Who builds computers

Hey guys its almost time to buy a desktop pc and I don’t want to buy one from a store I’d like a custom one.

But does anyone here make and sell any ?

Post pics of your custom desktop

atbglenn builds them

I used to build, resell, install, upgrade, support them, but gave that up a few years back. My latest, greatest desktop is from here: ComputerLX.com. The unit I got was basically this: http://www.computerlx.com/config.aspx?t=&product_ID=1912, and can be custom configured - real happy with it and they delivered pretty quick. I think I had my own preferences for a monitor, keyb, mouse, etc. so didn't buy those from them.

I don’t need a monitor just the PC ill be using my 32’ tv

At ComputerLX, you can get an i7 6 core overclocked to 4.6 Ghz! They got some sick options... Copper core heat sinks, high qual thermal paste -- all sounds so familiar...

I built my youngest son’s a couple years ago and I re-build mine every couple years or so depending. The “building” part is easy. Making sure all your parts and software are compatible is the problem. Actually building from scratch is easier than re-building because you just make sure everything goes together. For instance DDR5 memory with a board that takes DDR5.

One word of advice, don’t skimp on power. These new computers with fast video and processing are power hogs. When you think your power supply (and cooling) is enough double it. Also buy the most up to date motherboard so that you can update it for years instead of months.

If all you are building is a tower you should be able to build an amazing budget system for less than $600.

Oh and one more thing, beware of fake operating systems. You can go with an OEM for a new build but don’t skimp on that and try and find the $50 one. My suggestion for an operating system is windows 8 OEM from Newegg. (I actually like XP better, but it isn’t supported anymore)

Go to Newegg.com and pick out every component: Case, power supply, ram, board, ssd drive for OS and a 1 to 2 Tb 7200rpm storage drive, blu-ray dvd multi-drive, cpu, video card, coolling fans case/cpu you could find some local geek kid to build it. I could build it for nothing, but then there would be shipping and the hassle….

i have been in the business for 20+ years, stepped back from building anything but my own pcs, get an i7 lots of ram, 64 bit os, solid state boot drive (256gig min) with a terrabyte+ secondary drive for storing images etc. of course gaming would had some additional challenges.

If you’ve never built a pc before, and you don’t have anybody to hold your hand along the way—- don’t.

And on a side note, I personally don’t recommend using a TV for a monitor if you plan on any gaming, they tend to have hideous video lag. YRMV…

I do build them, but not as a business. I do it to save money and for much better quality. I made the mistake of building one for a freind once. Needless to say, I'm married to the f**king thing. Never again!! lol!

My exact experience. If you volunteer to build a computer, or fix a computer, you might as well marry it. You are then “on call” 24/7 for updates, virus removal, upgrades, whines, moans, porno pop-ups (man, you must have done something to it, I never go places like that). Yep, been there, done that, and when anyone stares at me, and says the infamous words: “Aah, you work on computers….don’t you.”_* run

Even though I didn't build my Sister, her husband and kids computers. Guess who gets those nightmare calls? Me!

I use to build them too. I was just working on one that I built 7 plus years ago last night. I liked to build them for single women back in the day, if you know what im saying. Service calls were always special (wink wink).

Good luck on the build.

I have computer PTSD, from other people’s computers…not funny at all…

Ah yes, back in the days of MS-DOS? Win; 3, 3.1, 3.11,3.2, NT…… Remember when you could go to a local computer show and a vendor would assemble your “dream” system while you waited? Series & Parallel port assignment, floppy drives, CD, CD-RW!!, Pentium, P-II, AMD Athlon, PowerPC… Back when “plug & play” was actually “plug & pray”. Hard drives; MFM, RLL, ESDI, ISA, Bernoulli?!? When a 14” VGA was top shelf?

They don’t build them like that anymore….

And there's always that possibility of receiving a defective part. I buy from newegg all the time. They usually don't pay for return shipping. It's not worth the hassle as far as I'm concerned.

True, I had to “eat” a video card that I ordered for a local gamer kid…I have been trying to quit being a nice guy, I am going broke doing it…plus, I wear the guilt trip for half the people I know…geez…

Now I tell people I'm a scumbag and they leave me alone lol! Just kidding!

They will, if you're insistent with them. They won't offer to do it out of the blue, though. I recently had a LGA1155 board that caught fire on first power-up, after some negotiation they were almost overly helpful, if that's possible. I was terrified they would throw up the 'bent pins' canned excuse when they got it back & inspected, but I had detailed photos that would have quashed that right quick.

Their stated policies are on the harsh side, but there are actual seemingly decent humans behind the scenes that can make things easier when things go wrong.

My sister boy friend is a computer expert lol I guess he said he would build me one :slight_smile:

Any ideas of what I should look for ? Like case,MB,HD ect…sorry I’m not that computer related when it comes to building a nice looking machine that’s fast lol