What you got today

Interesting. I purchased mine and separately purchased the ZWB2 filter. To be honest, I forget who I bought the filters from. Might have been gearbest or banggood. Not sure. I’ll check later. That said, mine has minimal visible light.

Forgot to mention, I bought the Convoy a couple of years ago from the official Convoy store.

It’s fasttech black S2 (not S2+) with LG LED. According to djozz test, they do generate a lot of visible light, but that light should be filtered-out by the lens. Apparently it’s not, it’s still daylight and the beam is bright blue. I see that in the dark I could easily walk around with nothing but that blue light.

Hm, apparently something is serious wrong. I have bought an LG-led from Simon (Convoy), and put that and a 40mm ZWB2 lens I got from djozz in a C8. And frankly, I would not dare walking off the road in the dark. The only thing I see is a vague hotspot, and occasionally something that violently reflects UV light. It almost looks like you got a 395-400nm UV light or a 450-455 nm blue light. But FT does not sell those!!
BTW the S2 I mentioned was the S2 3535 UV LED 1050mA 3-mode Grey I bought some years ago from FT.

Finally got me one.

Nice. Got the RT70 a few weeks ago

Convoy T2 and On The Road M1

Got Nitecore MT22A. Smaller than I thought before.

A week ago I got the Astrolux MF02. I didn’t expect it to be that big and heavy. I always thought my Convoy L6 was big. Definitely not a light to carry around for more than one hour.

Got some samples from Sofirn for examining. One of the most fun packages ever :slight_smile:

Now I need to find some time to have a good look at them and do some tests.

Nice. Can’t wait to see some torture.

Imalent ms12

Some XD16’s. Now just waiting on the host and the VirEnce Mcpcb’s for them.


The wife wished for a full moon tonight. So Amazon sent me one. :slight_smile:

Fireflies ROT66 sst20 cool white

Nice buddy…i wanna get that…

Yahoo D4S!

How many lumens does the pumpkin put out? How’s the throw?