Wts - Acebeam e70 stainless steel and Olight M2r Warrior- both 4000k!


SOLD------>$70) Zebralight sc64w HI (xhp35 HI 4500k)- like new! Includes Panasonic 3400mah 10amp 18650, 2 charges on it.

SOLD--->($100) ($90)Acebeam E70 stainless steel (xhp70.2 4000k)- like new never carried, I swapped in the 4000k, much nicer than 5000k.

SOLD----($50) Olight M2r Warrior xhp35 HI 4000k - like new, I swapped in a nicely tinted 4000k HI emitter. This is the reflector 18650 version. Nice beam, slight OP reflector.

Would never sell either of these, but have a "custom" someone is making for me so they need to go. Let's make a deal people!

Conus only, PayPal only, add 3.5% for PayPal fee. FAST shipping is on me. No trades please.


Zebralight time stamp

Will do bundle price.

edit- Olight is sold

Zebralight added

Dang. Us only…

I’ll take the Zebralight
Please PM PP address

sending pm

im sorry, I know the ZebraLight & Canada thing is tough.,

Zebralight sold

Price drop Acebeam

Didn’t care for the ZL Artie?

loved it, will probably buy again. Just NEED to pay for something more important right now. Abd I use the skilhunt m300 10x more then the ZebraLight. Wish the ZebraLight had a magnet in tail..

Also wish it was possible for me change the LED to something warmer. Kind of discouraging that you need to pay $75 or something for someone else to change the emitter.. I have not come across a light i cant change a LED in until that one. And 4500k isnt my thing.. if it had a 3000k xhp35 HI and i would have NEVER sold it

Just for future reference, you can swap emitters in Zebralights. You just have to do it from above with hot air. I swapped the emitter in my H32 to a 3500k XML. It certainly wasn’t easy, but it’s not impossible.

E70-SS, my favorite light.

E70 via PM. PP sent.

Yeah, I had read that but I don't even know what a hot air station is and the more I looked at it it looks like taking that light apart without ruining something to be pretty difficult. I'm sure down the road and be something I would do but I got so many mods going on right now I would never get involved. And this would be the first time I saw the way that I would end up buying again anyway I just have a really awesome white that I'm trying to buy

Definitely the nicest looking like that I owned. Makes want to try the brass one or copper

Gonna keep us in suspense about your next light?

i have too. Well I don't, but I feel that it is out of respect for the awesomeness and uniqueness of the light.

Don't worry, it's shipping today. And it will have at minimum it's own blf thread and at maximum an homage youtube video.