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02/05/16- enjoyed a nice reasonably priced zin last night(enough to go back for more today, in fact swimbo loved it too and we both got more) Trader Joe’s Petit Reserve Zinfandel Paso Robles 2013

I have some wine for you. If you don’t mind waiting in line, it is Pliny the Younger release time.

These are not new but reading about them will give you a chuckle. WINE

A decent inexpensive red is Two Tone Farms red blend. $3.99 from a store in my area that recently had Chimay Grande Reserve 2012 for $5.99.

Charles Ninot Blanc de Blancs fizzy wine. From France, but some unnamed locale (probably Limoux or Loire). 2 for $18 or so at BevMo with the affinity card.

And if you don’t like the first one, bring it back. They’re seriously relaxed about returns.

I almost picked up a bottle of Mad Dog Banana Red today because it was on sale. However, I decided that it’s just too cold to sleep in the gutter tonight so I passed.

They sell nice beers here, some I see just 1 or 2 weeks. Brewdog is a brewery they sometimes sell 1 type of and we buy two of the ones they do sell.

Ahh Brewdog, very very nice Scottish beer with a strong US influence. The Dead Pony is lovely. I had a 9% Brewdog last night, sold under the Tesco label. Oakham Ales are very good, the Citra is lovely, with a light citrus flavour from the Citra hops. Langham Brewery is a short drive from me, well worth trying.

From the US, Sierra Nevada are top rate. If you like strong beers, their Torpedo is 7% but one is enough for me.

I try , on average , two or three new beers every week , so I can't begin to remember them all .

However , this past week I tried some Dogfish Head Burton Baton , an oak-infused Imperial India Pale Ale .

It was good . At 10% ABV it's a strong beer , and I thought it tasted a bit boozy . I liked the mouthfeel and the complexity .

Overall , 8/10 for me .

Right now I am really into beers that have been aged in bourbon barrels. One of my current favorites is Hinterland Bourbon Barrel Doppelbock.

Anybody here using the Untappd app to log your beer consumption?

Distribution hasn’t hit my area yet, but I am eagerly awaiting the new Pineapple Sculpin IPA and the Mango Even Keep Session IPA from Ballast point that were recently released. Not 100% sold on the Watermelon Dorado double IPA that comes out with them, but I’m sure I’ll try it too.

Picked up a growler of Rivertown Brewing’s Death - a ghost pepper infused Russian Imperial Stout - for Superbowl. Had it at the brewery last year and found it on tap at a local store this week. Rich, chocolaty stout with just a tiny bit of heat from the peppers. Solid winter brew.

I’ve been enjoying the stuff from Rheingeist Brewing in Cincy lately - their Truth IPA and Pure Fury hoppy pale ale are currently gracing my fridge in cans, and a growler of their Andromeda pale ale is wdged in there as well.

Batemans Victory Ale is my favourite at the moment, just ticks all the boxes!

Also like to support my local brewers: Ballards make some lovely bottle conditioned beers, Nyewood Gold is golden and delicious. Langham brewery Hip Hop is a great summer beer.

My tastes have changed a bit as I’ve got older, hops and more hops these days :slight_smile:

Golden Monkey by Victory.

Sneaks up on you!

After a recent tasting hosted by a Kona brewco rep at a resort on Oahu I’m looking forward to enjoying a Cubano with a Big wave. Should be good. Don’t know if it’s coincidence but SO enjoys an ipa and has no issues with diet soda whereas diet sodas taste hideous to me and ipa’s hit the back of my mouth like an old sock. I know the diet thing is a gene related taste issue so maybe the two are related.

Official BLF Wine thread 0:)

Make mine a 4pack of Hurricane Cat5, because I’m a poor boy in Florida, and the Best is none too good for me!



One of my favorite beers is Bell’s Hopslam, and it should be available any day now. It pretty much sells out immediately though, so I’m hoping I can snag some this year.

A friend of mine just came home with over 2 cases of this!

Hip Hop is lovely. You might like FFF Moondance, not dissimilar. A friend is a fan of Bowman, brewed near Alresford, very distinctive but not to my taste.

The M&S near Camberley has a lovely stock of beers from small(ish) brewers, many are very hoppy, I tried a lovely one with Mosaic hops recently. Other branches must have some too.