WTB: Jetbeam RRT01 – Any place to buy it?! + [RRT01 2019 discussion]

Incidentally, the threads in the old RRT-01 are compatible with the threads in the Manker E14 / Astrolux S41.

This means you can take an 18650 tube from those lights and lego it onto your old version RRT-01 head to get instant 18650 support.

There also tailcaps available for that thread pitch without without switches on them. So if you want a flat back with no switch it’s possible to do. I just tried it with parts on hand and it worked.

While the threads on those lights are the same as the threads on the RRT-01 head, it should be noted that there are more threads on the Astrolux/Manker tubes. If you want it to be watertight and cover the o-ring on the body tube you may need to shorten the threads slightly by sawing or filing off the top of the battery tube.

The old RRT01 also legos with a Convoy S2 tube, IIRC. But it requires sanding down the tube threads to make it short enough for a good fit. Or dealing with exposed threads and no waterproofing.

Now let’s find where to buy and old RRT01 :smiley:

and here is a replacement reflector for the Original RRT-01

following info courtesy of Coppet:
a replacement lens that also fits 2019 RRT-01

and a black clip option that also fits 2019 RRT-01

Lol 138 bucks for an outdated product

Sounds better when you convert to USD. Don’t you feel sorry for us Aussies :cry:

Oh, those are AUD ? sorry I didn’t see it :person_facepalming:
ANyway, that’s still more or less the price for the 2019 version :weary:

But most of us do prefer the old model.

I like the looks of the new model, the old model looks somewhat boring (except the Ti model, but then: the new model in Ti would look even better :smiley: )

I find the new model to bulky for EDC and almost double the weight.

I agree :slight_smile:

Yeah I agree with what you said about aesthetic…
That said, I got the 2019 for a review, so basically for free (is free time that free ?) so I’m not considering paying for an older model :innocent:

I totally impulse bought these without reading “original” RRT01. Any chance you ran across some drop ins for the new model?

I never tried any in the new model. The reflector in it seemed decent. Its possible this same reflector may drop in the new model. I measured it at 18mm earlier in this thread.

unmodified optic
legs wont fit into the Original RRT-01

trimmed leg sides on non-carclo triple optic for RRT-01
the non-carclo brand narrow clear optic sold by kaidomain is modified to fit without any glass lens over the optic, because the optic has a smooth face

when using a carclo 10507 besides trimming the sides of the legs as pictured, it is necessary to install a glass lens over the optic, to cover the holes on the non smooth face of the carclo narrow clear optic.

Just how hard is it to open the head? I haven't tried real persuasion yet (my strap wrench must hate me by now) but I haven't budged it either.

I've got an original RRT-01, which I much prefer the aesthetics of.

Lots of tape and vice grips an finally a pipe wrench for me :frowning: Turned out OK though

Soft wood jaws in my vise, and a leather belt plus big pliers

Thanks for the responses. I'll add this one to my list for whenever I next have time