What you got today

Looks nice!

Did you order from Amazon?


Grabbed them from Massdrop for a little less than that. :wink:

So far I’m impressed. Great lightweight set of headphones.

I got a few new toys in the last week!

Got a couple of these Osram Olson SSL80’s and put one in the S1 mini host for my wife just to see what it looked like (driver boards are at fab now).

They’re 3030 with neutral thermal pad so they work on XP boards and they have an 80* emitting angle so they work efficiently with optics based lights. I picked this emitter cause I like interesting emitters (also cause the emitting angle should make for the beam pattern I was after and I liked the wavelength. And I’ve used the Olsen Signal in red but never the SSL-80).

Here’s it installed with wires running out the side just for a color test

The camera can’t handle the deep red of this led, makes it look light pink

Also got the Kronos X5 that’ll be host for an XD16 when my order of 2 pad / N119 boards get here from clemence. It’s so cool I had to put a blue lighted tail board in my X6 to match.

Along with the emitters from mouser I also got TA series driver parts for once boards start to arrive, on order are the S1 mini boards (probably useless to literally everyone else, see the above link if you’re curious), a driver for running anduril in a pair of SolarStorm SC02’s and another for the same thing in a ultrafire A8-008 that are all lights for my next big GAW I’ve got planned!

Rot66 xpl hi 5000k.

photo sharing software

Just received this hot rod this afternoon!

Got me a Lumintop Tool AA v2.0 and a parcel from Simon with two Biscotti drivers and a strip TIR. Unfortunately I didn’t account for the S2’s headspace being wider than the S2+’s, so I’ll have to get one of the latter to put in the optic.

Got this charger yesterday. Very nice so far.

Got the AA extender for the V11R that many of us bought up a few weeks ago. I suppose I could actually use an AA, but I’m going to use this as an excuse to get more 14500’s.

Also got my Folomov charger.

Non light related, I got a 100 liter Naturehike duffel bag. It’s cheap, and seems good enough. It’ll be good for bulky winter camping clothing.

Miboxer C4-plus. This one is perfect!

Got my Copper Olight i3E today. Sure is nice!

Jury Summons!
Forty years old, and this is only my second ever summons.

Time to put your crazy pants on and go in there ranting about how police lie.
Only got one, 99.999999% sure I’ll never get another and if I do I know how to get out of it.

Note I support LEO but I’m not willing to be a jurror on any cases.

A Nitecore TUP arrived yesterday. I love the UI and the build quality is solid. Beam quality is better than I thought it would be.

Oh nice! I’m going to get this one in grey as well. The OLED display is just super awesome. :sunglasses:

Nah, just show that you have a functional brain instead of a blank slate, moldable clay, and they automatically don’t want you.

Every time I got called, I spoke the truth. The judge will ask (to be sworn in) if you agree to apply/follow the law “as I give it to you”, and I always raised my hand and said that I didn’t check my brain or conscience at the door, so I’ll decide what I feel is right. Dismissed (after a round of dirty looks).

Or hie thyself to fija.org and learn what it is to be a fully-informed juror, to know the Brailsford case, etc. A jury has not only the right and the power, but the duty to put the law itself on trial, as well as the facts of the case.

But SPEAK UP. You don’t want to end up like Laura Kriho. If you keep your feelings attitudes to yourself, get on a jury, and insist on a not-guilty verdict because you feel the law is wrong, or is being misapplied (RICO statutes against the Boy Scouts of America, anyone??), and they find out about it, you can end up being fined or in jail.

Anyway, just mention “fully informed” and you’re pretty much dismissed anyway. I actually would want to get on a (legitimate) jury, but the deck’s always stacked, I always get dismissed anyway, so hey, don’t waste my time anymore, not until youse clean up your act.

Thanks! I was originally going to get the black one. Glad I didn’t. The grey looks awesome. BTW, to the naked eye, the OLED background is black, not grey like it looks in the picture

@atbglenn, of crouse. OLEDs only emit light when they need to, like on most Samsung displays on their phones. Everything else is black :slight_smile:

I have an LG 65” OLED TV and a One Plus 5T smartphone. The blacks are 100% black. I love OLEDS. Not sure why my picture turned out with a grey background on the display.

Well, it’s because of compression, along with the small contrast difference between the lit and unlit part of the display interfering with the camera.

Also dynamic range, but that’s besides the point.