaten up and difficult to operate. But that didn’t matter; as a child it was just wonderful to be able to signal your playmates after dark or to have a light in tree- or underground huts.

I don’t remember mine, i think it was a mini maglite 2AA

But i know my two sons their first flash light.
The cars & Paw patrol touch sensitive GoGlo,
Modded with high cri 3400k 5mm leds from rngwn.

They are perfect for small kids (once you get rid of the horrible 7000k leds)
No buttons or anything to fiddle with at night,
They just need to touch it, it turns on and acts like a bedside table lantarn.
Or pick it up, and its a flashlight. The 5-10ish lumens are perfect for at night.

This one.

I guess one of those 3x5mm leds or eventually 9x5mm was the first one, but I can’t actually remember.

When I went to faculty, my parents gave me this one

Later on, I bought a Nebo Micro Redline as my first “serious” flashlight :smiley:

My first one that wasn’t a toy was this one.