WOW! Solarstorm L3 7*XM-L and 6*18650

我个人觉得,你想说的是 “你喜欢这个手电”吧~呵呵

Don’t rely on Google translate too much if u know what I mean 8) LOL


I’m with u bro :beer: T6 3C please

Dear Santa, I can explain……no really, I can, just please drop this in my stocking….I’ll be good, promise k ta. 0:)

I bet it’s going to be a budget deal J)

Really nice looking light :slight_smile:

Maybe Rey can get us a BLF deal :wink:

I think i want one, but i don’t own 6 matching 18650’s to use with it :smiley:


Do want!

Maybe Ric or Hank, one of the retailers can atleast give us some idea of the expected retail price.

That should scare the S—t out of an Apex……
GB anyone??

My thoughts exactly!

Come on, I know you guys have been looking for a reason to buy those 10-pack samsung/panny on aliexpress. Here it is .

Looks really nice, except me being a knife knut first, I :Sp at the sight of non Torx or even at least Allens…

Now I remember… the matching batteries…

Still waiting for news about this.

link please :slight_smile:

It looks really nice. I think it will be worth buying 6 matching batteries for this light :slight_smile:

Fasttech is just in time, with their $8/pair Trustfire 3000mAh flames - 6 cells will set you just $24 :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s not bad :slight_smile:

He said he doesn't own 6 matching cells. :P

Too obvious troll is too obvious :stuck_out_tongue:

Then again, 6 Samsung ICR18650-28A’s cost $30 on the very same fasttech.