What's the consenus on this light?

Looking for a light that I can buy about 15 to 20 of and pass out for Christmas gifts. But, I don’t want half of them not to work or something like that. Want something a little decent. Is this one good? Anyone have any experience?


looks like a sipik sk68. if it is, its a pretty good light

That’s really a sipik sk68. It’s a small AA light that lots of companies rebrand as their own. Though there are a lot of clones out there, they aren’t necessarily bad quality. All in all, it’s a really solid light, just about everyone on this forum has one. It’s not actually 300 lumens, that’d be insane for the size, and off of a single AA (you can use lithium rechargeable batteries for more lumens, but let’s not get those if you are giving them as gifts, just stick with regular alkaline AA, energizer lithiums work super well if you have them, you can use a rechargeable nicad aa in it too, or an eneloop, which is just a different chemistry, but still very very safe). It’s more like 80 lumens, give or take 20 lumens. I like to use it because I know it will work(dropped it tons of times several feet onto concrete), it’s pretty bright, you can zoom it in and out so it’s floody (like a light bulb) or throwy(nice tight narrow beam that throws the light far), and it’s dirt cheap.

I recommend you get it, though maybe someone else can recommend a genuine seller of the original. I don’t know what kind of version BBQbuy sells.

Non flashoholics are always amazed when I use it, because they are used to 20 lumen flashlights that are 5 times the size.

One thing I could recommend before giving them to someone is cleaning the threads, so it’s a little smoother to screw the tailcap. Just take someone like a qtip and rubbing alchohol, or even water. And just wipe the theads on the tailcap with it, this removes alot of the metal shavings from manufacturing. It just makes it seem a little higher quality.

Both of the Sipik branded SK68s I have are nothing special. They use metal c-rings in the zooming mechanism instead of o-rings (which means nasty metal on metal grinding during adjustment) and are of inferior build quality in other ways as well compared to clones like the UltraOK ZS-2.

Don’t have the one linked to in this thread so, so I can’t comment on it. But I will say that I wont bother trying to buy any “original” Sipiks anymore, nor would I recommend that anyone else do so either.

i bought a dozen or so “ultra ok” versions of the sipik sk68 off ebay for about $5 each shipped - they are all single modes and all run great… tint is all good (no green or purple on any models) and make great gifts - cant comment if bbqbuy is a good clone - i have seen other members here vouch for it though… for $5 cant go wrong though

good luck

I don't know about that seller, but if those lights are like other sk68 clones, they should be not-great-but-not-bad. Most of the $5 ones have hollow pills so heatsinking is poor. That's fine if you run it on AA only, but if you run a 14500 in it it should be only used for short bursts. Output on a AA should be around 80-100 lumens.

They make good gifts.

i ran my ultra ok for the duration of a 14500 with no issues, got warm but not too hot to hold… i figure at $5 if it breaks i have a few others kicking around… i edc one with an eneloop though for most uses

Last year, at this time, sipik 68 was all the rage and for good reason. For the price paid nothing could touch it. It’s a tough and practical torch with a zoom to boot.

Tomtop was the ebay vendor that many of us bought from, and I’m sure he’s still around. Never bought from BBQ and I hope the quality is still the same.

They were so good, I reordered 3 more and those that got em love em. Q5 led’s were the order of the day. They are one bright impressive torch for sure. I paid @ 6 bucks for mine. Great bang for the buck.

they appear easy to mod also - theres youtube videos out there with xmls and sst90 emitter swaps

Maybe yours has a solid pill?

The problem with the empty pills is that they only get warm when they should get hot. A Sipik clone on a 14500 usually runs at about 1A. A P60 sized light at 1A gets very warm after 15 minutes, and the P60 has like twice the mass. If the heat doesn't spread to the body, that means the LED is insufficiently cooled which decreases performance and shortens life.

But, as you said, it's cheap enough that maybe it doesn't matter.

My UltraOK clones don’t have hollow pills, so yours probably doesn’t either.

Well, can anyone suggest a seller they DO trust? This is off Amazon, so that gives SOME comfort. But, if there’s someone out there you suggest, I’m listening. Thanks!


i bought 5 here a few weeks ago… got here in 9 days and they are all good quality… single mode… all run fine on 14500

Yeah, vikicompany is where I got both of my UltraOK’s as well. Shipping time was surprisingly quick to AU.

Higher price than Amazon. And cainn just said that they have hollow pills...

Why would you recommend those over the ones on Amazon?

No, I said they don’t have hollow pills :wink:

I TOTALLY MISREAD that!!! My bad. I am an idiot.

Found TomTop here;


When you check auction out, click on “view sellers other items” He has several listings.

It’s actually easy to misread at a glance because of the way I wrote it. What I wanted to say is that they have solid pills, because it’s a clear positive claim, but because it’s not technically correct (they merely have a platform for the LED) I went with the negative :slight_smile:

The last batch I got from TomTop had hollow pills.