White Laser Flashlight for Sale- $75?????

It’s called ” NATFIRE SF2 White Laser Flashlight ”

9 second YouTube video:

AliExpress Listing where I stumbled upon it:

I’m pretty savvy to all the Ali-ish websites. Too good to be true usually is, right? The short video…is it a subtle advert, or just a random 9-sec clip? I lean to the advert side. Why no BLF ad? Its POSSIBLE they’ve never heard about you guys, but doubtful, imo. The diagram of the optics doesn’t look like the previous LEP flashlight diagrams I’ve normally seen. So with that information, I respectfully ask the legions of literal flashlight geniuses for a yes or no on this light before I drop the money.

Yeah, it seems like a white LEP light.

As for why you’ve never probably heard of this before, it’s likely because it’s a smaller OEM that’s probably never even heard of BLF before :stuck_out_tongue:

The store on AliExpress has the “Top Brand” badge, that means it’s verified by AliExpress as an official store so it is safe.

As for how good the LEP is? I saw the LEP get posted in a LEP discussion thread so maybe there will be reviews soon. :stuck_out_tongue:

If that cross sectional view is correct and it has multiple focusing lenses then I wouldn’t trust it to be lep rather standard led.

Pssh… 1500 meters?

Why settle for that when you can get:
98,000 W flashlight with 90 km beam!

As a bonus the battery life is 980 hours. And it costs less than $4!

On a more serious note, the light linked in the original post looks intriguing. If it really delivers 500 lumens and a 1.5 km beam it is probably one of the stronger leps out there. And $75 is amazingly cheap compared to other similar lights.

I asked for some photos and that’s what they sent. Right click > open image. You can zoom in pretty close.

What do you guys think?

They’re sending me one for review! We shall see whether it’s an LEP, fingers crossed

plus it uses or supplies <?> 98,000W


When it performs pretty good, this is a bargain!
Will wait for your review!

In the nine second video I would guess that building is 200m

Yeah, but in their full video on AE it looks like the grassy bank in one place is further out.

The guy seemed pretty certain it’s LEP, so I’m really hoping I’m not going to have to review something terrible like my Supfire L3 video

I find a new video on their youtube. It seems like 200m or 500m?

Would be good if a daytime video or photo of the area was also shown

Just WOW! This SF2 laser flashlight is super cool and the quality is amazing. I have bought this NATFIRE SF2 two weeks ago, shipping was insane fast too. I have no idea how they ship it so fast for free, the outer packing is dented, but that’s not the point. I plan to get one for photography down in the grand canyon from the venue of a raft trip. I have always needed a light to illuminate features far away from the camera without affecting anything nearby. For me the portability is the most interesting thing. I have throwers but they’re big and I wouldn’t want to carry them around with me all the time, given the bulk and cooling requirements. I’m hoping LEP will enhance the effort and very very happy with this price $75!

I see there’s a couple coupons

$5usd off for anyone - NATFIRESF205
$20usd off for those who’ll make a review - NATFIRESF220 (Limit of 10)

Are they your pictures? What’s the other light in the third picture? Also are you Chinese?

Wow, you just asked the first question that came up with me as well :wink:

First post in the forum, registered today, shows pictures with chinese korean (EDIT, sry) signs, says is from canada and wants to use the light for photographing while rafting in the grand canyon. Smells a bit fishy i must say. :zipper_mouth_face:
Too bad I already ordered one… :sunglasses: Will also keep you guys updated, when it’s here.

Those photos are from an AE review/feedback. The shipping location on the feedback shows the US which is odd considering it’s Canada on here. The English was a bit messy on the feedback so no idea if it’s genuine.