Wood flashlight

Has anyone seen or made one of these ?

Wondering why we aren't seeing different materials being used .?

I understand heat issues ..but not every light needs to be over driven ,

* heresy i know

There have been a couple of wood flashlight builds posted here in the past. That's pretty cool looking and you are right, they don't all have to be driven hard. The very best lights money can buy are under driven. Just ask anyone on CPF. :D

I wonder if somebody is interested in what I lathe-ed some time ago :bigsmile:

This made me chuckle. 8)

Hmmm, a Jarrah/Tassie Oak finish would be quite remarkable on say, a Solarforce L2T SS. -link.

Just imagine that grip ring in a streaked deep dark red wood. Scrap of course, no need to cut down century old trees for flashlights, now. :bigsmile:

The ones here look pretty sweet.

I’ve just got to make one of these!


wow scaru… thanks for that link those are amazing

Then there’s the laminated mag mod OL did.

So, folks really can say “Is that a woody in your pocket, or are you just pleased to see me” :slight_smile: