Where to buy low profile silicone tailcaps. 14*6mm or lower

Not the only one around looking for these tailcaps, size 14*6mm, wanted to ask if anybody knows of a store that sells them.
Other tailcaps are easy to find but these particular ones that make a flashlight tailstand are not easy to find.

The only ones I’ve managed to find so far are:
Green Fluorescent Light Silicone Tailcaps 14MM x 6MM 5 PCS

Anybody knows about some other sources?
All colors acceptable.

Intl-Outdoor has a 13.6*6.3mm in blue, it’s close but I would like 6mm or lower.

DX has these two but they seem smaller in diameter, not the usual 17.50-18.00mm but only 16mm:
Silicone Tailcap for Flashlights Green 10-Pack
Silicone Tailcap for Flashlights Blue 10-Pack

Or does anybody have spares to sell, give away?


A little cheaper at FF LINK

When I got them they were 10 for a $1.50, but it looks like they may have changed price/quantity.

They have clear tail caps. Interesting…

Thanks, couldn’t find it there before, they spell it “tail cap” not “tailcap”.

These KD ones are 14mm x 5.6 mm and they come with green GID o-rings not the orange ones in the picture. Good deal 5 for $2 bucks.

I use these for all my tail standing conversions, plus they glow for a long time when charged


If Wonderland is in conus I can drop one in an envelope and ship it to you for free to try out

Edit: fixed link

Your link doesn’t work. Don’t see 14x5.6mm on KD.
glow 14x6mm tailcap

Thanks I might try those, I always skip the products with bad or no descriptions.

Unfortunately in EU. Dunno how shipping differs when sending out of country, only sent few postcards before.

10-pack Φ14x6mm Green Rubber tail cap $1.00

Got the ones from KD, waiting endlessly for KD to ship it. Same with stuff from DX. Too bad they don’t have this stuff elsewhere.

Probably delayed due to CNY. They probably won't ship for another week.

Damn it! I already don’t do weekends and they even do New Years, there should be no holidays when it comes to business online shops especially!

Oh well, PayPal 45 days is counting, it’s going to be their loss if they are slower than that.

Anyone know what size a crelant 7g5v2 will be? Lost mine a few months ago(tailcap)

Most China online retailers post a note explaining their inactivity during CNY.

Here's KD's note:

Lunar New Year

Dear valued customer,

To celebrate the Chinese New Year, Kaidomain fulfillment department will be on holiday from Feb.4 to Feb.17. Orders are placed during the holiday will be processed to ship after Feb 17, 2013. Everything will resume to normal after holiday.

If you need any assistance, please contact us at: http://www.kaidomain.com/home/contactus

Happy Lunar New Year!

No idea, find a crelant 7g5v2 thread, descriptions. This is supposed to be about low profile tailcaps not what flashlights they fit or not.

KD shipped! Just got a notice, damn, that was close.
No holiday notice on DX.

bump this old thread.

intl-outdoor had nice blue ones, but they are sold out. Their black ones do not look like 6mm thick. Cnqualitygoods has green ones that claim to be 6mm thick, can anyone confirm?

any new sources for 14mm tailcaps that are low profile (6mm thick instead of the usual 8mm), to make flashlights tailstand more easily?