White Laser Flashlight for Sale- $75?????

It is messy English because it was written in Chinese and the version you’re reading has been translated to English. There is nothing genuine about this company.

저는 한국에서 왔습니다. 왼쪽 손전등은 LED

Oh, Korean. Sorry if I offended with my question.

You didn’t answer the other two questions.

No news? My order should arrive in the next days - its at least already gone through import customs. Will let you guys know as soon as its here!

NATFIRE, it sets nats on fire.

Well, its here… First impression is not too shabby i must say, seems like the real thing. :partying_face:
Bummer it only has two groups (off / high; off / low / med / high / strobe / sos) and of course the integrated 21700 with no easy way to swap the battery.

Will deliver beam shots in the next few days or latest the next weekend.

Is it using a LEP? or LED?

How do I test for that without taking the light apart? ;) I'd say LEP. It has a pencil sharp beam, that seems too strong and sharp for a single LED.

Compared to my C8+ with Osram W1 its much stronger and more narrow. Also nearly no spill is present. If you look deep into the lens you can only see what seems like a phosphor disc, nothing else.

Sorry for the shitty camera and no clear focus .. :)

Left: C8+ Osram W1, Right: Natfire SF2 (inside Spill of W1)

Only Natfire SF2:

Hmm, or it could be some sort of preconfigured LEP module - maybe something used in the automotive industry? Or maybe it's really a LED, anyone seen something like this before? I took the front lens off and that is how it looks like under the hood:

Beam w/o front lens:

Glad to see your impressions are indicating that it is a true LEP. I’ve been looking forward to the prices coming down enough that I can justify purchasing one. Thanks for taking the risk for everyone! Maybe I’ll be able to own one yet.

Ha, and that nasty artifact in the beam is gone after I took the front lens off and put it back 8) LOL^

EDIT: Looks a lot like something that could be a sibling of the ominous “WP-T2” Laser LED Module, also used in other LEPs.


Can you take a pic without the artifacts?

Received mine today, so my review will be up this week. Beamshots tonight if it’s clear


Whats now left is purely some lens flares from the camera (the streak + flare at the top and bottom)

It’s almost certainly a true LEP light.

If it were a cheap LED zoomie, you’d see the LED die when you looked into the bezel. You wouldn’t just see a phosphor circle.

You can’t get to the cell very easily, I stopped trying since I’d rather not break it before finishing the review. The cell seems to be good capacity though

What are your initial impressions? Did the manufacturers overstate the specs in a meaningful amount?

I’ll find out once it’s dark. Quite nice build quality though, not bad at all.

Lumens aren’t stated, but only getting 171, 80, 42

Manual says to keep away from explosive objects lol

Wow, this SF2 is very surprising, it’s easily hitting a grassy hillside at 1300m. I’m just going out to get the video and photos for my review. Later once I’m done I’ll get a cd reading at 20m