Why are these batteries different?

Can anybody tell me why these two are different sizes? Also the SQ30 does not allow my Olight S2R go into Turbo at all. Why??


The Olight battery is technically proprietary and the light has a mechanism to sense that and not allow turbo.

It’s a “safety feature” (that’s a lie, it’s really just an additional money grab from Olight)

Also note, if you have a USB rechargeable Olight it’ll only be able to charge Olight batteries, not the 30Q…

Think I’m with you. So basically Olight have made it so that you need to use their batteries?
I’m okay with that,I just wanted to make sure my 30Q’s were okay.
I have the Sofirn SP36 coming soon so will the Samsungs be okay in that?

How do I put pics on here like that. Is there a guide? I did wonder!

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Still can’t get it to post the actual picture rather than just a link

You have to follow the guide exactly.

The image link generally has to end with .jpg .gif or .png

Not worried buddy. Managed to do it via a copy and paste option from Imgur.

It worked so as long as I keep the images small, it shouldn’t be a problem hopefully.

Done, thanks for the info

Thanks for the explanation, CK. That probably explains why the first Olight I got came with a dead proprietary battery.

So what alligator convinced Olight that the “give away the printer, sell expensive ink; give away the gun, sell expensive ammunition” business model was worth respecting??

Wow, that really sucks.

And I just goggled the Olight cell… seems it’s rated at 4A max discharge current. “Safety”, eh?

Sounds like Apple products! :money_mouth_face:

Are you sure that your 30Q is not a “knock-off”?

I ordered 4-Samsung 30Q button top batteries from Neal’s Gadgets( he only sent me 2 and I had to dispute the charges for the missing 2, since he would NEVER respond to my emails.), and the two 30Q’s I did receive, run turbo fine in my S2R Baton II.

My 30Q’s do not have the non-disposable icon on them, they are pink, and the only text they have on them is:

INR 18650-30Q

Also the text on mine is not a bold black. It is printed in a lighter black, dot matrix print style.

It just doesn't have the power.

My theory is the tail spring resistance. The 30Q is shorter than the Olight battery and perhaps does not fully compress the spring?

No, but when you look at the text on the battery, it says they are sold by 18650.UK.
When you you to the website of 18650.UK (in the UK) you can see three pictures of this battery.
On the other side is printed, as is on all of my 30Q’s (including a dozen 30Q button top’s)


EDIT: some re-sellers print their own info on the opposite side of the battery (enough space)

Button-Top 30Q are a good choice for the SP36.

It’s a decent seller,I have also seen lots of reviews using these batteries with no issues. I suspect that it’s because it’s shorter so I will get some other 18650’s to compare.


Button-Top 30Q are a good choice for the SP36.

Thank you for answering that for me