Why low numbers entering the O-L contest?

I’m planning to enter with a mod, just have to decide which one.

There would be a SP70 mod (3 or 4 XHP70.2) or a build with eight quad Carclo optics that I’m about to start in the new year.

I like the contest but the problem is that machine made is only for people with a lathe and the hand made category allows no parts like battery tubes.

I’m not skilled enough to build a flashlight without a threaded battery tube.

Agreed, I do not have a way to make threads that are good. I started a light that was going to be a large gauge copper wire battery tube and all parts were going to be silver soldered together including the wire wrap tube. But, I did not and do not have a good enough oxy torch to solder it all up… I may try again, as I have the torch and hoses, but do not have the gas cylinders and they are just to expensive to lease in the US for a hobby.

I would think a pre-threaded pipe would be allowed.

Yes absolutely. Didn’t DBSAR make a light using assorted pipe nipples and fittings a few years ago… contest 2 or 3 I think?

i’m not a modder or builder, just a user

There are a few ways to make hand made lights without any machines or threaded parts, some examples of techniques I have used in the past for ideas:

Press/ Friction fit:


Bayonet Twist & Catch:


Using Plumbing or Electrical threaded parts:


Sealed units:

Well, hell.

I happen to be in direct contact with Mr. Old Lumens himself and his opinion is excuses are like a55holes, everybody has one. Just do what your time allows and show it off. Wrong time of the year? Too busy? It is what it is so just do it!

Forget prizes, forget pride or perfection… the real reward is in accomplishment. Getting involved and creating with your own two hands. Doesn’t have to be epic, doesn’t have to rewrite the origins book, just get involved.

Make Justin proud and rebuild a Maglite… :smiley:

Thanks for the handy links of awesome examples, CRX. They’ll surely come in handy.

Dale, you must either have some really supernatural connections or some really good pain meds… or both! :smiley: I kid, but I fully agree with your statement. Don’t look at what others have done and feel that you’re not worthy. This contest is for fun, inspiration, and keeping the spirit of Justin alive and well around here!

Tossing my hat into the ring

That said, I guess I’ve talked myself into a corner and have to make something. Oh well, it’s only pain… :wink:

Not jesting, OL is here.

Exactly :+1:

I’m in a rather unique position in this as I not only have the lathe from Justin but also the majority of his gear, from two drill presses and a band saw to belt sanders and the dip sink he used to put flames on a Maglight… even his Mag parts and all the bits and pieces he modded with. I’m surrounded by Justin in all that I do concerning flashlights.

AND somebody put me up to using some carbon fiber tubes AND someone else gifted me some Timascus and Mokume Gane bar stock… it must be time to figure something out.

Now where do I get my hands on a Luminus 90.2?

Edit: What? Just because I’m thinking pretty and small doesn’t mean it has to be puny! :smiley:

We prefer the terms Tinkerbell or Monster :smiley:

For me it has always been a time thing. I was able to chime in the first few years, but the last few I just couldn’t do it. That said I do hope very much this tradition continues. I do sort of wonder if running this during the summer months might be better for some vs the holidays/tax season etc… For me time of year is not really the problem though.

Oh, summer would be really bad for me. During the winter I get to spend more time in the shop, reloading, minor smithing and light modding and building. During the summer… mowing!

I voted for: “I plan to enter but haven’t got around to it”.
I have some decent idea’s that are perfect for a competition like this.

Unfortunately I still have a lot to figure out en test before it can be build.
Also the majority would need to be 3d printed and I still have to finetune my printer.

Last 2 years I just didn’t had the time, luckily I have more free time from now on but still need to prioritize some other stuff first.

Ok Dale, I bit your whip! I’M IN
I don’t know if i could finish it or not. Still thinking which category to enter…


Personally yes, that’s a great idea. This is the time of year I have the least hobby money and the least free time.
This is flashlight using season, spring & summer is flashlight building season!

^^This, exactly!

It’s always the wrong time for someone… Would it be “too much” to allow all builds from Jan 1st to Dec 31th?