WTB: Jetbeam RRT01 – Any place to buy it?! + [RRT01 2019 discussion]

M4D M4X has a code for this light, I cannot say the price. See his thread for details, or just message him.

Thanks to Jon_Slider, through him I got my first old RRT-01 and also thanks to M4D M4X for the money saved when buying the new 2019 RRT-01 :+1:
Both are now converted to Nichia 219C 4000K and I am very happy about these two jewels!

Code works for me - make sure you use CHERISH without any space at the end.

So I replaced the clip on my 2019 RRT01 by a shorter one, which is far better.
It’s the same as the pic just above my post, it comes from an Enogear SS 11 flashlight…
Does anyone know where I could source a spare one ?

yes, thanks to toddcshoe:

Thank you jon_slider !

With the help of BanL (Thanks BanL) I finally got a variety of reflectors. After trying several different reflectors from Fasttech that didn’t fit, I even cut one down on the lathe to fit but was worse than the stock reflector my KD shipment finally came in. I now have two reflectors here that drop right in to original RRT01 with no modifications.
The both produce a very nice beam compared to the original reflector. I have only tested them using a LH351D shaved dome led but I don’t expect them to be any different with a 3535 led. Nice hotspot with even spill and no visible rings.
Reflector #1 being slightly larger in diameter (19.4 mm in diameter).

Reflector #2 slightly smaller in diameter (19.3 mm in diameter).

They look identically to my eye but when measured KD list the right dimensions, one is .1 mm bigger than the other.
They are OP reflectors but are very fine ripples, barely noticeable.
To me with the shaved LH351D the smaller #2 reflector has a slightly better beam but ever so lightly. It could be it just looks better with the shaved LH351D.
There not that expensive so it might help to order both and see which one works best for you.
The best thing is they drop right in with no rings… :+1:

Great info on an alternative reflector for the Original RRT-01 to help eliminate rings in the beam

I will go ahead and order some to try out.

Thank you moderator007 for your efforts and generous sharing of information

a friend reports his stock reflector in an Original RRT-01 does not have a problem with rings in the beam using a 5000k 219c, but I certainly do have a problem with a 219b in an original RRT-01 w original reflector

I lent the Original RRT-01 w 219b to a friend, and he noticed the rings too, so Im really looking forward to trying the alternate reflectors.

It opens up some better possibilities for a run of Single N219b LED modded Original RRT-01.

woohoo!, going shopping :slight_smile:

Done! ordered 3 of each…

Awesome thanks for doing this. Ordered!

Thanks! Ordered.

Thanks! Ordered

Now that I’ve used mine so much, I wish Jetbeam would make a 18650 body for it…
I thought about modifying mine with a lathe to add so length in the narrowest part of the original tube but I’m afraid of ruining it…

Niteye eye15… :question:

Well it’s discountinued, plus I’d prefer to keep the RRT-01 and just have triple the runtime…
Thanks anyway !

But if you could find one I’m sure it’ll screw right on to the rrt-01 head :+1: unless you mean the new rrt-01 :zipper_mouth_face:

these tubes are made of UnObtanium:

yes, Eye15 legos with Original RRT-01 and Eye10, and TCR-1

X3 has the New Phat Head version, so needs to manufacture a new tube

or a custom adapter for the New Phat Head to fit something like the DSpeck UBH

For anyone who wants to run an 18650 with your original RRT-01: a Crelant 7G3CS battery tube fits nicely onto the original RRT-01’s head. Gives the RRT-01 more runtime with a lockout clicky. Overall length is roughly 120mm, IIRC . Anodize color will be off, but I use my lights for more than photo-ops.
Cheaper and much less time consuming than taking to the lathe and CNC.

The light lends itself to much improvistion. The screw in lanyard makes adding machined or 3D printed attachments easy as well. On a 3D printer, I made a twist off RRT01 lanyard cap for father-in -law that holds pills and hearing aid batteries :smiley:

I’d thought about a adapter that would thread to the head and to the tube, like sunwayman did with the V11R and V10R.

Well if I could buy a spare 18350 tube, I would try to mod it but I don’t want to ruin the light at all

The new RRT-01 tube is built very thin, not much beef for modding is my impression.