Wrapper torn near top of AAA battery


I’m asking this out of an abundance of caution…

I got a set of AAA “MarsFire” protected batteries today, and started trying them in a number of AAA lights that I have that I was able to find are suppose to work with 10440s (not necessarily officially, but found threads/posts). I think that these batteries are a bit larger, diameter-wise than “normal” AAA batteries, because it wouldn’t fit into most of them, including a Tank007 and an Illumina Ti. They did fit into my ITP A3 EOS (updated) and a TrustFire AAA.

However, I noticed that when I opened the ITP, the wrapper was a little “torn” at edge of the top/positive end, so I was wondering if that’s a problem?

I’ve read that it possible to tape it using packing tape, but these batteries are so small, I’d guess that if I tried that I’d have problems getting to fit into the light again.


10440 shrink wrap
Super green color too!
Tutorial: Rewrapping a battery
Isn’t BLF great?!


Thanks for the link to the shrink wrap.

It’s a little hard to see, but here’s that part of the wrapper that I’m talking about:

If I look at it under a magnifying glass, it looks like there’re actually two layers of wrapper, a pale blue one underneath (you can just barely see it in the photo), and on top of that, the darker blue purple one with the MarsFire logo, etc. The top layer is the one that’s torn, so I’m thinking I may be ok for now?


It does look like there is a blue layer underneath. Any damage on the other side, where the flat metal strip runs down the length of the battery from the positive?
The covering on the metal strip Can Not be starting to tear at all. The inside of flashlights carry the negative connection, the metal strip just has to short against the side and you could get the “vent with flame”.
Personally I would rewrap it anyway. Its cheap & super green.
That particular battery could be made a tiny bit slimmer… but maybe I shouldn’t suggest it, slightly risky if one is not careful. :ghost:

You might want to try some Efest IMR 10440 350 mah Li-ion Safety & Shopping Guide (scroll down a bit). IMR doesn’t have protection (less needed) so without the connection running down the side for the protection circuit… they could be slimmer.


I can just barely detect where that metal strip is, going down the side of the battery, but it doesn’t look like the wrapper is torn there.

Here’s the ones I have:


I notice that the diameter is shown as 11mm.

The efest you mentioned, http://www.efestpower.com/Product/387410530.html, says 10.16mm.

These (https://www.fasttech.com/products/1420/10000933/1118301-trustfire-10440-37v-600mah-protected-rechargeable-) are 9.9mm.

And these (https://www.fasttech.com/products/1420/10000933/1078108-trustfire-10440-37v-600mah-protected-rechargeable-) are even less, 9mm.

May try the last one, assuming the dimensions are accurate, that seems to be the “slimmest”?

What do you think?


Personally I really like the efest ones. They did great in HKJ’s test. Just love having as much power as you can squeeze out of a 10440.
A fasttech reviewer says those TrustFire 10440 600mAh Protected are only 250mAh @ 0.2A Plus not sure I would trust the dimensions fasttech gives. 10440 size is suppose to be 10mm x 44mm (longer & a bit wider for protected), aaa is said to be 10.5mm x 44.5mm, smaller gives less volume / less capacity, doesn’t seem like there is a reason to make a 9mm 10440. …… Always could be wrong tho. :tired:

Which Tank007 light do you have? I see a review saying the Tank007 E09 can take 10.48mm-10.60mm (“version history” section). I bet somewhere around you could find what diameter the Illumina Ti can take.


FYI, earlier, one of the 10440s wasn’t working (a different one), and I was going to just recycle it, but decided to pull the outer wrapper off, just to see what it looked like:

so there is a blue wrapper inside, and the protection connection goes outside the blue wrapper.

I think one this one (in the picture), the protection circuit must’ve tripped, so I’m probably going to remove the soldered connections to the +/- ends, and just use it unprotected.

I’m still looking around for the best (for me) source for an efest.



The battery works after I removed the protection circuit and outer wrapper! So I think that my guess that the circuit had tripped was correct.

I’m planning on doing a discharge test on it later, maybe this weekend.