Which drop-in for an ultrafire C8 with high cri would you recommend


Which drop-in for an ultrafire C8 with high cri would you recommend?

Assume that it has to be 6V XHP 50.2 and a boost driver right?

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> Assume that it has to be 6V XHP 50.2 and a boost driver right?


Drop-ins are less popular now, people just buy new flashlights, or if they are handy with the soldering iron they buy new emitters and drivers.

Kaidomain / LHT Store (as they are known in Aliexpress) has stopped selling their C8 drop-ins, but they have some High CRI XHP35 HI and XHP35.2. They also have their C8.2 model with XHP35.2 or XHP35 HI but it’s unclear whether they are using the High CRI emitters on their flashlights or not, common sense would say they are using the same emitter they are selling but common sense doesn’t always work.

Convoy will soon have flashlights with a 12V GT-FC40s 90+ CRI LED, you can find more details in the Convoy thread, but they are waiting for a high power driver for it, as it’s similar in size and output to an XHP70. AFAIK they should work with the standard XHP35 driver in a smaller flashlight if you don’t need full power.

Edit: The 4000K XHP35 at Simon store is B4-40E, according to CREE datasheet it has 90CRI, so the Convoy flashlights with the 4000K XHP35 should have the same emitter (Simon is more trustworthy when it comes to specs than Kaidomain IMHO). This information was incorrect.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a drop-in for a C8, even back when the type-1 was the only one out there.

Oh, I made my own with nekkid pills from FT and my choice of driver and LED, but never any pre-made ones for sale.

Okay i have soldering station

But where do i get Driver and led?



Go crazy…

But i see no boost driver for using just 1cell

I can make pills too have lathe etc…

With usual C8 you are limited to 17mm driver, your options for boost are limited and expensive . There are some High CRI XHP35 or XHP50 options in kaidomain or other sites. The GT-FC40 too if you wait a bit more, it will be available at the Convoy store soon.

For 3V drivers the High CRI options would be 95CRI SST40 (<=4000K), about 900lm but throwy, 90CRI LH351D about 1200lm but floody, 90CRI Nichia 219C or whatever High CRI XP-L HI you can find. Driver can be regulated (linear) FET like the 5A SST40 driver from Convoy or their 8A SST40 “ramping” driver if you change the modes to avoid using too much current (you can use a half depleted cell the first time to be in the safe side), or you could just use regular FET (but I not sure the 219C and SST20 can handle it). High output buck drivers are not common in 17mm.

With say a Convoy M21A host you can use a 20mm driver, that allows you to use 6V LEDs without expending so much. With either a M21B or M21C you can use a 22mm driver, so not so expensive 12V drivers are available in that format. You can find such drivers either at Kaidomain or at Convoy store in Aliexpress.

Not in a C8, at least not off the rack.

I wanted a boost converter for an F13, and it took a 22mm driver, so I was okay. Not many in a 17mm form.