When will BLF bring out their own Headlamp????

My best headlamp so far is Nitecore HC65. If we want to design a headlamp then be a headlamp not a multi purpose thing. The strap holder plastic has perfect curve and the light itself is great. It need to be very very good to say the BLF headlamp is better then that.
Or if it is a multi purpose headlamp and it has magnetic tail and else. It need a head strap at least like the Skilhunt H03 not like the Imalent HR20 and Nitecore HC30/33. They are fiddly and not comfortable.

I don’t see the need for a BLF headlamp. I almost certainly wouldn’t buy one. Sure, the UI would be nicer, but it’s less valuable than on a flashlight since I don’t adjust output of headlamps nearly as often, and on a headlamp I really like modes with distinct levels so I can better manage battery life on long backpacking trips. For it to be a guaranteed buy, it’d have to be nearly perfect. It would need all of the following: a monster turbo mode, a super low moonlight mode well under 0.25 lumens, be very efficient from 0-500 lumens, have distinct modes with tested battery life at each level, a 4500-5000K tint, a spot+flood beam pattern with zero ringiness in terms of output and color, a smooth transition across the beam pattern, and either no switch light or can be disabled, and priced competitively with Zebralight and Armytek. A bonus would be a safe magnetic charging system. That’s too much to ask for unless a company already makes something that comes close.

The one feature that could make me compromise on my list is a fantastic control ring UI that compares to the Jetbeam RRT01 rather than the rubbish that Imalent and Nitecore have.

The RRT01, my most used light. Love that little guy.

As for need… It would be cool!

High CRI, flood and spot like the lupina concept but in a BLF format and price range. Maybe a battery pack on the back of the headband or a cable to the belt as an option.

Yes! I also thought this is one type of light where having 18350 tube available is a BIG benefit, big weight saving if you want to run with it on. Agree light and efficient very important.

Other things I like

- regulated

- 4000-4500K tint

  • true firefly mode

I would really like a BLF headlamp. The regulation, the tint (NW), the UI would be what I am looking for also not a “hot rod”.

I have a bunch of different headlamps already from Armytek, Olight, Acebeam, Skilhunt, etc.

I really like rotary brightness control on a headlamp, which is by far the most intuitive for one hand operation. Also I would love to see a quad E21A 4000k or maybe even double quad E21A if you go with two lens.

My dream headlamp:
–18650 with 18350/16340 tube option, runtime or light weight based on current need
-Anduril or another “BLF-endorsed” UI (Someone should honestly make a competitor to Zebralight’s UI, the shortcuts are great but there could definitely be more options still)
-High CRI emitter version available. Triple Nichia (< too much heat maybe?) or whatever that new Samsung that could be in the FW3A would be cool but even high-CRI XHP50 with frosted optic like ZL’s offerings would be cool.
-ATTACHABLE/REMOVEABLE diffuser/optic Imagine taking it off for use as a throwier EDC light, and putting a frosted lens attachment on for use as a wide-beamed headlamp?! Skilhunt tried this but it was a weak attempt IMO. Clip-on or screw-on seems like they could be much better.

Maybe a hcri xhp70.2 would be nice as well :+1:

No, it would not. Not necessarily, anyway. Sure, it’s less metal for the body, but a four-cell light can use a buck driver with large components. A single-cell XHP70.2 light must use a boost driver with small, high-performance components. We see an example of this in the new mtnelectronics 17mm boost driver: it costs $25.

Maybe, but I have my suspicions about anything from that generation of Cree products actually being nice.

I’m not sure where to get a 90 CRI XHP70.2 in small quantities, but I did recently pick up an 80 CRI from Arrow. I still haven’t managed to get the bezel off the light I want to put it in, so I have no idea how it looks. Previous-generation 90 CRI XHP70s look good.

From my understanding 50 vs 50.2 and 70 vs 70.2 is just the gaps between the different quadrants of the emitter filled in, but also bad tint and shift because of that? Also frosted/diffused optice would solve the issue of seeing those lines in the beam pattern on the original non-.2 versions right?

Materials + machining + battery carrier construction + shipping. My light (MT07S) uses boost driver, but it’s indeed not space-limited.

You got your point, indeed driver on such lamp must be much more expensive.

But I did 2 calculations:

  1. MT07S + MTN boost driver = $70. Remove the stock driver and the differences on materials + machining + battery carrier construction + shipping. Add a headband. A deal as good as the HKL one could be significantly below $70.
  2. Host $15 + driver $25 + LED $10 + $2 headband = $52.

They make me believe that there’s a space to offer cheaper single cell 18650 lights. Headlights included.

No, they are entirely different construction. So called “flip-chip”.
Read this, it’s about another LED but the points are the same.

Higher efficiency, more output, less power draw, less heat, better thermal resistance, higher power handling, etc.

I did some more thinking and calculations on the lightweight, cheap, efficient variant that I’d like to see.

Triple Samsung LH351D would offer very good efficiency per dollar. Would be very floody. Which is good for some, but definitely not for all. Another emitter choice would be easy with the standard XP footprint though.

With CRI70 5000k, 1000 lm OTF achievable at about 2.1A. Vf is 2.92 then, slightly too high for a buck driver but not terrible. In lower modes it’s going to be a bit better.
About 150 lm/W at 1000 lm OTF.
At 250 lm OTF it should exceed 200 lm/W.

Shouldn’t cost more than FW3A.

Going with quad (and preferably 22 mm TIR like Manker) would add some cost, weight and size. But would give the same 1000 lm with 2A. Vf drops down to 2.84 for a bit longer regulation, efficiency goes up to about 165 lm/W.
Same 200 lm/W at about 340 lm OTF.

CRI90 5000k causes 17% output and efficiency loss. Warmer is less efficient still.

XHP70.2 P2 would do roughly 175 lm/W at 1000 lm. That’s 2 hours on a single cell. And 200 lm/W at 450 lm. And may exceed 210 lm/W at lower modes.
So it seems better, but costlier. The cost difference may not be very bad with a low-power driver though. Very floody as well and fixing that would be harder than with LH351D.

The MT07S uses a 4S battery configuration, a 6V emitter, and a buck driver.

Seems I don’t have a good day…
I stand corrected, thank you for keeping me straight. That error doesn’t seem to affect the other things that I wrote in that post though.

If you build/design it they will come. Just like the lantern!

I really like headlamps but I just use a head strap and put one of my other lights in it, usually C8 size. That setup works really well.

Maybe something in a small box size type setup, that would be cool maybe.

I am interested in two depending on price can you please put me on the list………. lol :smiley:

In for a headlamp! 3500k option, xhp50.2, ramping, yes pls!!!

C8 size!? On your head!? :open_mouth: