White Laser Flashlight for Sale- $75?????




Awesome :+1: Looking forward to more details.

following! this is great!

Created my own thread here

Measured 508,000 cd at 20m

Hi everyone. Having seen this thread as well as the very reasonable price for this LEP, earlier today I placed an order online.

While I was on Aliexpress I had the chance to have a chat with the manufacturer. I was curious if they could produce an LEP with a lower CCT (to avoid blue light glare/light pollution especially in the presence of dust and/or humidity) and I suggested they gauge potential interest by our community by posting on the commercial sellers forum.

They now have made such a post, a poll, in fact. I already responded, indicating interest without a prepayment (I have never seen prepayment being discussed on this forum).

Anyone interested in such a LEP, you can indicate it in the poll. Myself, I am but a flashlight enthusiast, no technical background, so anybody with more knowledge who is inclined to do so, you can comment in the poll and/or make any suggestions/talk to the manufacturer.

It is not every day we as a community find a manufacturer that might be willing to make something tailored to our community, maybe something will come out of this.

Rats! Switched over to the low, med, high group and noticed the low and med are pulsating / shimmering. Yet to be confirmed, but could very well be bad PWM.

Further testing, and more reviews need doing before recommending.

Great range on High though.

No surprises for an unknown brand. If they listen and sort this out on the next batch, it’ll be a great unit

Lol peer pressured by BLF :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for pulling it apart!

It looks like an LEP, you don’t see to many round LEDs unless they are the cob style.

I was reading an article that BMW was using LEP in there headlights.

I do not have this with my SF2.
Maybe it’s because the battery is already discharged to some point? Will also continue with more thorough testing.

I don’t get it all the time. It’s only doing this slightly, and only noticeable on a white wall within 10m or so.

You’d think if it was battery related it would also show on High

No worries, it also magically fixed the nasty artifacts in the beam. :smiley:

The diode seems to be a new and compact backlit LEP LED-Module, closely resembles a “WP-T2”, see my comment further above:

Just stumbled over another listing on Aliexpress by KENSUN… it’s even also called SF2.


They are mentioning the “Blue Lake Technology White Laser Module CT1”:

So, maybe/probably SF2 is an OEM light only resold by Natfire and Kensun?

USD54 on taobao.

But seriously, 500k cd is a bit low for a LEP unit.

Already doing 500k cd and 6000 lumens for usd 37 inclusive of shipping for a Haikelite HT50 soda can (chinese G50 LEDs) :slight_smile:
The lumens and lux are legit, i compared with BLF Q8 and Sofirn Q8, figures which are widely known/tested. Additional benefit is that this has spill light.

Some people love the small size and the fact there’s no spill. Sold a few zoomy lights to a limo driver to see house numbers without blasting the whole house.

I don’t suppose that can be achieved with the Haikelite HT50