WTB: Jetbeam RRT01 – Any place to buy it?! + [RRT01 2019 discussion]

Thank you jon_slider.

I do not agree with the use of tritium vials outside specially designed grooves, as I consider it unsafe. They are too fragile and the tritium is harmful if inhaled. Granted, in this case the recess at the back of the TC-R1 is probably protective enough, but still not as much as with the disks.

The vote is in and blue won by far. So, here you go...

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If I would have been on earlier, I would have voted blue also.

Thanks guys.

I fancy some fancy screws for the clip. Does anyone know the size Jetbeam uses so I can find option online?

Also, Anyone using a different / better clip?

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My low budget solution.


some other clip pics here

maybe copy McGizmo:


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I kind of doubt that Jetbeam used at US standard size screw.
Not saying it’s impossible, just not very likely.
I might see if I can ID the screw size.

Any luck with IDing the jetbeam screw size?

Also, does anyone know the size of the metal ball in the TC-R1? I guess it should be the same with the RRT-01, all models.

I believe the screw size is m2.5 (metric 2.5mm).

I had forgot all about it, to be honest. :blush:
It appears the best I can tell to be a 2.5mm x 0.45mm thread.
The detent ball is 2mm. I went with the Silicone Nitride Ceramic which is supposed to be harder than stainless.
This is where I purchased the balls I use…
2mm Si3N4 Silicon Nitride Ceramic Ball Bearings G5 – BC Precision?
I paid about $15 for 50 balls, plenty of spares. :wink:

Thanks guys!

I have a TC-R1 I cannot get smooth, while my 1st TC-R1 is buttery smooth. The second one came from strange origins. It was missing o rings and has the bezel of a Niteye EYE 10 instead of its own. So I fear it may have a wrong or damaged ball.

I found a source for these Silicone Nitride balls in the UK (your source moderator007 wants $23.50 for shipping to the UK). I will let you know if the ball fixes the dial.

Did you notice smoother action with these compared to the stock ball?

Not really over a good ball. But I have seen one that was slightly flat spotted and caused roughness at sporatic times, it helped that one for sure.
What lube are you using?

I think I may have a bad ball :stuck_out_tongue:

I am using Krytox and a sprinkle of PTFE powder. It has made my 1st TC-R1 a joy to use, but not this second one.

That should work great, the more PTFE you add by volume the more the damping effect.
Too much though and it becomes pasty.

Yes, I have seen that, The problem is this light does not want to work well. I have opened, cleaned and lubbed it 3 times and it works semi-OK for 30 seconds and then it becomes thick and uneven. I bet the ball does not even turn.

maybe do a test

take the ball out, and verify if it is affecting the feel of the ring, or not.

> it works semi-OK for 30 seconds and then it becomes thick and uneven

I have never experienced grease becoming denser with use. I did have a problem V11r, that would get looser on part of the travel. The fix was to lube the top outer face of the control ring.

I look forward to your success!

I have taken the ball out and the ring worked freely, but I did not do it for long. As you know, opening the light requires removal of the driver first, so I will do the entire procedure when the new ball arrives, which should be within the week.

I do not think it is the grease becoming denser. I think it is the ball settling in the hole in a way it stops turning. I believe it is not round, even though I have not checked.

I will let you know how it goes with the new ball.

fwiw, some of my lights feel like there is almost no detente. Especially after I add damping grease.

Im not sure a ball is necessary. If the grease is damping enough.

I have removed the ball from an Eye10. I used extra grease to get maximum damping. To be honest, I think I used more than necessary, it is a bit difficult to turn the dial now. But it met my objective. There is no chance the dial will turn unintentionally.

At the other end of the spectrum, I have one light whose ball has an unusually strong detente. I dont actually like it, because the extra effort to turn the dial past the detente, makes the dial turn too suddenly.

Most of my lights, have an almost unnoticeable detente, so I can ramp smoothy off the stop.

I look forward to your effective solution. Totally understand wanting to wait and try a new ball. But I wish you would try no ball, until the new one arrives. You may decide not to use it, and I wont have to wait as long for your results.

Balls are overrated… :wink:

I’ll throw this out there since we are on the detent ball, as a solution for a wore out hole or maybe a track groove from hole to hole where the ball rides.
This ball is about .015” bigger than the 2 mm ball which should let it ride and track in a completely different position than the 2 mm.

I bought a few just encase I ever needed it.

Well, I have found the issue with the ring not working smoothly, no matter what.

Here is a picture of the new 2mm ceramic balls I received today on the top right and the bigger, not to mention corroded ball that was in there - I should have looked!.

I also used a felt wheel and Dremel red polishing paste to shine all the surfaces, but it is obvious the main issue was the ball.