WTB: Wide Angle Lens for S2 (20mm) [BOUGHT]

I saw a thread on a polish forum about someone crafting up such a lens, but I can't seem to dig up the link for it nor can I find any dealer to source them. But iirc it looks awesome.

I've only seen the C8 compatible Magicshine lens, but none any smaller than that.

EDIT: I read S2 and wide angle lens and automatically assumed it was for a triple build. Not sure if there is a single emitter elliptical optic? Otherwise what about diffusion film?

Carclo 10510 for a wide angle elliptical beam (very wide but also narrow)

I get mine from LED Supply

Here you go man, wide beam optic. just like the image above.

Thanks, I perused through the Carclo catalogue and found the 10192, which might fit the bill for a single emitter setup. Unfortunately LED Supply doesn't have any, but Mouser does!

Diffusion film on the other hand sounds interesting since I haven't considered that yet.

Can the S2 accommodate the larger diameter? I may have to pull out the file. Thanks otherwise, more sources!

I don't know but you could pull the optic out of the holder, I'm thinking.

Supposedly S2 reflector is 20mm tall, I guess you will need a spacer, even for the Carclo wide beam optic.

If that's the case, I'll just pick some of these up. Thanks Hikelite.