Which UltraFire C8?

So… I’ve lurked a bit on this site and have had some of my questions answered by reading.

My question is, which UltraFire C8 flashlight is the better deal? Its going to be a Christmas present from my sister in-law to me, just trying to make it easier on her and send the the link to the one I want.

I’ve been eyeing this one http://www.lightmalls.com/ultrafire-c8-cree-xm-l2-5-mode-led-flashlight-torch-1x18650, but the flash modes I don’t really need… Is there a better one (3 mode) out there that will still throw well with brightness?

This light would be one that I carry in my truck, and when I have a jacket on, or possible get a holster for it.

Looking for good throw and decent flood ability.

I have a Rayovac Indestructible and the LumenMaster set of 3 from Costco at the moment. They are pretty decent for around the house, emergency car lights etc… but wanting something that is somewhat EDC capable and is well rounded.

Price range around $20 or less.


ya… get the convoy c8… nothing beats that

C-8's are great especially the XML2-U2 is bright ,but it's a crap shoot at best I've had problems with a few that the driver and emitter burned out only a couple of hours of use and I've had some dang bright best oc luck and welcome.


I would either splurge on this one ^ , or get the Convoy C8 XM-L2 U2-1A for $13.78 with BGFMC code at Banggood. http://www.banggood.com/Convoy-C8-AK47-7135+8-8-Modes-White-Light-LED-Flahslight-p-908245.html

are the best nothing beats them stock but be said he wanted to keep it under 20.00$and from what I have heard the lightmalls make decent hosts for modding if the sister in law should ever choose to.

how is the AK driver in the c8 from banggood? i’ve found not much details for it. as for me, i own the fastech 2.8A c8, and its driving quite well, heatsink may need an upgrade but its quite optional…

If your into modding, this one is good stock, but awesome to mod:


has a 20mm pill, standard threads for pressure switches and pill replacement, good reflector, fasttech ar glass fits, nanjg driver fits, blah blah blah.

I have like 14 of them!


14, mann you sure really like them.

btw, a simple Spring copper braid mod on a KD C8 will get you a turbo on high :bigsmile: It may overhead though, then just use the med as high.

The Convoy branded C8 is great, and the Xin-TD C8 is the best. :slight_smile:

No one has been able to answer that afaik, but at the very worst it’s an easy $3 fix, and then just about the same price as the FT C8, but with XML2 U2-1A (just begging to be dedomed) and smooth reflector.

Ahhhhhh im over c8’s tonite.

I have the convoy c8 on the bench, 16mm noctigon and 3.98 amps nanjg driver in it, and man, its a pain in the arse.

Seriously, if you MIGHT mod it down the track, get the KD one, ill order another 10 or 20 soon, theyre just such good value


:open_mouth: :open_mouth:
3.98 amps on a XML? what heatsink u used for that setup… i just run on stock 2.8A nanjg driver on my convoy c8 with SMO from FT.
currently i might not mod this light. i wan to mod this more… Cree Generic?
but i cant find the correct pill for it… since the pill that came with it is HOLLOW!

manxbuggy or Tom E had a post about Xml-8s out put and the KD8 XML2-U2 only put out 847 lumens .I know I have four and was. Bummed,on one of them I did the soldering the braid to springs and del domed it and it did make a huge visible difference but I dont have any solid numbers.

I don't have or ever worked on a KD C8, but have a few other types. For non-modders and leaving the light stock, my opinion:

#1 choice: XinTD C8 (most $$$ but AR lens, regulated output, choice of emitters/modes, best quality in and out)

#2 choice: Convoy C8 (cheap but good quality host, regulated output, choice of emitters)

#3 choice: diffifcult to say here, though I really like the Keygos KE-5 (C8 size) though it's a dated XML T6, but runs direct drive, and could consider the LightMalls and KD XM-L2 C8's at the same level

For modding, you could use the XinTD or Convoy, but the LightMalls C8's or the KD C8's (sounds like) have all those nice, compatible attributes Chris posted on earlier with standard size threads and pill.

Was it manxbuggy and his brother bought some emitters on copper pads or something and tested them I hate when I. Ant remember! Any how I remember the KD8 - XML2-U2 and Lightmalls C8XMLU3 did the worst less otf lumens than even the xml-u2.

Yep, it was manxbuggy1. You can see the comparison here.

The XinTD was the most efficient, meaning it put out the most amount of light for the least amount of power. It is also the nicest overall light, quality-wise, that I've seen in this format. That said, it is also the most expensive.