WildTrail WT90 - SBT90.2 1800m+ throw 90mm 3x 21700 With Texas_Ace driver

I can't say either one wins, they are just so different. Really the only thing about the k75 I like more is that it throws more and sometimes that matters, but honestly often it don't matter because they both throw so dar. The UI, feel in hand, weight, smaller size, and finish of the WildTrail makes it an equal contender, if not better. Let's just say I reach for the WT90 75% of the time over the k75. It really is the UI that makes it so much nicer to use. And the size being much more manageable

Which one has more usable spill?

the WT90 , and also I forgot to mention earlier- within like 300 or maybe more meters the beam on the wt90 is much more usable because it's wider and has a larger spot.

If you all are interested. WT90 Review

I didn’t get super-crazy high numbers, but I measured at 10 M outdoors, not 5 M. Still, awesome performance from a sub-100 mm reflector.

Very nice review!

For those that like Wildtrail and want to support them, they just released a new light that looks pretty nice here: 【ツ】WildTrail WT1M & WT3M Sales Thread

I had nothing to do with it but figured I would cross post it here to support them since they are probably the best manufacture I have worked with and they truly care about quality and performance.

They are the only manufacture that as long as I could make a logical case for a change/improvement never fought me on it. I have worked with a lot of other good manufactures but they all had limits where it was good enough and would basically stop listening lol (in their defense, they mostly were good enough but I always find room for improvement).

I think they are going to offer some kind of discount on these new lights if you ordered a WT90 before.

Thanks for cross posting, TA. :THUMBS-UP:

Those of you who purchased WT90 from WildTrail‘s Aliexpress shop may apply for additional $ 3.00 off per piece on WT1M and WT3M. Please order but do not pay. Leave a message to the seller like „I purchased WT90“ and wait for price adjustment.

I think he is going to try to get a coupon code working for the discount but if people want to do it now, the only way I found to order and not pay on the new aliexpress is to select money order as the payment method. Then he can change it back to credit card after the adjustment.

Yes, a coupon code is even better and less time-consuming. :)

Customers who purchased WT90 from WildTrail‘s Aliexpress shop or Banggood may apply for additional 5% off. Please use discount code WT13MM with you order.

+++ Shopping opportunity - 20 pcs available only +++

Jacky just gave me the information that you can buy WT90 in black or silver for only $ 120.00 plus $ 18.00 shipping (total = $ 138.00*) using the coupon code 747WTF on AliExpress. The coupon can be redeemed for up to 10 silver WT90 and up to 10 black WT90 lights only. Once fully redeemed the coupon is expired.

* further surcharges like VAT, custom fees may apply depending on your location.

Welp, that knocked me off the fence. My total was $150 after “tax”. Now I just need to source some decent 21700s…

EDIT: NVM I canceled the order. I hear it has a mushy button and that would just drive me crazy.

where did you hear it has a mushy button? Both the Proto and my production light have a perfectly fine button with a noticeable click?

The 1lumen review, “I’m honestly not crazy about the switch action. It’s a little mushy, and the action is pretty low so that doesn’t help either, but it works. I’m honestly not crazy about the switch action. It’s a little mushy, and the action is pretty low so that doesn’t help either, but it works.”

Few people said anything about the KR4 switches and it turns out I don’t really like those. If anyone had a video of the button being actuated I might change my mind.

Ordered one in silver. Thanks for the coupon.

As a point of reference, the Lumintop FWAA switch is way worse than the WT90. The WT90 switch does click, but nothing like something like an Astrolux FT02S or EA01.

The switch works fine for me. I turn it on, double-click to turbo then double-click to low Ramp setting mode to cool off. I have no issues with it. :+1: :sunglasses:

The WT90 proto switch had some issues, but much improved in the production unit - wonder if the 1lumen review was an early proto or pre-prod, because he did say he got a freebie and waited 3 months for it. I actually had to do some repair work on it, think I replaced the switch itself.

The WT90 production operates fine enough for me, and I'm fussy about switches. Yes, I think I feel a little depression before contacting the switch but hard to tell, since the initial depression has resistance and is so small a distance - not sure if that's what he qualified as mushy - I wouldn't. On a big light, I would like to find it easier with some protrusion added, and could even be a stiffer switch (you can buy them based on a different activation force).

You may be able to see below the black surface of the switch is flat and about even with the green lit retaining ring, both which don't protrude much from the surface of the housing.

I’m fussy about switches also, but not overly so. The switch works fine, the issue was the button wasn’t very proud, and there was that 1st like 1 mm of take up before activation. That is construed as mushy to me. To be fair the unit I received didn’t have any of the issues of the earlier 1st batch (high quiescent current, afterglow).

That’s a bargain!
I have one of the first batch, but the travel and switch activation of my light works as should.
If i didn’t already have one, i would buy one directly, it’s way more practical than a BLF GT.

Ah, the 1Lumen site, yeah, i’m holding some grudges there

I’m new to this forum, but you have no idea how thrilled I am that you guys are so anal retentive about everything. Why? Because I know I’m gonna get an excellent product when all is said and done. I LOVE IT!
Too bad this puppy is now $249 on the links I see. Too expensive for me. At that $120 price, definitely a purchase. Congrats to those who jumped on early. Buurp….coconut rum, ginger beer, and lime juice.