When will BLF bring out their own Headlamp????

Basically as the title says.“When will BLF bring out their own Headlamp”

I have the BLF a6 and LOVE the damn thing and can’t wait for the Lantern to be finally be produced… From everything I come across when ever BLF produce a light they are way a head of others but so far can find a BLF headlamp… SO BLF when will you be doing one??? I for one would be having a few and am sure there will be MANY others…

Why don’t you? and then you get to show what can really be done ?


Doubt it, already plenty on good headlamps out there.

Have you not seen how many lanterns and flashlights there is out there And they still produce them.

Do you really want a FET controlled hot rod running on unprotected batteries strapped to your forehead? Plenty of good headlamp options out there!

LOL simply answer is no, BUT it’s was more about what could BLF come up with…

I would be interested in a custom headlamp. But, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a complete new lamp. It could also be an innovative way of mounting an existing EDC.

My ideal headlight would have….

- option to mix / switch between flood/throw

- easy to use switch

- lightweight and durable (against oil, fluids,…)

- can be used with clip instead of headband

- rechargeable (charger inside)

  • probably with different batteries than round cells due to size

Like the way you think :smiley:

I had one idea about it.
Convoy compatible, 20mm carclo triple, with separate easily removable 17mm linear (led4power?) driver.
Unfortunatly, I even have not finished samples.

Hmmmm interesting…

What is your intention with regards to Lumens etc?

Lumens is not main target for headlamp, most would prefer hi-cri leds and no PWM driver.
Triple leds usually little more efficient than single one, carlco optics provide range of tirs (that are much more durable for headlamp than reflector), but main option - is there are any headlamp with regular 17mm driver that can be easily removed and changed/programmed by users preferences?
Also I need to say that extra weight is bigger problem than extra length for the headlamp.

For me a good MID range of lumens with a nice boost, Good runtimes and IP8 is whats important…. I use the HC65 and so far is the Best Headlamp used to date….

I love the design draft, kiriba. Looks cool. so we would use the existing S2+ battery tube and the rest is DIY? driver board and mcpcb?


Since we are just throwing out ideas, I hope we can see a product similar to the Kogalla RA light.

I like the idea of a led light strip that can be be powered by a battery, hopefully a single 18650, because most led strips I came across requires a 12V source.

The 3 main things I like about this product:

  1. you can attach the straplight to the backpack strap or sternum strap
  2. being able to store the most of weight in your bag (ie battery)
  3. the multiple leds can cover a wider area

Some potential improvements:

  1. The UI
  2. modular?
  3. more minimalistic (too many magnets and is bulky)

Im sure I wont make more than 3pcs I have after lathe, and even they will take some time.
I think BLFers should contact Simon with this idea.
Yes all parts from convoy except head, glass and bezel.
Any regular 20mm triple board with any (one-side?) 17mm driver.

Very nice may be interested in those… How about you start a thread relating to them? see what interest there is etc???

Honestly, I haven’t given it much thought. I just wanted a floody hiking light that is hands free and lightweight. My wife pointed out the the H03 might be too heavy for her head. It is nice to have other hands free light source other than a headlamp. Right now I just tie the H03 to her backpack strap.

I am also very excited about the lantern.

Oo…totally would wait for it.

Would be cool to have with 2*26650 or 2*21700 battery pack. Light but still has loads of juice. Those L-shape lamps are not for me. With so small mass can not get enough punch out of them.
Range 350m - high mode 2000lm+ continous.

There is many nice headlamps out but they all have something too little or too much :smiley: For the same money you can get a much nicer flash light than a headlamp.
I think the closest to my liking is the Lupine Blika - 2 xgp and a xpl hi - range plus some flood for close work. Not too heavy or too big. But the price tag is wild wild…

H03 is good for me, for anything except running.

I would love a BLF 1x18650 regulated output thrower though, With the same UI as the Q8

I said plenty of good headlamps out there, you only want so much heat going to your forehead. The BLF lights produced so far are hot rodded, one of a kind(GT) as in size, or similar. The only headlamp I could think of is something like titanium with a copper heat sink but you have to keep weight in mind, nothing too heavy.

Agreed about heat but there are more and more coming out from Nitecore and olight that are starting to push the limits……