[WIP] 22mm DD+single-7135 driver / single sided / Dual-PWM / Zener

I threw in the kitchen sink.


Wight, this is great. Can the pads for the Attiny be a little longer (wider footprint), so the larger Attiny will fit? I assume the pins are compatible.

Nice, I’m looking forward to this one… Thanks for your efforts!

Thanks! Good suggestion, I don’t see why not.

Thanks, me too.


  • The center via is 3mm in diameter.
  • Inner spring guides (4 small curved areas of resist) are 6mm inner diameter.
  • Mid-spring pad is 9mm in diameter.
  • Outer spring pads are ~12mm diameter. (for an 11mm spring)
  • Full BAT+ copper pour is 15mm in diameter.
  • R4/R5 are a voltage divider between BAT+ and GND for use with temp measurement.
  • R-OTC is a pulldown resistor for the OTC in case offtime takes too long to save modes.

I have 3 of these coming, plan to use one in a BTU Shocker… anything I should know before I build it?

Great work. In my short time here i really came to love the stuff you do.

The 7135 is for high efficiency in the lower modes - right?
Does this make for significant gains in 2+S Zener lights, since we are burning 50-100mW all the time trough Zenner and 200R?

Sweet! This should work in a F13, DD XM-L2 and cut the trace and get 7135 powering some red locator leds :bigsmile:

They look really neat! :slight_smile:

It’s cool having multiple variants of Wights boards, I got 3 different ones today and they all look so professional. :bigsmile:

Now to put em to work…

Just want you to know that this driver, loaded with ToyKeepers A6 firmware, works beautifully in a BTU Shocker with 3 XP-L V5 1A emitters. I rearranged the cell carrier to run in parallel and bypassed springs, used my last 2 of djozz’s phosphor bronze springs for the main contact points, and it does 4095 lumens OTF.

Pretty intense strobe in the hidden loop. :wink:

Thanks again Alex, nicely done! Perfect fit for the BTU Shocker.

Built a second version of this driver tonight. Zener modified with an extra 10uF cap on the Zener, it’s running 12.6V from 3 series LG HE-2 cells to 3 of the 9V MT-G2 emitters. OTF lumens is 8742. And this one get’s hot after about 60 seconds!

The beam profile is a fat hot spot with nice spill, putting a whopping amount of nice creamy white light out. And these MT-G2’s look really good in the big tri-reflector as well! :slight_smile:

I’ve got the Toshiba dual sided MOSFET with a nice coil of copper soldered to the top side, I’m thinking this one’s pulling in the 15-18A range, but haven’t measured it yet. Judging from the heat flowing into the massive head on this light, it’s definitely making some power.

Thanks Alex! :bigsmile:

I think we need some photos of this driver built. :wink:

Essentially simple when you’re not using the kitchen sink stuff…

This one was in the BTU Shocker with triple XP-L emitters in parallel, hence the triple 18ga wires at each LED terminal. I replaced it with a Zener modified version to run 9V MT-G2 emitters.

Thanks for the photo!

Looks pretty sweet. Need to get some of these ordered in the next couple of weeks.

I just ordered some to use in a Roche LS01. Hopefully they’ll trim down to 21mm just fine.

I was initially thrown off by all the extra resistor pads; it didn’t cross my mind that they didn’t all need to be populated.

Those extra pads are the kitchen sink spoken of earlier. For thermal and such. I don’t really understand that aspect of it, but as a normal driver it works just fine. Maybe I’ll figure out just what the kitchen sink has to do with lighting and implement some good “clean” fun. :stuck_out_tongue:

Has anyone used the pulldown resistor for the OTC? What resistor-value range are we talking about? My cap is taking too long to drain.

I remember seeing a discussion about it somewhere, but now I can’t find it.

Does this look right? I can’t get it to work properly, no matter what firmware I use it gets stuck on turbo. I’ve used a zener and replaced the diode with a 200ohm resistor.
I’m using it for a MT-G2 build.

Stuck on turbo? as if it is going DD and bypassing the driver?