Which do I buy?

I am trying to make a decision on which product to buy.

1st is an ISDT C4 EVO battery charger. I would something digital with more information and a connection to my laptop but I don’t have the money for a SkyRC 3000. I know the ups and downs for the charger.

2nd is an opple Light Master 4. It’s $42 on Amazon.

I’m leaning towards the charger which is $50 on Amazon. I just don’t think the opple would get as much use as the charger would.

I would like to hear any opinion or product suggestion.

I think a lot of people are having issues with the Opple Light Master 4.
A safer bet would be to get the Light Master 3.
Here’s the thread on the subject:

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Have you considered the Vapcell S4+? A few months ago it was in my very short list… I ended up splurging for an MC3000, but the Vapcell was quite good too (minus PC/Bluetooth connectivity and almost total programmability, but also costing less than half).

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I have a couple of Vapcell S4+ chargers, and I agree, they are very nice. :grin:

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I am considering a vapcell s4 plus now!

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That’s great :grinning:

May I ask which charger do you think is more comfortable to use?

I may have a personal feeling that I don’t really like using MC3000, and I feel that the operation is quite complicated. I have an MC3000 that is idle and has not been used

Maybe I use it less frequently and haven’t gotten used to it yet.

I personally have been using S4 plus a lot of times, charging the battery every day

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Sure you can, and I will try and answer to the best of my ability.

As a former owner of a Lacrosse BC700 and current owner of a Miboxer C8 and a Fenix ARE-D1 (all of them much simpler chargers than the MC3000), I can certainly see where you’re coming from.

I think it’s a case of “different strokes for different folks”: in my case, it’s the simpler chargers that have been gathering dust since I got the MC3000, to the point I’m about to put the Miboxer up for sale since I simply don’t use it anymore (and the Fenix has been moved to another, non-charging-related role).

Maybe I use it less frequently and haven’t gotten used to it yet.
I personally have been using S4 plus a lot of times, charging the battery every day

You can always put the MC3000 in one of its simpler modes (there are 2 of them) and use it just like the S4 Plus: put in the batteries, change mode and/or some parameter (or nothing if all you want is auto charging them), and let it do its thing.

But for the way I use it, it’s simply unbeatable and I know of no other charger that can do the job:

  • place the batteries in the slots;
  • start my own modified version of this opensource program, input the label for the battery in each slot (yes, all my batteries are individually labeled with a unique ID), and let it run (this is entirely optional, so if I’m in a hurry I can skip it);
  • open the SkyRC Bluetooth app, choose a program, set the slots and start it;
  • and after a suitable interval, the batteries are exactly the way I want them, and the program mentioned above has generated a CSV file of all their behavior during the operation, identified by battery label and date, so I have a complete history of all parameters for each and every one of my batteries all the time and can generate graphs, study their behavior, fine tune their programs, etc.

And that’s why I love my MC3000: it allows me both to (1) do things exactly the way I want them, or (2) just put the batteries in and let it do its automated best like the S4 Plus; then I can choose either power or comfort.

It’s not perfect and it’s certainly expensive (it took me a few months – seriously – to convince myself I really wanted one), but right now I wouldn’t change it for any other charger.

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Excellent!I’ll give it a try and take a look at the MC3000

I have been idle for over 4 years, but I wonder if the MC3000 can still work?

At present, I am using S4+and EDC-A40L together. The former can charge 4 batteries, while the latter can also charge and discharge at high currents and cycle life testing

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Thanks for mentioning this! Looks amazing, I guess I now know what charger I’ll be getting if I ever feel the MC3000 is no longer powerful enough for me – or if I start using car batteries to power my flashlights :rofl:

I would say so. That thing is built like a tank – if it doesn’t work it would probably just be throwing a fit re: your neglecting it for so long :grin:

Hear hear for the MC3000! It can be as simple as you want it to be (something not usually appreciated) or as complicated (ie., variable/adaptable) as you like. But it is relatively expensive.

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I can´t recommend the ISDT C4 EVO. It have problem with NiMH and because of it´s size it have a limited use for LiIon.

If you don´t want a small mobile charger I also recommend a Vapcell S4 Plus

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That seems to be the opinion of most everyone. I think I will save up some money and get the SkyRC MC3000.

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That’s a wise decision if I say so myself (since I made the same one a few months ago :smiley: )

But seriously, it’s as they say: “Buy by price, buy twice”. Going directly to the top-of-the-line is always going to cost less than buying something else and then having to buy the TOTL anyway because the cheaper one wouldn’t do everything you need.

The NC3000 seems to be unchallenged.

I bought my Vapcell S4 Plus for around 48€, IMHO this is a good price for this charger. Sure, MC3000 have more features, if you want these you have to pay for it.

The ISDT costs me almost 20€ more than the Vapcell, need an additional Power Supply, and it´s not so good as the Vapcell. Only if you use NiZn or LiFePO4 the C4 EVO is maybe worth a buy.

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I have a liitokala lii-m4s, opus BT C3400 and an xtar vc4sl updated. I like the opus and liitokala but if I would have just looked at more than the price I would own a SkyRC MC3000 now. I have never heard this saying before “Buy by price, buy twice” but it is very apt for my situation.

I like the lii-m4s and C3400 but they just don’t measure up to the MC3000.

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That means …?

Is there a new version?

I believe there is. The Amazon description said updated and on another thread some others confirmed it. When it was updated, I don’t know.

Strange, don´t see something like this on the Xtar page