which thrower would you buy for $50 ?


Thanks a lot Comfychair, now you went and made me buy another light!!! :wink:

I’ll be modding the spit out of it of course and I’ll post the details when I do. It will be a while though because it’s back ordered. (wish they would post that before you pay)

Jacobs a60 dedomed = ~110kcd ($15)
stl-v2 dedomed = ~130kcd ($40)
sn6x-2x dedomed = ~200kcd ($60)

Aspherics are different again, and if you have reasonable modding skills you can double all the numbers above.


I think the reflector dimensions are pretty close to the Solarforce S1100. Of course the Courui thing would require a lot of work to get it to the same level (cells converted to 3S instead of 3P, driver swap, replace the dinky flat-plate 'pill' with a beefy press-fit chunk of Al/Cu, etc.), it also doesn't cost over $100.

I don't know how the build quality compares to the S1100 though. If you can find a S1100 lightly used and for less $$$ than new, buy it. They take very little work to be jaw-droppingly awesome.

You might find these threads useful:



Thanks. I actually read through them just after I bought it. Did anyone ever figure out the best way to mod the stock driver or am I going to need to buy a replacement?

I don't have the light, but as far as I remember reading here, stock driver is not that mod friendly if you want very high amps. Depends on the current you want though.

Better get some DrJones goodness and stack more 7135s on it (or connect another 8x7135 driver to it).

Thanks again that is probably what I’ll end up doing.

Yeah, I don’t know much about resistor modding so I wasn’t the right guy to get the most out of it, but you should be able to get some more out of it than stock.
In any case I also have a DrJones 7135 driver here ready to be installed, looking forward to seeing what this light can do with some real output! :slight_smile:

I’m also looking at this one it’s ten bucks but it’s 5amps and it’s ramping/infinite variable.


My vote is for the A60. For pure thrower capable of 60k or so and WAY under $50. If your budget goes up, the K40 is next in line like many mentioned above. And in both cases, both lights can be modded for even more impressive results.

Not a good driver with 3,7V input


6 18350s with no changes to the battery layout, or convert to 3S 18650s. Mine does the same 4.8A output with either 2 or 3 cells so it'd just be a decision of balancing the amount of work involved vs. capacity/runtime.

Did you ever confirm the fit of that driver using my measurements. Especially the component clearance on the back of the contact board with the driver cavity rim. Would be good to know if this one fits without major alterations.

Yes, it's in your thread on the teardown. The minimum clearance from the OD of the lower board, to the nearest components on the topside, is .070", the lip/ledge the driver sits on can't be any wider than that.

It has components on the battery side as well, so unless you convert the light to use a drop-out battery carrier it would need a flat contact board.

Any other measurements you need, mspaint the points on the pics and I'll get them for you. The driver is still bare & sitting in the parts bin.

I should have said I would convert it to serial, easy enough to do and I don’t care one way or another if it’s parallel or serial.

I would say an HD2010, add a copper pill and xp-g2 or xp-e2 on copper. Pretty close to $50 if you get a coupon for the HD2010, slightly more otherwise. I'm not trying to denigrate other lights, just haven't handled them. If you like a broad beamed thrower get a DST for $12.00, hard to beat dollar for dollar.

Under 80 bucks for a Barracuda? Where please?

i can not find such a deal either…

Got mine for $70 shipped, Ill dig up where they are for cheap again.