Win a Mini Aspheric Thrower & Battery

I’m thinking of light that has a homing beacon type thing. I always lose my lights in the yard at night :(. And it will have infinitely just about, throw amount. You can tailstand, and it will somehow put up a diffuser thats so good that you can look at the light, it’ll be like a campfire in how it throws it’s light. And instead of lithium batteries, we’ll have them powered by small amounts of nuclear material. This power supply lasts for at least 20 years. No heat problems either too. It can go from 0 lumens up to 15000 lumens. And then, the main cool part about the light. It’s somehow made of a gas mainly. So, you can condense it into a credit card sized container, and put it in your wallet. So,no more pocket throwers, in with the wallet throwers.

Will probably take at least 50 years. We’ll have to come up with a way to contain gases in an area. And it’ll have to be a new gas that isn’t posinous.

Another cool thing would be to have the light come out of your eyes. But you’d have to get a license for this. And there would be steep fines if you misused it. Would probably be out in 200 years.

I couldn’t think of an answer so i asked the wife she said that a pri#k that has a light at the end so when you boys go to the toilet at night you don’t pee all over the bloo#y floor would be good , time a.s.a.p

Well… I’ve got the right answer, in the future, more precisely, in 2089, we are going to use UltraFires with XM-L T6 from DealExtreme.
Here I’ve got the proof:

Also, aliens will conquer Earth, but that’s not relevant :slight_smile:

It will be the size of a CR123 battery, a keychain light. The end of it will be twistable, ramping in output from 0 to 1000 lumens. The emmiter converts heat into sunlight-like light, and its powered by a small piece of radium. Very floody. 15 years from now.
2. A large spotlight, mounted on a swivel base, on military vehicles. Contains a nuclear fusion chamber, with a synthetic diamond aspheric lens, adjustable throw, down to a .5 degree beam. 40 years from now. :slight_smile:

in 100 years leds will have come along way, the typical entry level budget light will have not only 0~1000 lumens, but also have selectable color temps within one diode, from cri all the way to 8000k and to UV, it will be able to do it all.

It will be available from dx, and since this is 100 years from now, they will also be able to ship this light anywhere in the world within 3 business days. All for the low price of $789 USD (adjusting for inflation that would equal 29.99 in 2012 dollars)

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I’d see lights getting away from the simple tube with a head on it, and maybe evolving to other shapes that allow one to use their hands as well as hold a flashlight. Maybe an offset battery compartment with a strap and buttons on a grip. Definitely I see capacitor technology becoming more commonplace, and advancing to a level where induction charging becomes the norm- simply toss your light on a charging mat with the rest of your technology and let sit until it’s charged up.

As to the far future, I see the ability to tune the wavelength of the light being emitted.

Good news, the light of the future is available now:

In 20 years flashlights will evolve to multi-function light spectrum devices using a shared power source. There will be continuous, variable, and directed light emission for viewing, communication, tool, and safety functions at the minimum. These devices will in many ways work like cell radio systems, but use particular patterns and wavelengths for different functions; augmented by special purpose emitters for increased functionality.

Viewing will primarily be by heads up display with capabilities varying by selected processor & wearable formats.

There will be glasses/visor, ballcap and any number of other versions along with remote image screen/projection versions.

These lights will use light spectrum not seen by the eye, but they will also have wavelength and intensity selections to allow for colored and visible light with physical and software filters applied by the processor depending on need.

Higher power models (primarily used by capable individuals who are independence minded) will combine power production with cell and capacitive storage.

Standard features will include image processing to distinguish layers of a viewed object, much like x-rays - and to see through or around different materials depending on the complexity of the environment and number of other linked light sources.

Communications will be coded bursts of invisible light seen by interconnected cameras located virtually everywhere, along with rings of extremely powerful satellites that see through many dense layers of building materials.

Handheld augmentations (more similar to today’s flashlight and future light sabers) will increase basic capabilities in a particular direction and also perform an extended set of functions such as neurological disruption for non-lethal defense/force, virtual controls beyond hand signals, cutting instead of knife/sword, as well as dispensing pleasure-oriented neurological sensations. Emitters will be able to shift shape to affect flood/throw and function by voice command through the worn control unit.

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In the next 5 years, the basic flashlight will continue to become more efficient, packing in more energy to the many available cell formats.

As lights continue to be incorporated into other devices, flashlights will increasingly come to be segmented into many specialty categories.

Budget lights will continue to focus on today’s winning strategies . . more power in & more power out for less dollars. LED technology will continue to focus on power efficiency so that heat is controlled as light output increases. Looking for 4 times increase at the same cost and wattage in this time frame.

Specialty lights will move to a variety of niches, where ultra high power is but one, mirroring output and efficiency improvements. But new capabilities seen in handheld devices and phones will continue tempting people to adopt technologies that merge light, photo, and image processing in devices that reduce demand for general and specialty lights that don’t offer competing utility or niche purposes for consumer and business dollars.

Most hoped for will be inexpensive lights that offer practical value beyond nice while light. Most hoped for will be collaborations for lights that will inexpensively provide night vision and non-lethal defensive advantages - well, beyond better ways to shape/adjust & throw light produced by the tool. By this time we should see TIR lenses where the material and construction allows the beam shape and color to be tailored - on the fly - to user preference.

Just like today’s flashlights basically look like those of 100 years ago, in 100 years there will still be flashlights resembling today’s. The differences will primarily be in power and efficiency. Either far more efficient LEDs or new technology will allow small flashlights to easily put out 20,000 lumens with little heat in a more directional beam, eliminating the need for large reflectors for throw. Greatly improved batteries will make today’s state of the art Panasonics look like the earliest Eveready’s. There will be switches allowing the user to change the light color and throw/flood ratios. All for $19.95 postpaid from Manafont, and The Shadow will still be holding giveaways for them. :slight_smile:

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10 Years from now LED technology will have progressed to the point were the entire board will be covered with an illuminating coating. This will require much less energy and produce minimal heat increasing run time dramatically. Combined with more powerful batteries this will allow for a much brighter light that doesn’t overheat and runs much longer.

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