When will BLF bring out their own Headlamp????

I have a headbands with a BLF D80, and a BLF X6 (I think that’s the model) which is nearly always on them. I use it for just about everything like grilling at night, walking the area around my house, camping, hunting, and all kinds of things like that.

Would love a high CRI, ‘floody spot beam’, L or T format 18650 with ramping UI.

An optional remote battery pack which used a dummy 18650 inside the body as the contacts with a wire through the tailcap to a 4P 18650 pack would be awesome.

Something like this could be worn on sternum or arm or leg or strapped to a pack or…?

Great idea!

What I’d like to see if someone ever makes one:

- As light as possible. The skilhunt H03 is only 44g for an 18650. By rough surface area comparisons an AA body should be around 30g or so (1oz). With a battery goal would be around 2oz.

- 14500/AA powered

- Focus on very long runtimes for travel, particularly at modest levels like: 1, 30, 50 lumens.

- Not sure best way to do it, but would love to have flood and throw separately. Like an XM-L2 for flood and XP-L HI or XP-G2/G3 for throw.

- Headband should not have the third annoying top piece

  • Under $30


BLF Nichia headlamps/multipurpose lights please.

My current caving setup are two h03s mounted to the helmet. One with 219c 4000k 60° optic and the other with xpl-hi 4000k 20° optic. I love both and can even combine them to have a pleasant flood+throw beam with not so distinct tint shift. I think I got lucky with tint lottery. Difference in CRI is evident if one looks closely but I don’t mind.

How about those quad e21s that clemence sells? I’ve read only great things about them. I think he has got a winner in his Armytek C1 Pro mod with a an extra 18650 tube option. Add more output for turbo, better UI, the ability to swap available optics or reflectors and I think this would be a superb light for enthusiasts and non enthusiasts alike. Even those who have no need for headlamps.

Maybe even offer it as a host where blfers can easily put in their preferred emitters, optics and drivers? And a double mount for those needing both flood and throw in one headlamp. I don’t think 2 shorties would be that heavy on the head and heat would be managed better when both are running at the same time.

Any photos of these in action?

Good to see a beam addict like me :beer: - I already expressed my thoughts for a customizable headlamp here.

The E21A quads, that I bought from Clemence, are doing a great service for me. I modified 3 Skilhunt H03 headlamps with those (2000K, 4000K and 5000K CCT emitters each). They are very floody with the H03 optics, but this makes them an incredibly good reading /close range working/ lights (The 2000K is a whole different story - it is also very useful for amatheur astronomers out in the field, as it only barely harms one’s dark adapted eyesight, while it gives far more visual information, than a single 630nm red LED /also, it peaks around 650nm/).

I’ll plan to make a throwy OP reflector build as well - high CRI throwers are truly spectacular (I really want one or more with an E21A quad).

Easily interchangeable mcpcb/optic would be great… unscrew the bezel to access triple or quad optic and mcpcb.

I refuse to believe I’m an addict. I’d like to believe that I have very sensitive eyes :cowboy_hat_face:

I also actually like the idea of a customizable multi-emitter hc65 type light. I like the form factor and the switch of the h65. It was actually my go to work headlamp until I swapped a 219c on the h03. Now I barely use it. I just think maybe a more versatile form such as the right angle light with swappable tubes might get more people excited about a blf headlamp. I think it might also be easier to manufacture. Just my thoughts.

Nice to hear you like them. I’m waiting for the tiara and the extra e21a quad that I ordered from him. You got me curious with the 2000k. I never liked red emitters but I might try this sometime.


I’ll plan to make a throwy OP reflector build as well - high CRI throwers are truly spectacular (I really want one or more with an E21A quad).

With the h03, you might also want to try a 20 degree optic (or narrower if you can find one). I measured a few weeks back (using a smartphone) with my h03 equipped with xpl hi 4000K. The 20 degree clear optics setup out throws the stock op setup using the same emitter (~8200cd vs ~6800cd). I also like the beam of the optics better than the reflector, especially when combined with floody light from another source.

Would love to see Convoy/Simon start offering a headlamp or at least a head for the standard S2+ body.

A strong magnetic tail cap on one end.

Would love for it be offered as a host as well and be customizable like the S2+. The head should be able to
utilize commonly available/standard mcpcbs, reflectors, AR glass and standard drivers.

I’d rather give up a sleek head design for the ability to easily take it apart, replace parts & customize it.

BLF members could come up with a nice custom UI for it.

Wouldn’t you guys love to see something like that being offered by Convoy?

I think it would be very popular. I know I would buy several.

Yea that would be sweet. I would love for it to be compatible with quad Noctigon board.

Uhh, that is exactly my topic.
Would love to see some serious headlamps with good efficiency. Head with cooling fins, a nice big button that you can feel well with thick gloves. Separate battery pack - like 2*21700 or something beefy. Could be some silicone packaging, so if you but it to your belt, it can flex. And the cable should be a really good one…most of the cables between battery pack and light fail after heavy use…and fast. For me the heads size would not be so critical. But a good quality light with nice beam and feel is great to have.
Would rather take something throwier than super flood…300m at 1800lm for example…
When using my headlamps in extreme cold and snow storm - the 1000lm reflector lights freeze up because they didnt produce enough heat to defrost the lense. The 2700lm triple XML was nice hand warmener at around 1200lm in those conditions but the throw was shit and the battery pack was just huuuuge.

A well build BLF Headlamp would be nice!
A few days ago my first H03 arrived. And it is a sweet light. It is small, very lightweight and the UI is not totally terrible! But if you are used to Narsil it is like you are using a old outdated light. And thats the reason why a new Driver (Lexels) is already here. Now i have to test a few things (resistor value for a few 0603 leds that i want to put in the head behind the TIR) and then i have to get in the ring with the threadlocker.
A new LED is also on the menue. I like the 219 NW for its color but it is missing the output of a XM-L2. I think i will wait for a led with equal flood capability. Equal or better output but in high CRI.

That already exists: the Samsung LH351D.

I’d love to see something that supported both 18650/18350, w/ magnetic base, magnetic recharge dock, etc…

Other than high CRI, there seems to be a lack of consensus, which bodes poorly for a BLF headlamp. We might as well get Wowtac to use a high CRI emitter and call it a day.

And start selling internationally. And offer a shorty tube. And BLF UI. And so on….

One single headlamp design probably won't be acceptable for (nearly) all of us. We might want to talk about BLF headlamps of different form factors (I would definitely welcome a single 21700 headlamp, and probably a single 18350 one and a single AA as well for people who don't like li ion batteries - and people who want to give customized headlamps as gifts for non flashaholics).

I use a headlamp a lot, and this is my favourite one at the moment:

Not the best looking light in the world…

Good weight distribution with the batteries on the back.
I put in a Nichia 219C CRI90+ 4000K and replaced the reflector with a very wide angle floody TIR, which i frosted myself additionally.
Simple 3 mode Nanjg AK47 driver with 3x 7135, so it’s 3 Watts max power.
Reverse clicky switch (no drain when off).
Obviously this light is for near field / close up work, such as modding flashlights and painting.

The 2x 18650 last very long, and it has a USB charging port.
Due to the low current (max 1050mA) and thus low Vf you have the same output until the batteries are discharged.
But it still gets pretty warm on 3 Watts.
I mostly use it on medium, which is 30-40% or approximately 1 Watt.
The low mode is good for reading a book (if that’s your kind of thing).
The high mode i don’t use often.
In fact, i could live with a single 7135 for a driver, but the low voltage warning of the Nanjg i wouldn’t want to miss.

So, it’s a great light for long modding sessions, soldering, close up hobbying, etc.

…but here (of course :smiley: ) i read ideas for lumen monsters…
But wouldn’t that give you a lot of light in front of your eyes due to dust and water particles in the air?
But i guess you would wear it higher on your forehead, whereas i have mine just above my eyebrows.
Plus mine is a flooder, so it’s useless in the mist / dust / smoke.

Anyway, i think we need different headlamps for different circumstances.
This one here is pretty useless for riding a bike, for example…
But a powerhouse headlamp would be useless for close up work.
Headlamps like the Skilhunt are in between, not really good for either…