Wich will be your next knife from fasttech?

I’m thinking in some ones:

-GANZO G707: It’s different from i have, but, it’s sold out
-SRM 763: A classic but a bit expensive for a such little knive and… i don’t like very much small knives…
-Navy k631: there isn’t plain edge and i don’t like very much that i read about fit and finish of navys and theirs steels… And the k633 like me less than the k631.
-Ganzo g716: I really like that, i bit expensive and i have hard problems with my last ganzo g712…
-SRM T21: I like very much its blade, i think it has the most beautiful blade of all SRM perhaps, but it’s small and has a thin liner lock. The can oper is unuseful today i think.
-Enlan L01 MCT: Better size and beautiful handle and the price is very good, but it’s an old model of enlan and new ones have better quality controls.
-RIMEI 5975: If it was bigger and from SRM, Enlan and so i would buy it. It’s different from i have. Interesting lock system, very secure, like a balisong.
-HARNDS CK7006 Blazer plain edge: Interesting knife, big and with double system lock, good steel but sold out.

What do you think about all this?
Wich will be your next knife?

SanRenMu LB763, I have one and I rate it highly, the best Chinese version of the Axis lock by far.
Enlan L01 MCT I have one, it’s a Bee, and there’s nothing wrong with it at all.
Harnds CK7006 Blazer I have also, one of the most underrated of the large Chinese knives.
The others you mention I have no knowledge of.

The Rimei 5975 does look interesting and it is a slip joint. The RIMEI 5801 looks good for $6, I’ve had a couple of their small knives an wasn’t impressed at all, very poor quality, that doesn’t mean that they all are though.
The Ganzo’s - for me it would be the G717Y, just for the looks and the fact that autos are a big no-no in the U.K. I’d take the G711 but only because I like the Benchmade mini-onslaught.
The SanRenMu ZB4 T21 - I’ve sort of made my choice to go with the Sanrenmu 9052MTC-GH.

Don’t rule out SanRenMu 9054MUC-GP No Lock, just because it says No Lock, it has a different system, same as the M1, the liners have a section that presses on the blade tang and a detent ball keeps the blade open or closed. Pocket clip is tip up or tip down right hand and left hand.
It is a flipper and if you look at the hole in the blade and the shape of the liners then anything, even a length of paracord, the lanyard maybe, can stop the blade from closing much more securely than a frame or liner lock, for less than $14 an absolute bargain. I’ve bought two and may buy more.

I’ve got two in the post from FastTech at the moment, another SanRenMu 7010 and a Sanrenmu 9052MTC-GH which has the same “no lock” detent ball system as the M1, I’ve also managed to lay hands on a pair of M1’s and they are hard to find.
I’d say the SanRenMu 9054MUC-GP, you likely haven’t got a knife with the same locking system, and as I said a bargain for $13.16, if you don’t like it send it back. :slight_smile:

Here’s another vote for the 763. For a small axis locker of this size, it works exceptionally well, is crafted to typical SRM (Sanrenmu) quality standards and has a robust blade that can withstand a good amount of abuse . Upon opening, I was quite surprised how well the locking mechanism worked and ordered several more. In terms of quality/price ration of three manufacturers you mentioned, I’d chose SRM. With few exceptions, I consider SRM and Enlan/Bee to be on the same quality versus price plateau. If SRM =10, Ganzo = 7, Navy = 5.5.

@8steve88, thanks for mentioning the SRM 9054MUC-GP and showing us the break-down. I particularly like the safety/functionality of the combo flipper and hand guard built into the base of the blade. Its one of the reasons I chose the Enlan EL-01 as my EDC.

Enlan EL-01


SRM 763 in G10

@FlashPilot, No problem, I found the stripped down image on Google images.
The flippers are my knife of choice, nice to see one on a slip type joint for a change, Real Steel sell a version of the SanRenMu 9054MUC-GP called the E77 as a liner lock and available in green, black or tan, double the price though.
I have all the Enlan EL-01’s apart from the two part serrated ones, and two of the Rosewood scaled ones. A classic knife, it did for Enlan what the 710 did for SanRenMu, put knives in hands and opened peoples minds to China being able to make and sell good quality knives.

Who sells the Enlan EL01? FT only have the Rosewood one left, and Id prefer the black.

It shows “in stock” https://www.fasttech.com/products/1/10005912/1452002-stainless-steel-folding-wilderness-survival-knife-2020

Exduct More expensive than FastTech $28.79 for rosewood EL-01D $18 to 19 for others.
GreatWall Outdoor Prices look cheap but there’s $5 to add on for shipping.
Run On Rock
Those three and FastTech are my first stops.
Amazon.com chinese traders ship anywhere. Sign in with your Amazon account on front page and choose a vendor from China, some want a few dollars shipping.
Happy hunting, this will cost you. :bigsmile:

EDIT……………It’s the Enlan EL-01AB, the part serrated one that’s out of stock.

Not particularly a knife…but a cheap “multi-tool”

Probably not worth the $7~ I spent on it…but it’s better than NOT having something if you need it


I must learn to internets. I saw the serrated one, and the rosewood one, and forgot they have the drop down menu. Its weird the way that site works, they show those two separately, but all are in the same drop down menu. Ah, at least it actually works. Thanks.

Nah, I have impulse control. yeah right…

Thanks for the links.

In the meantime I was looking for a Kershaw, Buck or ZT, and I found a few I like. Any other recommendations on quality US made knife brands. Id consider other nations too, but I would like something I could keep for a long time. I hear Spain make good blades too, or used too? And yes I know the Enlan is not US made. Oh also, any preferred sellers or site partners etc for knives?

I always recommend Heinnie Haynes, a U.K. site with a brick and mortar shop. Heinnie Haynes That might not be an option for you seeing as you are half a world away. I know they ship all over the world though.
If you want a knife like a ZT but a bit more affordable Kizer - Kizer knives
U.S.A. Made, Benchmade spring to mind.
There are many custom builders that will build you something special or have a knife in their range that suits your needs.
British Blades Forum There are some very talented makers post there.
Muela Knives have a range of prices from Oh well that’s not bad to Oh hell my credit card just crapped in my wallet.
Aceros de Hispania has a wide range of products.
Filofiel Chuchilleria has some lovely stuff.
French Laguiole knives are elegant.
LionSteel have some superb knives, the Ti Spine and the SR-1 I like a lot.
Therion Arms Miscellaneous and Budget page has some nice stuff including a few Obsidian blades, a bit delicate for EDC, no doubt they were used many years ago and still an edge sharper than steel.
That about does my Bookmarks.

None, because my ordered Navy k507 never arrived, been 6 months now, i piss on f*tech :slight_smile:

Some things about the responses, and thanks to all:

- Yes, the SanRenMu 9054 seems good, i like the blade and i like very much the flipper, but… i need a good lock system. I haven’t got any knife slipjoint (except some swiss multiuse).

- The SRM 763 is a classic, i don’t know why is it the unique knife from SRM with axis lock if it likes to all people. Why they haven’t made others models with axis lock? :~
But i like the G10 version and fastech only has the aluminium scales version.

- Yes, Spain has a tradition with knives. Brands like Muela, Aitor, Cudeman, Nieto… have a lot of models and some very good. But i like more the knives and not folder knives for that brands.

- I like the ganzo g716 a lot more than the g717.

  • About the phrase: If SRM =10, Ganzo = 7, Navy = 5.5 and Enlan = SRM… well, i think Ganzo is near to Enlan, it’s true that have sharper edges and so but their designs are my favorites. Enlan is a little boried. Yes, i know they are copy desigs. If srm = 10 and enlan = 10 Ganzo = 9 or 8.5 for me. My SRMs didn’t come perfect.

And do you think that fasttech some day will bring the navy k631 plain edge? perhaps i could try my first navy…

Although about $20 shipped, you can still find them on ebay and other places. There was a huge shortage 2 years ago for the plain edged version of this particular knife and its good to see that they are still in production and available once again. Navy makes knives that look good and are fun to play with but not so great in quality.

I almost purchased a few Byrd Cara Cara 2’s instead, but Im not fond of the oddly shaped flipper hole. I much prefer the round hole of the 631. Interesting comparison and Id vote that neither are worth their asking price.

Have you checked out the Enlan EL-01?

Yes!. Some years ago the el01 was my first quality chinese knife…
I have the el01, el03, el04, el08, l05, ganzo g704, g710, g712, sanrenmu 710, 733, 604, harnds 6015 viper…

I just ordered this knife one minute ago (FastTech), it looks nice, I like the colors and the shape. It was 8 USD or something reasonable like that.

Image removed :frowning:

Yes, it is very original, interesting, it must be curious, but small for my tastes (20 cm long minimum for my taste, 22-24 better, but i have little ones too like the srm 710,733, 604).

No next knives, I cancelled my cart on FastTech because of the way they were not good on their word on pricing with the BLF group buy, and failed to keep their word on refunding return shipping on a faulty item purchase I made.

Small knife, it really needs a larger blade to flip well but it can be done.

Thanks for using my titled image, they crop up everywhere, I’d prefer you to host it on your own bandwidth!!

My next knife from FastTech is going to be either,-


whichever arrives first. :slight_smile:
Or it could be -

I found it on Google images in 2 seconds. You have it hosted on photobucket, isnt that a free site? So why would I re-host the image elsewhere?, ie “on my own bandwidth!!”?