which thrower would you buy for $50 ?

i don’t have proper thrower in my flashlight arsenal, shadow jm26 is what i am looking at but would like to hear opinions for example does anyone knows how xinTD X3 compares to shadow jm26, or what is currently best “throw-per-dollar”
flashlight (even if it is above 50$)

Best thrower per dollar has to be Vinh’s K40vn……hands down its probably the best thrower out there under $150. Even his “backup thrower” for $100 is a beast. If you are looking stock then id look into finding a ArmyTek Barracuda XM-L. XM-L2 will be over $100 and at that point might as well get the K40vn.

The best thrower is and always will be the Solarforce MPP-1. Nothing else even comes close and nothing that will be invented in the near future will match it.

There are two kinds of people in this world, those that have MPP-1s and those that don’t know what a real thrower is. It doesn’t have the crazy lumen numbers of some so called throwers but it’s the best pure thower I have ever seen.

Just so you know, I have a lot of “throwers” that I bought because I was informed they were good but mostly I have been dissapointed.

I have a Jacob A60, it’s ok, nothing special.

I have a HD-2010, it’s powerful but not what I would consider a true thrower.

I have C-8s, after de-doming, they are pretty good.

I have a Small Sun TY-13, so-so.

Nothing produces a true concentrated tight hotspot with less spill than my Solarforce MPP-1. It’s my go to thrower because spill can be blinding when it is foggy out or it reflects off of snow, trees, signs, etc.

K40vn is a highly modified flashlight, available in very limited quantity.I think Maxtoch SN6X-2X is better throw-per-dollar light than Barracuda. You pay around $60 for ~95klux/1m.
Barracuda - 95klux/1m - $140
Niwalker BK-FA01 - 135 klux/1m - $160
Stock Supbeam K40 XM-L2 - 95 klux/1m - $120

Get a Nage 1 x XM-L and add a bunch more AMC7135 chips.

I’d second the K40, but keep in mind that other members do modded work too, such as Tom E.

Their modded K40s will be just as bright and throw as far for a cheaper price or equal price. :slight_smile:

You can actually get the K40 cheaper than $120, contact Alice and she would be able to hook you up. Can not guarantee, but it should be less than $100. Tell her I sent you

Who in their right mind would pay $140 for a Barracuda? Are you freakin kidding me? You can grab them for under $80 and its by far the best stock thrower for that price. iirc isnt the Solarforce MPP-1 a OP reflector and you are saying thats better than the deep smooth reflector of a Barracuda :expressionless: Also the K40vn is a modded light but who gives a rats behind? Its not in “limited” quantities if you want to call it that but Vinh always has 20 on order, its his best seller and he has done over 100 of them if not 200. Xvn search light has the tightest hot spot of any thrower and nothing you suggest will touch that hot spot. A stock light cant compete with a modded light, if they could then modded lights wouldnt sell like they did

I've heard good things about the Trustfire X7. Looks like it would really throw with an xml2.


I don't know this seller:



^ I dont know too many people who want to carry around a baseball bat :wink:

The funny thing about the X7 is that it puts out slightly more lumens with only 2 batteries. Probably because they have to be really tight to fit and it’s a beast modded correctly. I’m hitting 420k with mine with a XP-G2 in it and 600k with an XM-L2 and an aspheric lens.

I would buy this one if you want a great thrower for $50. This is the same light as the X7 but it comes with an XML for even more throw stock. Use their coupon and it’s below $50.


If you don’t want a bigger light then go for a small sun ZY-T08. If you want a modded one let me know and I’ll talk you through it or set you up with one.

A small sun ZY-T08 can fit in a coat pocket and my modded one does 230kcd


Well, as you can see, the whole "thrower" idea is totally subjective. One man's trash is another man's treasure. Quite literally, you will never have "the best thrower" and all opinions are jaded, because everyone expects something else out of a thrower. I would think that Vinh’s K40vn is probably a safe bet to be "one of the best" and most of the rest can be very good with some modding, but not in stock form.

i will bump this thread when i have the thrower (although after all of this posts i will have a really hard time to decide) anyway, i am currently working on…let’s say…“custom made dedoming device”…and judging by your posts i think (if it works as i expect) it will generate one healthy debate here on forum…

Did you change the question ...?

... or doesn't anyone care that you said 50$

I thought the same thing earlier, but he has in the OP:

i didn’t change the question, but i don’t know if i stretch to 100$ for example, maybe it will be worth paying…or maybe it is just another excuse for me buy another flashlight J)

Get someone to mod a ZY-T08 for cheap. (not me)

Light, 23$ (if not cheaper)

Regulated 7A driver (You might want to adjust it down a little bit depending on stock output). 14$

XM-L2 U2 1A on Noctigon 7$ (de-domed?)

AR lens: 2,5$

Misc: 2,5$


Add some cash + shipping to the person who builds it. There is some work involved.

When it comes to cheap throwers, there is a lot to gain by modding. Most budget throwers below 50$ are only driven at around 2-3A. And having a hard driven XM-L2 on copper makes a lot of difference compared to a modest driven XM-L on aluminium when it comes to throw.

HD2010 can be bought from T-mart and Wallbuys. Both seems to have the good direct drive East092 (at least if you get the right SKU from T-mart). I would either buy that for less than 30$ or get a modded light.

When buying a stock light like the HD2010 there is always the risk of getting a light that is that great as it is stock.

If you mod, then there are a bunch of options.