WOW! Solarstorm L3 7*XM-L and 6*18650

Just saw this on the Solarstorm site. It's their new "L3" Looks really well made and a total beast. Can't wait to see official specs and reviews on this one.

Solarstorm L3 long battery life, strong light outdoor flashlight new November


Size: 70 mm (head diameter) x 218 mm (length)

Net Weight: 860g.more UB-100 Glass Holder (without batteries)

Lamp beads: 7 CREE XM-L T6 100000 hours life

4 battery: 6/4.2V/18650 lithium battery, 4LED power display system

Circuit: wide voltage digital constant current circuit

6 stalls: two sets of operating modes, high - low - explosive flash / low - medium - slow flash

7. Dimming: side by dimming, two sets of push-button switch

Material: 6063 aerospace aluminum production, blue-gray surface oxidation

Lens: toughened AR glass lens

10 light Cup: 6061 aerospace aluminum vacuum plating glossy reflective system

11 Waterproof grade: IPX-7, two meters underwater

12 Range: The maximum range of 300 meters,

Note: gear, LED can be Customized

Ohhh me likey!

That is pretty beastly! Looking forward to some reviews

I’ve passed on every multi-emitter light released since the Skyray 3xT6. This may be the one

Is that what a mini nuclear power station looks like? How long until you receive it for reviewing JohnnyMac?

6 x 18650 is pretty far out. But yeah, what a whopper.

I am really curious about how the modes, and batteries will be, im probably thinking 2s3p as making it parallel for 6 batteries would be kind of strange

dat explosive flash

Sweet light,better watch out for the"explosive flash"lol.It seems to be well built and I'm curious about the little bit at the bottom of the page that says led can be customized.7 xml u3's please!

Very nice. Might get one.

That looks good. 4 led battery indicator as well.

Likely to get any change from $200 ?

Dare to dream! I’m going to have to save up for quite some time for this baby but I want one bad! I’ve passed on all the other >3 emitter lights so far. This might be the one I’ve been holding out for. :wink:

Considering the Raging sold for under $100 when it came out I don’t find it hard to believe this will be under $200 but I suspect not by much.

航空铝真空电镀光面反光系统, 电量显示系统. 宽压数字恒流电路.

I’m glad they didn’t advertise 7,000 lumens, will this light compete with the Spark 6 led monster?

Now that is a nice looking symmetrical reflector unlike the most recent budget offerings, Is any of our favorite reviewers going to recieve one to test out?


Oh Mine, looks great. certainly enough power to drive it 3Amp each, 6000 lumens,
let’s hope it’s not some sissy drive currents…

Now, after a flood of expensive multi-XMLs niche lights, this one actually looks like it may be worth something. This one might be the king after the king.

does black shadow make solarstorm as well?