WildTrail WT90 - SBT90.2 1800m+ throw 90mm 3x 21700 With Texas_Ace driver

Just got word that the new batch of WT90’s are available now:

$17.50 off code = WT90V6

Silver WT90

Black WT90

The new version has reduced standby power and a new upgraded FET that should improve output a bit.

Howdy BLF!

So been out of the game for a bit now, this project was actually started way back in 2019 but covid caused it to be delayed until now. I have been working with a fairly new manufacture called WildTrail. They have been good to work with and seem to really care about making a quality light and not just being another light manufacture.

This light is one I saw several people request back when the GT/GT90 were released, a 3x 21700 power light with a bit smaller head.

This light has a 90mm reflector with an SBT90.2 LED and is powered by 3x 21700 cells.

Here is a video of some of the production process, neat to see it come together:

The end result is a much more portable light when compared to the GT but with a bit lower specs as the tradeoff naturally. My prototype testing has shown around:

Lumens: ~5000
Tint: 5700k
kcd: ~950Kcd
Throw: ~1950M

I could not get a good current reading due to being worried about breaking the prototype but seems to be in the low 20A’s which fits with the other specs.

Edit: TomE Did some tests on the prototype, his numbers are here:

He got a bit over 5k lumens and 975Kcd!

Another cool feature of this light is that the cell carrier has built in USB C charging AND battery bank at 2A for both! I did some testing on it and it seems to work really well. Voltage capped off on mine at 4.15V which is exactly what I would want for a built in charger, always better to error on the low side.

Thermal performance is quite good as well. Took about 6 mins for the body to reach 60c (a common thermal regulation setting).

At 15 mins it was still over 3k lumens and around 80c.

It peaked at 30 mins around 88c, so the light itself can be run until the batteries are dead without an issue. Although you do need to pay attention to what cells you are using, as they were a bit over 75c when I pulled them out, some cells are rated for 80c, others are lower.

Like all my lights though, it can have the thermal regulation disabled and run until the cells die without damage to the light.

The driver is running Narsil, same firmware as the GT90/GT70. It also includes the lexel pogo pin pads for flashing without having to remove the driver.

The only issue that will make it into the final light that I noticed was that they used some mosfets in the carrier as polarity protection. They work fine and do the job but they are fairly high resistance compered to what we are used to. This is what is holding it back from higher output. I am guessing with those replaced or bypassed it would be around ~4500 lumens or so, once I am done with the prototype I might try bypassing them and see what happens.

I am going to see if VOB is interested in doing a review of the prototype.

Ok, now for the group buy details.

There are 100 lights in the first batch, 75 black and 25 Clear / sliver.

The group buy price will be $150 + $15-$20 shipping.

They will be sold via Aliexpress and/or possibly direct paypal payments. The exact details are still in the works.

They hope to have them listed and ready for sale in about 2 weeks, they are in the final assembly steps now.

Manual for the WT90 as prepared by Lux-Perpetua

If I could Find someone that ships quality and reasonably priced 21700s (To Alaska) I would be all over this for that price.

imrbatteries doesn’t ship to Alaska? They have some nice P42A 21700 cells for $5.99 that I ordered just the other day if so.

Appears to ship to alaska and they have the P42A cells for $5.75 each if you buy 3.

Yes please!! In for a silver/non ano version!

Good to see Wildtrail making a new light. I have two (ano and non ano) D80v2’s that they made and I was very impressed with the build quality of those so this should be good!

I am very glad to see Wildtrail back as well. We need more good manufacturers to work with blf. Their quality is very high, lets hope it stays that way… and maybe not try and beat them down into ultralow price points on future projects.

TA, there’s not a single picture of the reflector+led ! Help ! Lol

This looks great! Similar size and specs to the Astrolux MF02S v2 and Acebeam K65-GT but with 3x21700. The power bank feature is a nice bonus too.

lol, yeah I noticed that after posting. The prototype is kinda beat up and mismatched so he didn’t want me using pictures of it unless required.

I will try to get a pic of the reflector and LED tomorrow.

Very nice, and indeed good to see Wildtrail doing another light!

Yeah, it is a nice “mid-sized” light. I can see myself grabbing it over the GT90 in most situations if I am honest. For quick uses it will do what you need just fine and is easier to carry. For longer term use or when you really need max performance the GT90 is still going to win out naturally as long as you have the muscle mass to carry it lol. Factor in size and I find this to be more usable.

Yes, they have been great to work with. A lot of passion to make good quality lights. I know of a few places where they didn’t take the simpler and cheaper option in favor of a higher quality option.

Communication has also been good as well which is good to see.

Thanks from heading this one up TA. This looks like the perfect EDC’ish mega-thrower. The silver version really caught my eye. In the interests of thermal performance, I hope they continue through production with the one piece head design, and not cheap-out by breaking it down into several threaded pieces. If they can manage that, Id be in for a pair.

Numbers never tell the entire story, so it would be interesting to see a side-by-side comparison to a GT90 at maximum rage to give us an idea of what to expect in the field.

I’ll buy a silver when ready!

In for silver!
Looks like an interesting competitor of the TN42v2, but cheaper!

Really like the 3x21700 format and size, should be much more practical than a GT90

I was worried that people would want more silver and there would not be enough, I also want a silver lol.

I think you can rest sound knowing that the construction will be the single piece design you see now, they spent a lot of time and money getting that designed as one piece so I doubt they would change it at this point.

Yes, I want to send the prototype to VOB for a video review since he can do that a lot better then me. I have not heard back from him yet though.

In for 2… 1-Black and (if possible) Bare Aluminum…

Thanks, that is nice to know. I realize the one-piece head is more costly and complex to produce. The price seems fair considering all that was mentioned so far. Is there any chance some lower resistance FET’s might be sourced to make their way into the production run? We are, after all, flashaholics!

How difficult do you think it would be to move the charge port to the host in order to avoid having to remove the cell carrier for recharging? Im sure we’re all thinking along the same lines.

If VOB cant find the time to review this light, is there any chance you might be able to shoot a quick video or snap a few pics comparing beams from your GT90 to this new mini-beast (before you mod it)? It would be much appreciated. I think any target way-out-there should suffice.

Well darn… now I see there is a gaining interest in the silver version and it might be difficult to acquire. Do you know if it will be bare AL, clear-coated or ano? Maybe let Wildfire know they should consider making half of their hosts silver.

Sorry for all the questions! :smiley:

In for one silver if possible.

Yes, but the best upgrade over those two (it seems) is the Narsil! That is exciting!