WOW! Solarstorm L3 7*XM-L and 6*18650

Got an L3 from lightmalls today.

Machining and finish are excellent except one scratch on the bezel, which looks like it happened before anodizing.

UI is almost good -

  • no blink at ends of ramping
  • strobe should not be in the 3 modes available from the big button
  • should be preset, high, low
  • from off, small switch only works as momentary for high for a second or two (for signaling) but when held, ramping begins (this is already available when the light is on, so there’s no need)

This light is pretty darn heavy w/ all the cells loaded…but I wanted the extended runtime, so I guess I’ll deal w/ that.

It will probably be my favorite light after modding - and if I can figure out how to reprogram the chip for a better UI, it will DEFINITELY be my favorite light.

Nice! Any idea of OTF lumens?

and all my hobby stuff (including meters) is packed up to move, and it isn’t dark yet, so its hard to compare, but it seems a bit less than my DRY on turbo.

which sounds weak….but the up side…I doubt heat will be much of an issue and it should run that bright for over 2 hours w/ good cells…

Is 20ma drain on standby correct? Sitting on the shelf turned off, the batteries will drain after a few weeks. I have flashlights that don’t use much more than that when they are turned on!

Isn’t there a diminishing point of returns once you start cramming so many LED’s together? I mean 7… seems like overkill to me, especially in one reflector. Look at the Nitecore Tm26, with 4 LED’s each housed in its own reflector. Of course it’s more expensive to have them separate, but you make better use of them.

For me, I’d think that 3 LED’s in a single reflector would be about the maximum before you start seeing little improvement with additional LED’s crammed adjacent.

you have a valid point


efficiency is the answer to your question

this is over simplifying a bit, but look at the xm-l figures here

1 xm-l at 3A = 881 lumen

3 xml at 1A each = 11 76 lumen


881 lumen with 1xml takes 3A
~881 lumen with 3xml takes 2.2A

ie 25% more run time

in addition, I have little need for several hundred meters of throw (if it also has spill). so, cramming them together with little reflectors is a benefit for me, instead of 4 larger reflectors.

Also, FandyFire L3? $58.74 Same light??
(after coupon code: SSZZCCSS)

Not sure how but ChibiM got one for $15, maybe on the “InstantKill”?

Yes, it was Instant Kill, lucky Bass Turd. :expressionless:

So after 4 pages of reading I still am not seeing a general consensus of whether or not this light is any good? Nor any beam shots??

FF have the Solarforce L3 for $69 at the moment which is pretty cheap. I’m trying to decide if it is worth it or if not, what is better for that price?

Also would 6x 3000mAh Trustfire Flames be alright in it do you think?

I like mine, and think it is worth the money.

TF flames? personally, no, I wouldn’t do that. ok for 1 cell lights, maybe 2 - but 6?! only if i was giving the light to someone i really didn’t like.

Thanks for your repsonse.

After doing some more research I have decided to hold off for a little while and get the Thrunite TN30 to go with my TN31. There seems to be some mixed responses in regards with this flashlight, whereas the TN30 is proven, albeit a lot more expensive! Also going to order some Panasonic 3100 or 3400s.

Interesting timing… I noticed this on the Wallbuys GB page. It’s $31 less than the sale price on the Thrunite store.
Note that Wallbuys does not have the best reputation around her, but they have been delivering a fair amount of deals lately. Just an FYI.

haha funny you should mention that! I just spoke to cherry from wallbuys and she let me know about it. I just need another 19 people to buy it with me now!

Actually, I think WB group buys work like a normal sale. You just order and it ships. I could be wrong about that though.

yep, you are right again! haha she just let me know that as well.

That’s crazy, I don’t think they sleep. It’s almost midnight on a Saturday there.

I must admit I was surprised!!

I am actually in the same time zone as them.

Anyone know if this thing still works with less than 6 batteries inserted?

I just now saw this thread… I see different versions of this light, so for someone who doesn’t mod, which version and place to buy, is the best option?

I was looking pretty hard at this light on Aliexpress tonight.

But the reviews here seem lukewarm on this one at best.

Nice to have a resource like this to research and gather some addtl data points.

Looks like BLF saved me from spending money tonight :slight_smile: