Which movie did you watch lastֻ

Speaking of Milla, I started the The Three Musketeers (2011) while I did dishes last night and her version of Milady is unintentionally hilarious :joy:

Wow – You must not watch many modern movies / Tv shows — They’re all ridiculously fake — Sorry even one of my favorites John Wick

I watch a lot of movies in general…

Obviously John Wick is not realistic. But they do at least try to explain why he doesn’t immediately get riddled with bullets and die. He is often seen shielding his face with his bullet-proof jacket for instance. That’s all I’m looking for, just a little bit of effort to explain the plot armor in-universe. It’s not a realistic explanation, but it’s an explanation.

They really lost me at the end of part 3 when they


shot him off the roof of a building at least 4 stories tall, and he just gets up and walks away after hitting the pavement. He became a complete cartoon character at that point.

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But I still liked all of the John Wick movies. Sometimes we just need to suspend reality. I mean, like with all of the DC movies…

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Watched " The Way Back " ---- If you want a real life situation, this might be for you. Ben Afflec does a good job with this character I thought

Updating my Guy Ritchie table after seeing The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare this weekend.

Year Title Score Comment
1998 Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels 8.7 This movie is so memorable. Love how the plot threads converge
2000 Snatch 8.5 Very similar to LS&TSB in tone and content but plenty of stand out moments of hilarity and action
2002 Swept Away N/A Haven’t seen it, heard it’s awful.
2005 Revolver 6.7 I imported the Blu-ray from Japan so I could watch the Theatrical release. Surreal, enjoyable, I look forward to watching it again
2008 RocknRolla 7.0 Something of an origin story which unfortunately has no sequel.
2009 Sherlock Holmes 8.8 I grew up reading Holmes and this action-oriented adaption doesn’t offend me
2011 Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows 8.8 More of the same, it’s still good!
2015 The Man from U.N.C.L.E. 8.0 Imagine James Bond split into two more believable (and more likeable) characters
2017 King Arthur: Legend of the Sword 7.0 Another origin not getting a sequel :(. Cool take on a classic story but not for everyone
2019 Aladdin 4.0 Aladdin takes a back seat in his own movie. The animated one is a better watch
2019 The Gentlemen 8.0 A bit dour, but more a return to form for Ritchie. I liked it
2021 Wrath of Man 6.5 Takes itself too seriously. I had trouble connecting with characters. Ridiculous plot armor.
2023 Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre 6.0 A bit generic. Wasn’t bad, just wasn’t great.
2023 The Covenant 7.7 Overall great film, I deducted points for personal preference reasons.
2024 The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare 5.8 Overlong, some poor uses of screentime. Lapses in plot logic. Characters never feel real.

Rebel Moon Part II (2024 Netflix)

My brothers and I watched Part I and Part II back-to-back.

Zach Snyder BADLY needs quality screenwriters and input from someone besides his yes-men. This movie is bloated with garbage that should have been left on the cutting room floor. I don’t fancy myself a director, but there were scenes in this movie that were just begging to be axed. In no particular order, here are some of the movie’s faults.

  • It’s too long, but still bungles character development
  • Characters info-dump their backstories while sitting around a table right before the final conflict
  • Several characters have ridiculous plot-armor
  • Other characters are mysteriously incompetent because the writers needed them dead
  • Protagonist must have a head of titanium because having it smashed against steel bulkheads seems to be no issue whatsoever
  • Damage done by weapons varies based on what the plot needs. (plasma cannons suddenly do pew-pew damage near a character that is meant to survive)
  • It rips off Seven Samurai/ The Magnificent Seven but does it really poorly
  • Oh look, this character loves kids. Guess they will die defending the kids…yep. How do we know they love kids? We’re basicaly told. She barely speaks, letalone interacts with children organically.
  • The villagers are shown to magically have good aim but instead of posting them up behind barricades, they are shown to be charging across open ground towards the enemy with single-shot weapons. Good thing they recruited a famous general to plan their defense >_>
  • speaking of defenses, lets dig trenches and wire them with explosives. Let’s also use these same tunnels as foxholes?? And plan on blowing them WHEN we get overrun? Let’s NOT create IEDS or boobytrap the area around the defenses. Famous. General.
  • One of the worst on-screen romances I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s totally unnatural, inorganic, and unearned. On top of that, there was ZERO chemistry between these leads.
  • Several of the main group straight-up can’t act
  • Main character does some stupid things because the plot needs her to, and the result is that she seems like a moron at best and evil at worst.

(I could go on forever, stopping now)

Maybe, but I found both Rebel Moon One and Two to be entertaining. I think it is about my ability to NOT be super critical when all I am looking for is a diversion. I mentioned above about just suspending reality and my engineering analytical background when watching a movie that is obviously fiction.

I try to suspend disbelief, I love Sci-Fi and Fantasy. But man, this movie was impossible for me to get absorbed in. Every time I would start to get immersed it would do something to break me out. I had fun mainly because my brother’s and I got some good laughs out of some of the choices made.

One that was specific to us, being farm kids, was laughing about how the farmers in the movie spread out to trample the maximum amount of grain on the way out to the field for harvest.

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Dune: Part Two.
my opinion only…

it is just as good on Mute as it is with the sound on.
it is worth a shared password account by dividing the cost.
it is fantasy, so some anti-physics is entertaining.
as in the first one, the actual story is somewhat stupid and too complicated for me to care.
just like a white-hat vs black-hat Western, the good guys look good and the bad guys mostly bad.
finally, same as the first, waaaaay toooo loooong. we watched it in four parts over last weekend.

I really enjoyed Dune 2. It is long, but two long movies is really required to completely cover the novel that it was based on.
Maybe I am biased, I have watched all of the movies. Starting from the original dating back to 1984. Plus the two TV mini-series from 2000 and 2003. My criticism of the earlier movies/deries was that they left too much that was in the book out of the movie.
I also recently re-read the 6 novels in the Dune series by Frank Herbert… Having read the series in full several years ago.

I am sure I have a different perspective than many, being a real hard core fan. But I plan on watching it again soon.

Last night we watched Last Night In Soho.

It’s visually beautiful, especially if you have the 4K UHD version and an HDR capable TV. The story gets a little messy, but most things make sense by the end. You can tell that some snappy editing is similar to that found in Edgar Wright’s other works. I thought that the scenes with


the ghost men with no eyeballs chasing Ellie

got very repetitive and should have been cut back in post production.

Overall, recommended.

I really liked Last Night in Soho and Dune: Part Two.
I didn’t read any of the Dune books, but I have seen the three movies, and Dune: Part Two is my fave of the three by far.

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Very good movie about living in East Germany under Stasi surveillance.
8.5/10, strongly recommend.

Wow, looks powerful sp5it. Never heard of this film previously, but will put “The Lives Of Others”(Das Leben Der Anderen) into my “want to watch” list. Thank you.

Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire (2024) was pretty fun! The human drama was minimal, and there was plenty of monster action. I went in expecting dumb fun and that’s what I got. I’d give it a 7/10 as a popcorn flick. Saw it at 8:40pm on a Tuesday and my brother and I had the theater to ourselves. This helped since we could talk about the movie over the parts that were lame.