Who likes their FW3A? me!

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… hard not to like any light with Anduril

my first anduril , but it is true, anduril is 80% of it

the rest is the size and quality of the thing, low cost

i HATED all other ramping lights!
except a ‘photon x1’ keychain light, which has a weird and 10+ year old UI and isn;t bright, but it;s TINY!
and it does have nice features, dimming, strobes, momentary or on/off button [selectable], sos,


i actually find “FW3A” sorta hard to type
shoulda been “asdf” :slight_smile:

I’m really pleased with mine, especially for the price. It’s got power, it’s got small size, it’s got flexibility.

I’m wondering if the design is just a wee bit finicky and will turn some folks away. Mine worked well right out of the box and has consistently worked especially now that I’ve gone through it and made sure to tighten things down.

I think it’ll keep pushing other companies to follow suit with other lights that perform in the EDC class. The future looks bright. Literally!

I love my FW3A!

It doesn't get very hot on high, and the runtime on high is impressive compared to my Convoy S2+ Triple.

And I really like the UI, and the small size for an 18650 light.

What I want, but it'll probably never happen, is a FW3A in blue or green.

I was in the GB but I ordered it one month later, mid may. At first I thought I wouldn’t use it because I already have similar lights (D4), but one day I realised that this light is different, great 7135x8 + fet driver, rear switch, very small size, and a lot of work from the comunity to make it possible

So a month later the coupon code was still valid so I ordered it in 3D tint and I have to say that I was very surprised, the light is great and it’s been always in my jeans pocket since then.

I’m tempted to buy a second unit, so I can make it one of my shelf queens

I like it, but I am finding single LED/reflector lights are more useful for me. I need the extra throw at my daily work more than I need a wall of light. I would really, really like a single emitter/reflector version of the FW3A.

Same. Well it would be FW1A, by then. I’ve been considering swapping to that sort of configuration but I don’t know if such a reflector exists

The battery swap from head-only is couterinuitive. I like the FW3A, except I have multiple lights that I swap batts via the tail. I understand the engineering, but that doesn’t make it natural.

FW3A is my first "sophisticated" light. Not that my C8S and C8F aren't, it's just that the FW3A is in a different class altogether. I ordered the WW version and truly like it. The learning curve on the UI was somewhat steep to begin with, but I'm getting used to it.


it;s truly sophisticated. that’s for sure. usually i can think of ways to improve everything, here not so much… i get confused by the ui, but still i can;t complain about it.

good job tk!



Sorry, with so many functions on one button, the UI gets a bit … dense.

I hope at least the basics are easy to use and remember.

what are the basics anymore? :cry:

Depends on who you ask, but I’d say the basics are: On, off, up, down, min, max, and battcheck.

Maybe also lockout, depending the specific light and how easy it is to activate by accident.

FW3A is a great light and I love it.

But I do think it would have been better to have a retaining ring in the tail. That would have solved a lot of the assembly issues purchasers have reported. And it would have made battery changes from the tail possible.

I really like my FW3A. It’s not a perfect light, but it does a lot right. Anduril is a major win factor. The form factor is one of the smallest single 18650 around. My Zebralight SC64c LE matches the length and has a better switch button, but at more than double the cost.

It has been unfortunate to learn that production units after the group buy have suffered spotty QC on the switches. I hope Lumintop works that out. It’s sad to see people get frustrated and driven away from the FW3A for that reason.

Where’s the (Waiting on the SST20 version) choice?

I love mine. My favourite light which I use for dog walking every night is the D4S. But I don’t consider that ‘true’ EDC, whereas the FW3A will fit in any bag or pocket.