WTB: Jetbeam RRT01 – Any place to buy it?! + [RRT01 2019 discussion]

Are there any replacement LED boards available? Reflowing the LED is beyond anything I could accomplish.

Very nice lego indeed. :+1:

not sure I understand your question, but I think the answer is no

does post 568 answer your question?

and are you asking about the 2019 RRT-01 or the Original RRT-01 from 2012?
and what kind of LED replacement are you looking for?

If I understand the question correctly, any led in 5x5mm (xml, xhp50) size or smaller 3.5x3.5mm (xpg,xpl,219c,219b) at around 3v forward voltage mounted on a 16mm mcpcb could be filled down to fit.
A copper mcpcb would be better. Finding one just depends on which led your looking to replace it with.
KD sells a few on 16mm copper mcpcb’s. http://kaidomain.com/Flashlight
The 10mm might even work with out doing anything but soldering the wires on.


Single LED, Nichia 219B/C or optimally E21A in a 2019 RRT01.

I was hoping for this, thank you! :slight_smile:

Thank you both!

Clemence has expressed doubts about the ability of a single E21a to handle the power of the 2019 RRT-01.

Since I like to live dangerously, I just put a 3500k E21a into a comparatively lower powered V11r.. I like the LED very much… I got mine reflowed onto a 10mm board by Clemence, so all I had to do was solder in the star.

you will need to make a decision about what color temperature you are in the mood for

unless you know you like warm, I suggest you go with something cooler… like a 4500k

… I suspect Clemence knows what hes talking about, the E21a LED may not be the right choice.
some people like the SST-20
others like the LH351d.
both are brighter and less pink than the 219b and E21a nichias…
(I avoid the 219c, its brighter but for a snob like me, “too” green…
however, moderator007 is a wizard when it comes to sourcing parts… and when he talks, I take notes)

Im still in my Pink sw45k N219b phase…

Interesting. I found my Astrolux S41 with the 219C to have the most neutral white light. No green, but this was maybe just luck? Actually, I dislike the Samsung (Wuben E05-I) for its greenish tint at 5000K.

I have both SST-20 (D4V2) and E21A (Folomov EDC C2) at 3000K and am convinced that the color contrast is much better with the latter, so this would have been my choice. A really nice LED! But if it can’t cope with the current of the RRT01, I’ll go for the 219C. Quality of rendering is more important to me than color temperature.

Getting a good bin led is pretty much luck. If your buying a specific bin and are guaranteed that bin then chances are high you’ll get that bin.
If your just ordering a specific color then it’s just sure luck if you end up with a good tint. If tint in a specific color is what your after then I would try someone who gives you the specific bin you want. With out the bin code your playing the led tint lottery. There’s alot of led group buys that go on here just so we can get a good bin led.
There’s also some sellers who specialize in good bin tints with high cri like Clemence.
You might contact Clemence and see what all might be available in either a 16mm mcpcb that could be filled to fit or maybe he has offerings that would work in 10mm. He offers a led reflow service, I think for a dollar.
He also has a store. https://www.virence.com/shop

I used a 10mm board from Clemence, reflowed w E21a. in my V11r

I am very happy with it.

so far so good :slight_smile:
but its not in a 2019 RRT-01, which has higher output

since Unheard is OK with the tint of the 219c, I think your link to the 16mm board w 219c is a higher output option… as long as hes OK grinding down the diameter of the board to fit the 2019 RRT-01

Need beam shots of that E21a mod :stuck_out_tongue: maybe compared to the 219b sw45k.
Nice looking upgrade jon_slider, very well centered. Thanks for sharing. :+1:

best I can do until daylight, which helps my iphone auto white balance to bias more to daylight white balance (and makes the sw45k look more pink and the warmer LEDs look warmer… anyway… here are some shots for now)

I hope this next one does not confuse people, it uses a white balance closer to incandescent

this shot may also be helpful, Im trying to compare my warm LEDs to each other

bottom lines
the 3500k E21a is whiter than incandescent, which makes it useful in the evening

and the 3500k E21 is slightly more pink than the 3500k 219b 9080 (though its hard to catch that in the pics)… I prefer the E21a to the 3500k 219b, also because I feel the E21a does a better job with making reds and blues pop… I was a bit disappointed with the sw35 9080… a bit too yellow

I especially like the 3000k 219b, it has a nice sunset orange effect, not really easy to capture in the photos… Im not really that fond of 3500k myself, though I know it is a popular option, so Im experimenting…

I like the sw45k and sw45 for daytime EDC

the warmer LEDs are fun in the evening, before bed, on the nightstand, in full darkness… they are closer to firelight

I like both choices… a cooler one, and a warmer one, for different scenarios



and some lumen data before and after the e21a mod

Initial V11r lumens on 16340 w
6000k low CRI XM-L2 was 0.01 low and 420 lumens max (spec is 1 lumen low, and 570 lumens max w 16340, neither spec was remotely accurate)

after the swap to
3500k High CRI E21a, 0.02 low, and 255 lumens maximum, that is a 40% drop

I dont mind giving up lumens for CRI
the color rendering of the E21a makes me very happy… totally worth it… I seldom use more than 100 lumens… the rest is gravy

I have to admit I ordered the 10mm PCB. My last experiments in grinding down a MCPCB ended in touching the solder pads. I was never happy with that, ordered another, smaller board and had some fun centering it (SST-40, M20 Warrior S with SX pill). Amazingly, all worked well. Yes, I’m a novice here :blush:

Thanks! And wow, that’s more or less a symbolic price.

the post office makes more than Clemence does on one of his impeccably lapped copper boards with a reflow of a tiny flat E21a pre mounted

the guy lives on rice and beans, in paradise
surrounded by beautiful maidens

he invited me to come visit…

welcome, Im novice too
click to a good thread to post some pics of your mod :slight_smile:

for those of you who bought RRT 2019 and want a lighter weight AL head w/ TIR optics support see here:


$47.32 with GOLD15

Says invalid for me?

Edit: GOLD10 gets me it for $50.10
Edit #2: GOLD10 only worked for me on my desktop, not mobile for some reason…

You are late.

Public service announcement.

The short clip on the Original RRT-01 can remove the anodising from the edge of the head tube when changing batteries. Inserting a business card, or lifting the clip when opening and closing the light, can prevent this.

Strobe discovered
in some of the Original RRT-01 from the recent group buy

credit to moderator007 for reporting this one.
The units with no strobe, say RRT01 in the serial number. as in the top light in the photo:

In the top RRT01 the sn looks more like a date code to me with the letters and numbers.
The bottom one with strobe and sos just uses a plain number for the sn.
I suggest giving your RRT01 a test. Turn it on in about med then quickly to high and back to about med, then back to high. More less when the light is on twist the control ring to high twice quickly or three times. If you have the EYE10 driver you’ll get some flashy modes that are infinitely variable in brightness. :wink: